Nothing is known about Catastrophe Jen's past prior to her joining the Cisco Pike Gang. Jen is a lesbian who holds a seemingly intense hatred of all men. Cisco Pike had to plead with her just to get her to stop killing their own men, as they were hard to replace. She accompanied the Gang on their attack on Wells Junction and the Rawhide Kid though her involvement was not shown. She apparently switched sides as, in the end, during the wedding of Matt Morgan and Laura Ingulls, she is seen standing with a buxom young woman on her arm, wearing a deputy star, presumably filling the deputy job Rawhide Kid had just vacated.[citation needed]

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Catastrophe Jen is an incredibly skilled knife thrower, able to throw knives with such accuracy as to lodge them into a person's throat. She is also a decent shot with a gun.



Knives and a pistol.




  • The name Catastrophe Jen is a take on the name of the famous western heroine Calamity Jane.

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