Not much is known about the woman who called herself the Cat Woman. She was a burglar who was active in the 1940s. In 1945, she was forced to shoot a man while robbing a safe in a building near Camp Lehigh. Overhearing the shots, Captain America and Bucky went to investigate and easily subdued the Cat Woman. However, she managed to get free by biting Cap's arm and fled to the roof of the building. When she was once more cornered by the two heroes, she jumped off the roof and used a flag pole to climb into window at a lower level to escape.

Chased in the streets by Bucky, one of her men got in his way by posing as a good Samaritan who thought Bucky was terrorizing an innocent woman, allowing the Cat Woman to escape. However, Cap and Bucky suspected this plant, and followed the man back to the Cat Woman's hideout. There, Cap and Bucky made short work of Cat Woman's gang while she attempted to flee in her car. When Cap and Bucky jumped onto the vehicle she sent it speeding toward a lamp post. Cap and Bucky leaped from the car while it crashed into the post. The crash turned out to be a fatal one, killing the Cat Woman and putting an end to her criminal career.[1]


The Cat Woman had incredible agility.


The Cat Woman carried a pistol.

While the Cat Woman's encounter with Captain America and Bucky was nearly identical to an encounter the Angel had the similarly named Cat-Woman, there is no apparent connection between the two.

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