A henpecked husband, Casper Whimpley took on the guise of the Killer Clown, attacking women in the Los Angeles area. After killing three women, he was interrupted in the act of killing a fourth by the super-heroine Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), who saved his victim and took her to hospital.[1]

The Killer Clown followed Spider-Woman to the home she shared with her friend Lindsay McCabe, and when Jessica stepped out to the store, he attacked Lindsay, thinking she was Spider-Woman. Jessica returned during the attack and drove the Killer Clown off, and took Lindsay to hospital. Thinking the Killer Clown would attack Lindsay again, Jessica lay in wait, and when he did indeed attack, Jessica fought and apprehended him. [1]

Strength level

Normal human strength.


The Killer Clown was equipped with various clown-style weapons and paraphernalia, including a joy buzzer that delivered a fatal shock.

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