Madame Webb was a cosmic being who hailed from the same world as Beyonder. After Spider-Man was chosen by the Beyonder to participate in an ultimate battle, Madame Webb was instructed by the latter to train Spider-Man for the battle. She gave him advice when he struggled against his enemies and criminals in order for him to succeed, although Spider-Man despised her interference.[citation needed]

When the time came, she introduced him to the Beyonder, who placed him in a test battlefield, before assembling him into a group of Spider-Men from different realities to fight against a being named Spider-Carnage who threatened to destroy all of reality. After Spider-Carnage was defeated, Madame Webb took Spider-Man to meet his creator, Stan Lee, in another reality where he was a fictional character, and later to find the real Mary Jane Watson.[1]


Seemingly those of the Cassandra Webb of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Cassandra Webb of Earth-616.

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