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Castle Le Fay is a castle residing in southern Avalon, part of the Otherworld. It is home to Morgan Le Fay. The castle lies in the land of Gorre, after the Valley of Wailing Mists, one day ride’s from Camelot.[1][2]


As a result of Le Fay’s repeated machinations against Camelot causing endless wars and pitting brother against brother, Merlyn imprisoned the sorceress in her own castle with enduring spells that would mean her death should she ever quit the Citadel’s walls.[1][2]

From her Castle, Morgan kept projecting her astral form into various periods of the future, seeking a means to escape her physical prison.[2][3] During this period, Dr. Doom visited Castle Le Fay a number of times by traveling through time to learn the lost Dark Arts from the sorceress.[4][5]

Most recently, the forces of the Manchester Gods attempted to destroy Castle Le Fay, one of Otherworld’s places of power.[6]

Castle Le Fay was shrank

Castle Le Fay was eventually rebuilt,[7] but presumably abandoned once again as Morgan Le Fay became Queen Regent of Avalon in King Arthur’s absence and moved to Camelot.[8] An unidentified party took the opportunity to magically shrink Morgan’s castle and take it away to the Crooked Market where Castle Le Fay was sold to the Market’s chairperson, the reality-bending mutant James Jaspers. In the hope to retrieve an item that belonged to Le Fay, Dr. Doom made a deal with Jaspers in exchange for the shrunken version of Castle Le Fay. Ultimately, Dr. Doom brought the shrunken castle with him to Latveria and gifted the Waters of Otherworld from Le Fay’s scrying pool to Betsy Braddock.[7]


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