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The Cat Elves are Light Elves of Alfheim using Riding Cats (giant winged cats) as transportation.[1] They live next to the borders with Nornheim.[2]

At some point, they met with Canadian mutant Northstar. He had been lied to by Loki about the fact he was a half-breed Light Elf and that the light of Alfheim would cure him of his sickness. That Elven lineage was proved wrong by the Light Elves who laugh at his story.[1]

They traveled with him at the borders with Nornheim, where he was attacked[1] by Dark Elves of Svartalfheim and believed to had been captured as a sacrifice for their gods.[2]

They later met Aurora, Goblyn, Laura Dean and Persuasion who were searching Northstar, and informed them of the situation, but discouraged in vain the mutant girls from seeking him in Svartalfheim.[2]


Level of Technology

The Cat Elves used metal spears and sword.[2]

Cultural Traits

They used Riding Cats as transportation.[2]

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