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Quotes by Ajay Roy (Earth-616)

Quote1 They say that in the new India, anyone can rise out of their station, with enough luck and hard work. It's a lie. To many powerful people need things to stay as they are. If you already have everything, then change is terrifying. It just means you'll lose something. But there's also value in perpetuating the fantasy. It keeps the lower classes struggling and striving. So, occasionally, someone is lifted up into the heavens, often through the cinema. Even the biggest stars have no real power. They are no threat. Still, it's never easy. Like I said. Luck and hard work. Of course... certain genetic advances don't hurt. Some -- not all -- but some of the money for films here comes from bad men. Everyone knows it. If you want to be a part of this world, you need to know those bad men, and pay what they ask. I worked for them for years, doing bad things to honest people. I helped them stay in control. Helped them avoid change. And in return, they raised me up. But now, on the night of my very first starring premier, I can forget all that and just... be here. Was it all worth it? God, yes. Quote2
--Ajay Roy (Earth-616)

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