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Cat Burglar (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 30 0001

Original Costume

The Cat Burglar was a criminal who clashed with Spider-Man. After robbing J. Jonah Jameson's home, Jameson set out a reward for his capture. He was captured by the police.[2] Years later, he stole the equipment designed by Hobie Brown, the original Prowler, and used it to become the new Prowler, in the employ of the criminal Belladonna.

Unfortunately, during a break-in of a rival of Ravanna's, this Prowler accidentally killed a guard while attempting to escape, and witnesses mistook his silhouette in the night as Spider-Man's. Now feeling guilty for the accident and frightened of both being charged with "Murder in Commission of a Felony" and Spider-Man looking for him to clear his own name, he fell even more under the influence of Belladonna.

They conspired to trap and kill Spider-Man, but the Prowler's employer betrayed and almost killed him, so he sought revenge, but both this Prowler and Belladonna were eventually captured by Spider-Man and jailed.[3]


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  • Prowler's Suit: The Cat Burglar during his time as the Prowler uses the exact Prowler costume which the original Prowler used, minus the cape. It was equipped with specially-designed high-tech weapons based on pneumatic technology.[4]

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