When Cassandra discovered she was pregnant, she left Tod Kaufman because he was working for Hydra and she didn't want their daughter to know her father was a monster.[1]

Cassandra's daughter turned out to be a mutant with razor pointed spikes sprouting from various parts of her body..[1]

At some point, she contracted a rare blood disease and required a bone marrow transplant to survive. To save her life, Cyclops dispatched Wolverine and X-Force to infiltrate Hydra Base 2994 and kidnap General Kaufman. X-Force forcibly brought Kaufman to Saint Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco were they explained his daughter's illness and the need for his bone marrow. Before he could reply, Hydra stormed into the hospital to extract Kaufman. Without time to give a proper sample, Kaufman allowe Wolverine to cut off his left arm, before leaving.[1] Presumably, with the bone marrow from her father, she recovered from her illness.

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