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Quotes by Agent Ortiz (Earth-616)

Quote1 He's treating us like children. He thinks we're playing a game... while's he's fighting a war. Quote2
--Agent Ortiz (Earth-616)

Conversations with Agent Ortiz (Earth-616)

Agent Ortiz
We've got him on traffic cameras heading up 95, but we lose him before he leaves the state.
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Agent Henderson
What if he's doubling back? Heading back to the city to finish what he started?
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Agent Ortiz
No... I'm sure he's moving north. We've got to get ahead of him... or there won't be any of Condor left to prosecute.
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Punisher Vol 11 2

Agent Ortiz
Let's get one thing straight -- in here, we work together. But out there...
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Original Sin Vol 1 4 Dell'Otto Variant Textless
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Punisher Vol 11 5

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