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A member of the Captain Britain Corps, Cassandra Bull worked as a Justicer in her reality, a law enforcer with special duties to apprehend mutants and superhumans, who in her reality were illegal.

Her path crossed with the mutant superhero team Excalibur and their friend Alistaire Stuart when their train crash-landed in her reality during their realities-crossing adventure the so-called Cross-Time Caper. Intending to arrest the team for a list of offences, Bull found that she was only entitled to arrest one of them - Kurt Wagner, the only one who looked obviously like a mutant.

Bull was shocked to discover that her boss the Lord High Justicer Brian Braddock and his sister the Chief Examining Magistrate Elizabeth Braddock both had super powers when they joined Excalibur in the battle against that reality's Illyana Rasputin, an evil, demonic sorceress who wanted to rule that reaity and others.

Alistaire asked Justicer Bull what constitutes a super-being, and pointed out that the characteristics she described also applied to her and the other Justicers. Realizing the contradiction, Bull conceded that the law should possibly do with being changed. Claiming she had a lot of paperwork to catch up on, she gave Excalibur until sunset to leave.[1]

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Presumably those of Brian Braddock of Earth-616, as a fellow Captain Britain Corps member.


Inspired by British comic character Judge Dredd.

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