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St. Croix Family

Cartier St. Croix is a son of Louis St. Croix. He is a rich and eccentric man, a wealthy former president of several corporations from Monaco, and a ambassador. As his father Cartier joined the Xavier's Mutant Underground.

He married a descendant of Algerian royalty, and she bore a son, Marius. Their second child was a daughter Monet, who quickly became his favorite child. And a few years later they gave birth to twins Claudette and Nicole.

Claudette suffered from autism, and Cartier spent a lot of money for her treatment, but her condition has not changed.

When Marius' mutant powers first manifested, Cartier wasn't at home, along with his daughters, he was out for a ride in his car, when they returned home, his wife was dead. After their grieving Cartier threw Marius out.

Some time later, his son returned, turned Monet into a Penance, and was banished with her to another dimension by the twins. Fearing that Cartier will come out of himself after losing his beloved daughter, the twin sisters merged bodies and replicated Monet. Not knowing about what happened, Cartier thought that the twins are gone.

"Monet" was soon kidnapped by the Phalanx, and after she was rescued Cartier sent her to the Massachusetts Academy.

When the real Monet and the twins returned to normal state, Cartier came to the Academy, to meet with them, and learned that his son is here too. Met with Marius, he and Monet finally learned the truth about his wife's death. Marius said that he had killed her.

In order not to leave his family again, Cartier has decided to take daughters back home. He sent Monet to study in Switzerland, but when she wanted to return to the Massachusetts Academy, he allowed her.

Recently he was kidnapped by Karl Mordo, who suffers from cancer. Mordo used Cartier to catch Monet, cause he needed her life energy to heal himself. Monet tricked Mordo by using her telepathy, and he goes away. After that, Cartier apparently returned to Monaco.

  • In X-Factor #200, in Monet's entry says that Louis St. Croix and Cartier St. Croix are two different characters.

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