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Cassie St. Commons was a college student at ESU who enjoyed looking different, with jet black hair, facial tattoos, and nose and tongue piercings. She was invited to join the Slingers, and was presented with the Dusk costume by The Black Marvel. She accepted, but had to undertake an "initiation" into the group by making a heroic leap across the rooftop of one building and land on another. While her teammates, Prodigy, Ricochet, and Hornet all had powers (or equipment) that enabled them to easily make the jump, Cassie had no powers, and when she jumped, she fell to her death.[1]

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But Cassie was reborn, no longer dead, but not truly alive. She was Dusk. She found that she could teleport anywhere in a swirl of shadows, and she had some kind of psychic awareness that enabled her to feel her teammates. When she returned, her fellow Slingers were shocked to see their friend back from the dead. Being dead didn't stop Dusk from developing a crush on Ricochet, or having Hornet fall in love with her, but she kept both boys at a distance since she felt that they couldn't know what it was like to be alive, yet not have a heartbeat. Dusk's powers began to evolve to the point where she could use her powers to transport other people, and manipulate shadows, and she proved herself to be an invaluable ally. Her talent to sense the location and well-being of her teammates saved Hornet, when she "knew" that he was captured by a killer rat-man. When she learned that Black Marvel had been taken by Mephisto (an evil demon) she was shocked, and when she learned that her costume was given to Black Marvel by the demon, she was horrified. But Dusk used her control over the darkness to help her team free Black Marvel's soul from Mephisto when he was captured. The team disbanded, and Dusk left to discover what she truly was.[2]

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After being liberated from Hell, a demon that had become fixated with the Black Marvel decided to impersonate him and fulfill his desire to continue teaching the Slingers. After outfitting the supervillain Cyber with the equipment of the late Hornet, the Black Mask proceeded to reunite the rest of the original team.[3] Dusk made her next appearance in the reunion after saving Ricochet and the Scarlet Spider from a demonic creature unleashed by the new Hornet.[4] However, Cassie and Johnny then worked together with Hornet in order to bring the Scarlet Spider to justice after he hospitalized Silas Thorne. The three were joined by the Prodigy, with whom Hornet had been in contact through the Black Marvel, marking the return of the Slingers. With the objective to force the Scarlet Spider to turn himself over, the Slingers held his ally, Cassandra Mercury, hostage at the Thorne Theater.[5]

When Black Marvel met up with the reunited Slingers for the first time, Cassie's powers allowed her to sense his true demonic nature. During the Slingers following fight against the Scarlet Spider and his posthumous namesake Kaine, Dusk turned against the Black Marvel and exposed his true nature.[6] After learning the truth behind their mentor's alleged return, the Slingers fought him and Hornet. After driving them off, the Slingers attempted and failed to apprehend Hornet while the Scarlet Spiders killed the demon. In light of the revelations, the Slingers decided to make peace with the Scarlet Spider, but holding him to his promise that he would give up on extreme levels of violence.[3]

After Ricochet started working for the Beyond Corporation's hero division, Dusk was mislead by her clairvoyant abilities into thinking he was in danger. During her attempts to infiltrate one of their buildings, Dusk spotted the new Hornet, Hobie Brown, infiltrating on his own. She followed to his home to seek his help, and together they managed to find the specific facility where Ricochet was presumably being held. When they broke into the building, they saw Ricochet working alongside Beyond to stop a monster outbreak, and he clarified he was working voluntarily for them. Afterward, Dusk, Hornet and Ricochet worked together to stop the creatures, close the portal, save the scientists, and earned a job as the renewed Slingers with Hornet as captain.[7] When Maxine called upon the Slingers, Dusk sensed the psychic pain of Ben Reilly after he knocked out another security squad, before Maxine directed them to intercept the very Spider-Man for Maxine's security.[8]



  • Darkforce Manipulation: She can manipulate shadows to form objects or constructs of solid dark energy, a power she used to great effectiveness during the battle against Mephisto's horde of demons.
  • Teleportation: Thanks to the suit her primary power is the ability to teleport herself or others anywhere she wishes to be.
  • Gliding
  • Healing Factor
  • Extra-Sensory Perception: She also has clairvoyant abilities to sense the whereabouts of her teammates and know if they are in danger, no matter the distance.



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