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Cassandra Richards was the wife of Nathaniel Richards, and former ruler of Other Earth (Earth-6311). Richards arrived on Other Earth using a time machine that was designed to send him into the future, but instead sent him to a parallel world. This Earth had been devastated by a war that occurred centuries before, between the people of the Earth and the human colonists of the Moon, ending in the destruction of the Moon itself. Uniting the war-torn planet, Nathaniel Richards formed an alliance with a bird worshiping matriarchal society, the Eyriennes. He gave the leader of this society the information to better her people and develop advanced technology, including flying, metal birds that they rode on. In gratitude, the leader gave Nathaniel her eldest daughter to marry: Cassandra. Cassandra begat him two children, Arthur,[3] and Tara.[4]

Taking an ancient citadel that survived the war with Luna as their home base, Nathaniel Richards ruled peacefully for a brief period, eventually ceding rule to his Cassandra. Cassandra dressing in Nathaniel's armor, unbeknown to the people of Other Earth, ruled the world as a ruthless war monger, know as Warlord. Eventually, the Fantastic Four, using Nathaniel Richards' machine from Earth-616, arrived in the year 1127 and formed an alliance with the warriors of the matriarchal society to remove her from power.[5] The battle was one of the bloodiest battles the Fantastic Four found themselves in and the tide started to turn against the Warlord's forces. To end the battle, Cassandra decided to use an anti-matter cannon; however, Cassandra was killed by Wyatt Wingfoot when he threw a rock into the open end of the cannon causing it to explode. The Fantastic Four and the opposing forces won the battle, and Nathaniel Richards took Cassandra's place as ruler.[3]


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  • Commands troops, ruthless warlord



  • Suit of armor


  • As leader of her army, Cassandra had advanced weaponry at her disposal. Once such weapon was an anti-matter cannon that eventually lead to her demise.

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