Cataphrax was a member of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, under the human guise of Enigmo. He acted as bait for the Deviant-hunting Ikaris, drawing him into a trap so that the Deviants could gain information about the Pyramid of Winds from Ikaris. Cataphrax triumphantly returned to Lemuria with the information, but was judged genetically unfit by the Priesthood and ordered to submit to the fires at Purity Time. Crestfallen, Cataphrax meekly submitted to his fate.[1]

"Unstable" Deviants were not actually killed by the Priesthood, however. They were preserved in stasis as part of a long-term scheme by Ghaur and the Priesthood. Their minds and independent will were destroyed to make them into an army of slaves upon their "resurrection". When Kro and Thena discovered the Priests' ruse, Cataphrax was already lost mentally. Thena killed him as an act of mercy.[2]


Superhuman strength rivaling Ikaris'.[1]

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