Cassandra Nova Xavier was the twin sister of Professor X and had become a Mummudrai. She was determined to wipe out Mutantkind and attempted to use Cerebra to carry out this task. She was stopped by Professor X, but Professor X was killed in the process, and Jean Grey was turned into a Phoenix Egg by the psychic backlash.[1]

Nova secretly took possession of Jean Grey's body and patiently waited for the Phoenix Egg to hatch so she could finish her goal of destroying Mutantkind. The Phoenix Egg was fought over by the old X-men and Magneto's X-Men,[2] but the two teams later had to join forces to prevent Sublime and his army of Beasts from gaining control of it. After Sublime was defeated, the Phoenix Egg finally hatched, and Jean Grey emerged possessed by Nova and bonded with the Phoenix Force.[3]

With the power of the Phoenix, Nova took control of many of the mutants and overwhelmed the mutants not under her control. Her brother, Professor X, took control of Wolverine and used him to get through to Jean and defeated Nova while Wolverine and Jean killed themselves, taking Nova with them.[4]


Seemingly those of Cassandra Nova of Earth-616 as well as of those of Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Jean Grey of Earth-616.

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