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Casey was caught up in an investigation by Doctor Strange, during a baseball game where the original team had made a deal with a demon that the current team inherited. Doctor Strange enchanted her glasses so she could see the magic around her. Unable to use his hands correctly, Doctor Strange also taught her a simple removal spell. They were able to save the team at the cost of Casey's grandfather Bill Kinmont.[1]

Afterwards Casey kept her enchanted glasses and began to abuse the Removal spell, Doctor Strange had taught her, actively seeking him out. Finally finding him, she was shocked to learn that the spell she was using actually dumped the objects she spelled into another dimension Doctor Strange had made an agreement with. The demon there wanted justice, but Doctor Strange bargained for her freedom at the request the spell not be used again.[2]

Casey then was drawn into an adventure when an old demon associate of Doctor Strange named Larry appeared and asked for his assistance tangling with another demon who was stealing the souls of young beauty pageant contestants. Casey, spelled to look like a contestant, thwarted the demon's scheme at the cost of the loss of her soul. Before she could retrieve it, a magic catastrophe occurred and Strange was forced to repair the damage on the astral plane, leaving Casey to guard his body.[3]

An old enemy of Doctor Strange appeared, calling himself Silver Dagger, and began to attack Strange's body. At this time Larry, trapped in another dimension with Casey's soul, also appeared, and Casey was forced to make a choice between retrieving her soul or letting Strange die. She attacked Silver Dagger, but was unable to overpower him, and had to use the spell she was taught to remove his dagger.

Doctor Strange returned to the scene to find Silver Dagger unconscious and Casey being dragged to another dimension since she broke the agreement by using the removal spell to save his life. As she vanished she thanked Strange for the adventure and told him not to worry. Her glasses fell to the ground and shattered as she disappeared. Larry was freed with Casey's soul in hand, and Strange noticed it still burned bright enough to indicate that she still had a chance. He vowed to bring her back.[4]



Casey is capable of using a displacement spell that sends items to another dimension.


Casey had an innate magical ability that would allow her to use magic.



Casey's eyeglasses were imbued with a "true sight" spell that allowed her to see the truth of things (and people)

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