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Catalina is the daughter of esteemed doctors Amalia and Elena Chavez, and little sister to America Chavez. Brought to Mr. Gales' private Island "The Utopian Parallel", research involving America's remission had Catalina receive treatment that rendered inert her Edges Syndrome - a genetic illness predominantly linked to the XX chromosomes that would have caused rapid cellular degeneration before puberty.[1]

But with Gales' increasing fixation on America, Catalina and her sister were taken by Elena one day in the late evening with a plan to escape. However, Catalina instead witnessed both mothers killed and was separated from her big sister when Gales grabbed her at the last second.[1]

A depressed Catalina

In his custody and relocated to a Swiss medical facility, Catalina was treated by Gales as though she were his "daughter" until he wanted to replicate the method that gave America her powers. After a couple years of no results, Gales intentionally removed Catalina's cure of Edges Syndrome to make her develop powers. Over ten years in his care, Catalina learned to harness and channel her powers, but became bitter and pragmatic a person. She finally escaped one day and ensured Gales wouldn't come after her, then proceeded to replicate her mothers' research.[2]

As America became a superhero and Catalina deduced she fantasized events due to trauma, Catalina investigated her sister and located her secret foster family: The Santanas. Setting ablaze to their Washington Heights home, Catalina entrapped the apartment complex in a force field to make national news so America would see and predictably save her foster family. Leaving clues from the apartment fire to the bodega, Catalina lured America into a chase until they reached the Utopian Parallel, where Catalina shocked America with a lightning bolt and incapacitated her.[3]

Catalina attempts to unlock America's memories.

Once her sister woke up, Catalina had explained on deaf ears the truth behind America's powers with information gathered from redacted files and long lost witness testimonials. After a fight and much dialogue, she convinced her sister to listen and Catalina showed America the culmination of their mother's research by experimenting on 30 young girls and having placed them into cryostasis. However, America was dissuaded by the coercion of young girls, and mustered what power she could to send Catalina to the New Jersey Turnpike. Returning the the island, Catalina came upon Berto searching for America and took him hostage. Once she returned, she saw that America had taken sodium thiopental to recover her memories and released the girls from stasis. An upset Catalina ignored her pleas for cooperation to instead extort compliance with Berto for ransom.[4][1]

Holding Berto hostage, Catalina dismissed America's appeals as family while leading her back to the Starling Chamber: the gateway to the multiverse. Once there, Catalina demanded with indifference to objection that America bring their mothers into their reality, knowing America's power to travel the multiverse. Back once America complied, despite repeated objections, the meager portal in the chamber became a fixed star shape but their mothers did not cross. When America again tried pleading she come with her, Catalina remained defensive and distrusting which lead to her not noticing that she was walking into the portal. With no leverage, Catalina fell into the portal leading to anywhere in the multiverse, unable to reach America given the latter's destabilized powers.[2]


Being a hostage for Gales' for over 10 years, Catalina became bitter and cold in her pursuit to cure herself. With the trauma of witnessing her mothers dying, Catalina suffers from auditory hallucinations as well as some degree of PTSD.[2]



  • Lightning Bolt Projection: While similar in powers to her sister, Catalina can conduct electricity to the point of starting an apartment fire[5] or to shoot blue lightning bolts of such strength as to incapacitate her sister.[4]
  • Self-Propelled Flight: When leading America back to the Utopian Parallel, Catalina showed a mastery of self propelled flight able to outmaneuver and outpace America during the whole journey.[4]
  • Supersonic Speed: Like her sister, Catalina is capable at moving at incredible speeds, such as flying from Jones Beach to the Utopian Parallel base miles off Long Island in a matter of minutes while still being ahead of her more experienced sister.[4]


  • Scientist: Under Gales' "care" for over a decade, Catalina developed a comprehension of science and technology well enough to replicate the research of her mothers.[4]
  • Medical Knowledge: Understanding the medical uses for sodium thiopental, Catalina prepared a dosage to allow her older sister to chemically unlock her repressed memories.[4]


  • Edges Syndrome: A genetic disease that is killing Catalina, and as a result disrupting her body's hold of the energies needed to utilize her powers.[4]
  • Auditory Hallucinations: A likely traumatic symptom or side effect of her Starling powers, Catalina claims to hear the voices of her mothers at times, especially when in the Starling Chamber.[4]

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