Cash Collins was the leader of the Six-Gun Syndicate, a gang of outlaws that were active during the days of the American Frontier. Collins was smitten by Betty Baxter, the daughter of wealthy rancher Olin Baxter. When Collins came courting for her, Olin Baxter sent Collins away. Furious, Collins had Betty kidnapped and taken to his gang's hideout. Olin went out looking for his daughter to try and liberate her, crossing paths with Kid Colt. Learning of Olin's plight, Kid Colt agreed to get Betty back for him.

Tracking down the gang, Kid Colt used his status as a wanted outlaw to convince Collins to allow him to join their gang. Colt was taken back to the shack they hid out in and he was introduced to Boots, an elderly member of the gang who was charged with keeping watch on Betty. Collins and his men then organized a bank robbery, but Kid Colt managed to avoid participation by making his horse Steel pretend to have a limp. However, Collins did not trust Kid Colt and followed him back to camp. There he caught Kid Colt, and Boots (whom Kid Colt convinced to help) attempting to free Betty. Collins got the drop on them, but agreed to draw cards to wager and see who would take Betty. However, Collins cheated, using an ace up his sleeve to win the match.

Boots spotted this, and when Collins attempted to shoot Kid Colt, the Kid shot the gun from his hand. Kid Colt and Boots then took Betty and fled. However, Betty woke up and not understanding what was going on cried for help, drawing the rest of the gang after them. As they fled into the woods, Boots took a fatal gun shot wound and died, convincing Betty of their good intentions. However, Collins soon found them and gut shot Kid Colt. Before Collins could make Betty his prisoner once more, Kid Colt shot Collins right between the eyes killing him.[1]


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