Quote1.png Yeah, it's a risk, but like you always say--with great power comes great responsibility! Quote2.png
-- Cassie Lang src


as Stinger

Stinger has the same history as her Earth-982 counterpart until the final fight of Spider-Girl and Mayhem.

She was one of the many people shocked when teammate American Dream died at the hands of Mayhem.

When humanity was destroyed by the Bio-Preds, Cassie became one of humanity's guardians. She, April, and Mainframe came up with a plan to rebuild Doctor Doom's Time Platform and prevent Spider-Girl's death. Unfortunately, the Bio-Preds attacked their last hideout so many variables haven't been solved. Sending Mayhem into the past, the Bio-Preds attacked Cassie and Mainframe. It's unknown if they were killed before April made contact with her past counterpart.[1]


Seemingly those of the Cassie Lang of Earth-982


Seemingly those of the Cassie Lang of Earth-982


Seemingly that of the Cassie Lang of Earth-982

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