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Madame Webb was a cosmic being who hailed from the same world as Beyonder. The two of them had travelled throughout the cosmos before stumbling upon Earth, and were fascinated by the concepts of good and evil. After Spider-Man was chosen by the Beyonder to participate in an ultimate battle, Madame Webb was instructed by the latter to train Spider-Man for the battle. She gave him advice when he struggled against his enemies and criminals in order for him to succeed, although Spider-Man was often irritated by her interference. After Spider-Man lost his wife, a hydro-clone of Mary Jane, he called on Madame Webb to bring her or the original Mary Jane back; however, Webb refused. In his anguish, Spider-Man told Webb to never appear before him again, having grown tired or her riddles and arrogance. Webb agreed to not interfere with his life again, but the Great Battle to Come would still need him. [citation needed]

When the time came, she introduced him to the Beyonder, who placed him in a test battlefield, before assembling him into a group of Spider-Men from different realities to fight against a being named Spider-Carnage who threatened to destroy all of reality. After Spider-Carnage was defeated, Madame Webb took Spider-Man to meet his creator, Stan Lee, in another reality where he was a fictional character, and later to find the real Mary Jane Watson.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Cassandra Webb of Earth-616.

She also demonstrated paralysing vision, as well as undefined telekinetic and teleportational powers. The range, scale and limits of these are unknown.


Seemingly those of the Cassandra Webb of Earth-616.


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