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The Casino Cosmico was a dimension ruled by the Grandmaster which was dedicated entirely to gambling,[1] including on gladiator fights.[2] It was considered by the Silver Surfer as the riskiest place in all of creation.

The Surfer took his companion Dawn Greenwood to this dimension after she reproached he only took her to harmless planets. After being notified of the Silver Surfer's presence, the Grandmaster facilitated his and Dawn's victories so they would be enthralled by the games of chance until the Surfer lost his surfboard, and Dawn later lost her ability to see the color red and hear the letter "b" trying to get it back.

The Grandmaster presented himself to the Surfer and proposed to play whichever game he wanted for the chance to retrieve the stolen goods. The Surfer chose to play poker, and began to win. However, the Grandmaster raised the stakes to infinity, so if any player refused, they had to fold and lose. After the Grandmaster chose Dawn Greenwood, the Surfer waged the Grandmaster's ability to play any more games until the end of time. Faced by this possibility, the Grandmaster folded, lost the game, and the Surfer and Dawn won everything they had lost back.[1]

Under unknown circumstances, the Casino Cosmico was acquired by the Profiteer, another Elder of the Universe.[2]

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