Cassandra Lang is a gifted scientist, taking after her father, Scott Lang (the second Ant-Man). She's also rebellious and independent. When she was testing some new variations of Dr Hank Pym's creations she overheard an Avengers emergency call and responded, becoming one of the founding members of the newest generation of Avengers. She took the name Stinger.[1]


Stinger was born as a normal human without any superpowers, but through the advancement of Pym technology and her own innovations, Cassie developed the following abilities:

  • Size Reduction: Stinger is capable of shrinking to a very small size through Pym Particles and has been shown to be able to cause others to shrink with her 'Pym field' while they are in physical contact with her.[2]
  • Flight: She has cybernetic "wings" implanted in her back that allow her to fly.
  • Stingers: She also wears gauntlets that fire powerful electro-kinetic and amplified sonic blasts, or micro-stinger projectiles.
  • Size Addition: In addition to being able to shrink, Stinger could grow significantly in size as well thanks to Pym particle based devices that are a part of her costume


Has a good understanding on Pym Particles, and a doctorate in an unknown field of science.


Pym Particle suit

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