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Quote1 Begin final transmission to Planet Point Three of the Sol system. Attention, Samuel Wilson. Samuel Wilson. Sam, I am sorry. I failed. Soon, you will see the results of my failure. But I did not need to use this energy to tell you that. It will be apparent. I use this energy to tell you something important. I thought that I felt nothing. But, in fact, it turns out, I felt everything. Sam, you wanted to make me more human, and I resisted. Saw it as foolish. I tricked myself-- or perhaps my programming did it for me-- into thinking I could be apart from the worlds I tried to save. But they lived on inside me. Otherwise, the futility of my mission would've destroyed me. I've felt things, Sam. For eons, I've felt fear and sadness and I never understood them. Until I felt a different emotion. One I couldn't parse. Love. I love you, Sam Wilson. And I'm so scared to leave you. So scared to lose you-- The comforting thing, the thing that allows this to be okay, is that I know you love me too. What's coming is beyond anything you've seen before. Beyond what Obaz've fou3421 before. But it's been 57opped be4. He can b3 de574oyed. BReed. Richards. Reed. Richards. Reed Richards. R33D R174ROS R33D R174ROS R33D R174ROS R33D R174ROS R33D R174ROS R33D R174ROS R33D R174ROS R33D R174ROS R33D R174ROS R33D R174ROS. Quote2
Vision's last words.

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