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The woman who called herself Cat-Woman was a costumed criminal who was active in 1945. Robbing a jewelry store in New York, she shot a night watchmen and the shots attracted the Angel who attempted to stop her. The Cat-Woman slipped away and when the Angel attempted to capture her a seemingly good Samaritan. However, the Angel correctly deduced that the man was a member of the Cat-Woman's gang and followed her back to the Cat-Woman's hideout.

The Cat-Woman fled while the Angel was busy fighting her minions. When she attempted to flee in her car, the Angel jumped onto the roof of the vehicle and attempted to force her out of the car. Not wishing to be taken alive, the Cat-Woman fatally crashed her car into a building. While the Cat-Woman died on impact, the Angel managed to jump to safety before the crash.[1]





The Cat-Woman was a skilled acrobat.


Although her encounter with the Angel was almost identical to an encounter Captain America and Bucky had with the similarly named Cat Woman, there is no apparent connection between the two women.

  • She is only referred to as Cat-Woman in the narration boxes and She-Cat by Thomas Halloway however she might not have given herself a nickname as she never refers to herself. The Handbook entry for Angel uses the She-Cat name,

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