After Scott Lang was arrested for his illegal burglary activity with VistaCorp, his pregnant wife Maggie left him.[1] However, despite her father's criminal activities, Cassie still adored Scott.[2]

Cassandra Lang (Earth-199999) from Ant-Man (film) 001

Cassie Lang

To prove his qualifications as a father, pay child support, secure an apartment, and get a job, Scott agreed to aid Dr. Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne in stealing Yellowjacket's Suit and Pym Particles formula from the Pym Technologies.[2]

When Scott and his team successfully destroyed the Pym Technology building and ruined Darren Cross's plans, a deranged Cross tried to extract revenge by threatening to kill Cassie. This lead to Scott and Cross battling in Cassie's room with her Thomas the Tank Engine set. Scott stopped Cross and saved Cassie. Following the incident, Cassie kept an enlarged ant that Scott increased the size in during the fight as a pet.[2]

  • Abby Ryder Fortson portrays Cassie in the films Ant-Man and .
  • Unlike the Mainstream Marvel Universe, Cassie doesn't appear to be suffering from any diseases or conditions, but Scott Lang attempts to steal the Ant-Man suit to pay for child support and see Cassie more.

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