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List of all notable quotes by or about Anthony Stark (Earth-616).
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Quote1 Have you never seen an Iron Man before?! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 39
Quote1 That's the name of a top red general, noted for his brutality! He controls this vast commie spy network, and heaven help the undercover man who flubs an assignment! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 42
Quote1 What do I do now? Iron Man is helpless against an enemy with the ability to melt iron! And yet, without my other identity, I'm just an ordinary human... More vulnerable than most because my heart would stop without my chest plate! (...) What's the matter with me? I'm still not helpless! I've still got the greatest weapon in the world... a human brain! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 47
Quote1 Pepper and Happy, bless their hearts, were probably looking after things for me at the plant during my absence... And knowing them, someone could have stolen the whole factory from under their noses while they argue about which of them is my most alert assistant! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 49
Quote1 Poor Vanko! He sacrificed his life to prove his loyalty to our nation! He shall never be forgotten! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 52
Quote1 If I know my women, and nobody knows them better than Tony Stark, the Black Widow must be impatient to strike by now! And whatever she does... She'll find Iron Man ready for her this time! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 53
Quote1 I'm sick of being Iron Man! Sick of having to wear an electronic chest plate 24 hours a day! Sick of living on borrowed time... Never knowing which moment will be my last! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 56
Quote1 It seems that every masked, unusual criminal in the east tries to attack my weapons factory sooner or later! Every time I turn around I'm menaced by some crackpot or spy! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 57
Quote1 Now I'd better get back to the factory before everyone realizes how well they can all get along without me! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 58
Quote1 What cruel trick of fate is this?? I'm one of the strongest, most powerful, most feared humans on the face of the Earth! There is nothing I cannot accomplish... Nothing I would not dare! And yet, I haven't the courage to remove my iron armor... I don't dare gamble with my damaged heart! I'm a prisoner of Iron Man... Of my own creation!! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 60
Quote1 That's one of the hazards of being a lone-wolf type of adventurer! After a while, you begin to talk to yourself! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 62
Quote1 It has to be this way! The ranks of the Avengers will always need replenishing! The old must ever give way to the new! Quote2
Avengers Vol 1 16
Quote1 He...he called me boss! He knew! And still he helped me...even though I've always stood between him and Pepper...! But now...I've got to make sure he didn't sacrifice his life in vain...! While a breath still remains within me, I'll fight...I'll make this moment meaningful, old friend...I swear it! Wherever you are, Happy...I pray that you know...this is for you! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 70
Quote1 You made the same mistake all tyrants and bullies make! You thought you'd just have to flex your muscles and show your strength, and your enemies would fall by the wayside! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 71
Quote1 Namor! Others have always said you were a raging madman -- a murderous menace! But I never believed it -- not until now! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 80
Quote1 My transistors are fully charged -- My armor's in perfect repair -- Your size alone can't beat me! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 82
Quote1 Gentlemen, I am prepared to tell whatever you wish to know about Iron Man! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 84
Quote1 Boy, will this give'em something to talk about when they get together at their next peace through strength rally! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 92
Quote1 Who in the name of a twisted transistor are you, anyway? Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 95
Quote1 ... The new thermo-coupling device element in my armor responded perfectly. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 3
Quote1 Even this far in the future the bad guys are corny as ever. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 5
Quote1 Save the polemic, Sitwell! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 6
Quote1 Becoming an Avenger is not a right... but a privilege! Quote2
Avengers Vol 1 58
Quote1 Just call me a cock-eyed optimist, Rambunctious... and if a Rogers and Hammerstein reference is a bit out of style for you, I'll hum a few bars of "Break on Through to the Other Side!" Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 8
Quote1 Isn't this enough Mandarin? Can't you see what your mad schemes of conquest cost? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 11
Quote1 Get another guinea pig, madman! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 13
Quote1 I'm not up on my voodoo lore, but nothing I heard about it involved radioactivity. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 14
Quote1 I'd bet there's quite a woman behind that mask! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 18
Quote1 ... Is it a job for Iron Man? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 20
Quote1 ... The right woman can mean all the difference to a man, Cheryl. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 23
Quote1 It's like Bullfinch's [sic.] Mythology come to life! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 24
Quote1 Tony Stark may have done his bit out there, but only Iron Man can do what has to be done... Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 29
Quote1 Can't let it get me! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 30
Quote1 I don't think we can stop pollution by turning our back on technology. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 31
Quote1 You could pack an awful lot of little green men into a ship this big. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 32
Quote1 Holy Hannah! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 33
Quote1 Want it or not, he's going to get that help from an Avenger named Iron Man! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 38
Quote1 Come on fellas -- I've no time for kidding around Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 40
Quote1 Here comes Laughing Boy -- and he looks -- kind of mean! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 43
Quote1 Will you marry me? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 45
Quote1 Your group here keeps screaming for peace -- yet you're the first to resort to violence! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 46
Quote1 You've been looking at it all wrong, Stark! You're not a civilian, you're a soldier -- albeit a reluctant one. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 47
Quote1 Call me, Tony ... Miss? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 52
Quote1  -- I never lose! Never! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 53
Quote1 I don't know what just happened -- but this Avenger isn't going to hold an inquiry! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 55
Quote1 Hi beautiful. Mind joining a depressed boss for a night cap? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 60
Quote1  --This 'prison' machinery is only metal -- whereas I am -- Iron Man! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 61
Quote1 I won't ever handle munitions work again! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 63
Quote1 Are you a man, Spectrum? A man who lets an alien rule him? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 65
Quote1 Not another one, you caped creep! The real Iron Man! Quote2
Marvel Double Feature Vol 1 2
Quote1 Eddie's become the Freak! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 67
Quote1 This is a strange land, an environment dangerous for those unprepared for it. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 68
Quote1 We must attack together, Sunfire! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 70
Quote1 Get your hands off me, Thunder God! I've got a lot of debts to pay today! Quote2
Avengers Vol 1 130
Quote1 Stark expected Reed Richards -- not some half grown teenager! Quote2
Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 29
Quote1 I'll be happy to keep ducking anything you throw! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 76
Quote1  -- And I swear, as the man, Tony Stark-- As the Avenger fate chose to cast in the role of Iron Man-- That I will live to avenge those whose lives have been lost through the ignorance of men like the man I once was-- Or I will die trying! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 78
Quote1 It seems that every masked, unusual criminal in the east tries to attack my weapons factory sooner or later! Every time I turn around I'm menaced by some crackpot or spy! Quote2
Giant-Size Iron Man Vol 1 1
Quote1 There'll be no more monsters made here! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 79
Quote1 I went through all this just to get an apology? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 80
Quote1 You mean, the longer I'm in your dimension, the crazier I get? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 81
Quote1 I've got three candidates for the zoo... Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 83
Quote1 Just as I thought -- as ugly as ever! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 90
Quote1 You know, Cap...being Avengers Chairman isn't all it's cracked up to be. Quote2
Avengers Annual Vol 1 6
Quote1 I'm alone -- the millionaire "man who has everything" is missing one all-important item -- a friend. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 92
Quote1 This armor is strong -- the strongest alloy on Earth! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 94
Quote1 Fall, you walking nightmare! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 95
Quote1 I'm recovered enough to feel hatred towards the one responsible for all this -- and to want revenge on MODOK! Quote2
Iron Man Annual Vol 1 4
Quote1 To dad, wealth was everthing... while I never paid much attention to it. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 105
Quote1 You fat, stinking swine! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 107
Quote1 I'm no spy, sir Lyan -- I'm an ally! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 111
Quote1 As an Avenger, its my duty to safeguard Earth. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 112
Quote1 Welcome to the NEW Stark International! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 113
Quote1 You're lucky you're only facing the second most powerful Avenger, robot! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 114
Quote1 Tony, m'man, this just hasn't been your day! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 117
Quote1 Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. have been my allies for years! My friends! And I still don't know why they'd want to trash Tony Stark. But they're not up against Stark any more -- they're up against Iron Man! And by God, they're going to -- know it! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 118
Quote1 ... Hadn't we better get stared on this second bottle of bubbly before it loses its fizz? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 123
Quote1 I still love my country, Nick, and I fight for it--but in my own way. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 129
Quote1 If I knew you went around in outfits like that, Ling, I'd be around all the time. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 134
Quote1 OK, Endotherm Enough is Enough! I'm tired of playing your games! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 136
Quote1 I've reason to believe that the man who reconstructed Ultron was...MYSELF! Quote2
Avengers Vol 1 202
Quote1 You can give up... or my repulsor can take your head off! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 145
Quote1 All right Martinelli, give me the story fast! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 151
Quote1 All right Pithins, what's going on? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 155
Quote1 Better think again, Mauler! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 156
Quote1 I'm in trouble. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 157
Quote1 Mrs. Arbogast, I'm back among the living. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 158
Quote1 Sometimes I wonder which is the real me... this splendid metal skin I've created -- or the frail thing of flesh that wears it. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 164
Quote1 I'm tired of being a hero. I want to relax and have some fun. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 170
Quote1 It's a bit early -- but Cheers! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 171
Quote1 Thanks for showing me how hard it is ... for forcing me to realize alcohol is my problem. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 178
Quote1 Fight ... Superhero fighting ... I can hlep... M' a Super Hero, too... Quote2
Daredevil Vol 1 204
Quote1 I've been killing myself for years. That's not news. But I'm going to stop. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 182
Quote1 Uh, Rhodey, the armor already has magnetic capacity. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 189
Quote1 I think you're seriously disturbed! I think you need help! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 190
Quote1 I -- am not -- Iron Man! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 191
Quote1 I'm going to Bethany! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 197
Quote1 So, it has come to this. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 200
Quote1 Mister, you may not talk, but you will give me information. You'll write it, or type it, or beat it out in Morse code... or send it in smoke signals -- but give it you will! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 204
Quote1 There's only one way I can make up for the damage I've caused, and thats to liberate Boca Caliente. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 207
Quote1 Nobody ever gets the last bugs out of a system, Hank! After a while you call them "features"! Quote2
West Coast Avengers Vol 2 11
Quote1 You are stupid. Cruel. And a loser. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 212
Quote1 The odds make me feel like I'm playing against the house on the Riviera..! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 214
Quote1 Maybe I can help! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 218
Quote1 Part of me wants to pulverize that woman! But another part knows that her ends are noble. Even if her means are misguided. Quote2
Iron Man Annual Vol 1 9
Quote1 I'm going to get back what's mine. And Heaven help anyone who gets in my way! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 225
Quote1 I can't explain, Steve. But I'm asking you as a friend, not to stand in my way. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 228
Quote1 My mission has made me a criminal. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 229
Quote1 Ah, Rhodey. Sure, I'm swell. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 230
Quote1 I do have a responsibility to keep my inventions from evil hands – but I have a greater responsibility to oppose that evil any way I can. So, Tony Stark may have done his bit out there, but only Iron Man can do what has to be done... So... I guess Iron Man will be around for a while. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 231
Quote1 I'm the devil. Stealing my Soul. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 232
Quote1 I'll check Iron Man's schedule... and see what I can do. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 237
Quote1 I'm here on business, Kathy. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 240
Quote1 Can I buy you a vineyard? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 245
Quote1 Guess I haven't been very lucky at love. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 246
Quote1 When Carlton Co. made a rather generous offer for Damage Control, we accepted. Quote2
Damage Control Vol 2 1
Quote1 Don't make me out to be a saint. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 251
Quote1 That's ENOUGH Chemistro. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 252
Quote1 My armor's manueverable, --fast--and lots of fun at parties. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 253
Quote1 Is this some kind of a joke? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 255
Quote1 It's a cake walk ol' buddy! What could possible go wrong? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 256
Quote1 Hardly fitting for the head of Stark Enterprises to be found parading around his office in his unmentionables... billionaire playboy image or not. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 259
Quote1 I've no idea what's been happening to me. It may be the work of some enemy... it may be the price I have to pay for the years I abused my body... wrecked myself with alcoholism... Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 261
Quote1 I'm trapped inside this armor. Cocooned in a prison of my own creation! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 262
Quote1 (To Living Laser) Last time you chided me for my reticence about destroying you...You'll be pleased to hear...I've Gotten Over That! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 263
Quote1 Hope your insurance is up to date, clown. I've been feeling just the teeniest bit TICKED OFF for the last few days. You know, looking for a target for my frustrations. And YOU JUST GOT ELECTED! (As he DESTROYS a SI attacker's monster truck) Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 264
Quote1 Even though I know it's every bit as mad as you say, I've got to take this fight right into their arena. And show them when they mess with Tony Stark....they mess with Iron Man! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 265
Quote1 How are you against someone who fights back? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 268
Quote1 With my central nervous system wrecked, I have no chance of survival without outside influence. So, once again, I find myself dependent on my suit for life. Once again my Iron Man armor becomes a walking iron lung. A walking prison!! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 269
Quote1 Whatever your strengths, you're still just a man. But Iron Man is more than that! Much more! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 275
Quote1 I have only a short time left to live... Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 276
Quote1 I've got to do something about those missiles... Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 277
Quote1 Get going Clint -- before I forget you're on our side. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 279
Quote1 The Supreme Intelligence won't threaten anyone ever again...he will never KILL again. Quote2
Avengers Vol 1 347
Quote1 Ignorant Superstitious Savages! You repulse me. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 280
Quote1 I don't like this one bit. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 281
Quote1 Ready or not here I come. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 282
Quote1 I got a rundown on the Warheads weapons systems for you, Fury...but there's something you should know - But no matter how dangerous these Warheads and Mys-Tech are, believe me, they're nowhere near as dangerous as some of the things they go up against! Quote2
Warheads Vol 1 3
Quote1 Jim, someone has to carry on for me. The world needs Iron Man. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 284
Quote1 So much to do, so little RAM. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 290
Quote1 I won't have S.E. selling nuclear weapons capability to terrorists. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 295
Quote1 Don't bother to clean out your desks -- You've got 15 minutes to get out of my building. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 296
Quote1 Alcoholism killed my father-- and came close to finishing me, too. So don't think you're the only one who's been through this. Quote2
Real Heroes Vol 1 4
Quote1 You've picked a very bad day to screw with Stark Enterprises! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 301
Quote1 I'm thinking of Obadiah Stane -- May he rot in Hades -- Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 304
Quote1 It's the end of an era. The West Coast Avengers are through and this sad ruin is our only memorial. Quote2
Force Works Vol 1 1
Quote1 No! I can't accept this! We've been functioning for less than 6 hours! We haven't even formally inaugurated the team yet......and they're all dead or missing! Quote2
Force Works Vol 1 2
Quote1 I've an enemy lurking somewhere out there in the depths of cyberspace. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 307
Quote1 The Scatter are interstellar scavengers. They move from world to world, devouring as they go. If Century is right, we're in for one nasty visit. Quote2
Force Works Vol 1 3
Quote1 I take back 50% of all the bad things I ever said about you. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 308
Quote1 You cynic, Hank Pym. Agent's not as bad as everyone thinks... Quote2
Force Works Vol 1 8
Quote1 Hi, my name is Tony ... and I'm an alcoholic. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 313
Quote1 Going into action alongside the Avengers again after all this time feels strange... Almost wrong! Quote2
Force Works Vol 1 14
Quote1 The times they are a'changin', Jarvis. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 319
Quote1 Forgive me, Marilla -- but you, like this morning's surprise-- had to die. Quote2
Avengers: The Crossing Vol 1 1
Quote1 My friends, I'm... so sorry, but... Hawkeye is a killer. Quote2
Force Works Vol 1 17
Quote1 Mr. Stark is determined that all access to the Mansion be blocked by today. Quote2
Avengers Vol 1 392
Quote1 I could never... confess. There was no one to turn to all these years, knowing how it would go... where the long, slow fall into the dark would take me... what it would cost me. But I had no choice. He broke me. He broke me from the very beginning. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 324
Quote1 And don't worry, Kang -- I'll play my part in this to the end. Quote2
Force Works Vol 1 19
Quote1 ... Remember Tony Stark not for what he did ... but for what he tried. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 327
Quote1 Ironic then, that... my greatest failure... is my only chance. Project: Prometheus Rising. A self-contained armory and mobile life support unit. A walking, flying, invincible body armor... it destroyed my best friend's life... will it save my own? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 2 1
Quote1 Three? Why would the computer read your hammer as sentient? Quote2
Avengers Vol 2 7
Quote1 Shoot me? Kill me? Yeah, right. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 3 5
Quote1 She's... Troubled, Hawkeye. Quote2
Avengers Vol 3 6
Quote1 Oh. Real nice, Mandarin. You can't even have a conversation without weighing the odds in your favor, can you? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 3 10
Quote1 Pardon the interruption, Angelica-- But I've got some new business. First, I'm back to active duty-- Tony Stark's reworked my armor to eliminate the problems I'd been having with it. And he's done a little research, too-- Analyzing the energy-residue left behind after Lord Templar's appearances, and he may have come up with a way to track him down! Quote2
Avengers Vol 3 15
Quote1 From where I stand -- long tails are a liability! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 3 16
Quote1 Panther-- The Avengers -- your teammates -- are due some explanation. Quote2
Black Panther Vol 3 9
Quote1 And that we Avengers must now do what we have long dreaded... ...and join our power in battle against the Hulk... ...and, if we must, destroy him! Quote2
Hulk Vol 1 5
Quote1 The stronger I make my armor, the longer I live! And I must live on! There is so much unfinshed work to be done! Quote2
Essential Series: Iron Man Vol 1 1
Quote1 If I knew that being a working stiff was this hard, I'd have given Happy and Pepper raises every month... heck, every week. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 3 42
Quote1 My name is Tony Stark. I'm an ex-billionaire, ex-playboy, ex-industrialist and current human bomb. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 3 43
Quote1 My name is Hogan Potts. I was once a billionaire, playboy, and industrialist by the name of Tony Stark. And now I'm a current Sherlock Holmes wanna-be. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 3 44
Quote1 The Black Panther knows all of my secrets -- including the Iron Man armor. Quote2
Black Panther Vol 3 42
Quote1 I don't want to fight you, Thor! But if that's what it'll take to make you back off -- then that's what I'll do! Quote2
Thor Vol 2 58
Quote1 Thor gave me that enchanted jewel fragment in hopes that it would be a source of energy to serve mankind, but now it's become a weapon... and I may have to use it against my friend. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 3 64
Quote1 Oh no you don't! No... cyanide for you... Mabel. I'm... sick of... assassins... who won't stick around... to answer questions... Quote2
Iron Man Vol 3 67
Quote1 They wanted it to... to kill all non-whites. Statistics here... how many of our own soldiers would die. Minorities. Lord... Quote2
Avengers Vol 3 67
Quote1 I've been held by terrorists before. And this time, friend, unlike you-- I'm prepared. Quote2
Avengers Vol 3 68
Quote1 Sorry, Tony...but Captain America's more important than you... Let's just hope I can keep him alive long enough...for Panther to get him out. Quote2
Avengers Vol 3 70
Quote1 Not very patriotic of you, Sonny. You ought to let them have one of my designs that doesn't shake apart in a sonic blast! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 3 74
Quote1 Communist. Didn't think they made you any more. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 3 83
Quote1 I wasn't drunk. I didn't have a drink. I haven't had one in who knows how long. I was overcome with the feeling -- the feeling of being drunk -- I wasn't in control. That's why I think this is some sort of attack. All of this. All of it happening at the same time. The Mansion, boom. Scott. Boom. Vision. Boom. And boom! I'm asked to step down as secretary of defense. Quote2
Avengers Vol 1 501
Quote1 I went from being a man trapped in an iron suit to being a man freed by it. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 4 1
Quote1 We just invented the best cell phone on Earth. We don't need military money anymore. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 4 2
Quote1 Guess we shouldn't have broken up the Avengers. Quote2
New Avengers Vol 1 2
Quote1 For my next trick: locking the damn door so no one accidentally gets to see Iron Man butt naked. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 4 3
Quote1 Patriotism doesn't automatically equal conservatism. Quote2
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Vol 1 7
Quote1 It means we don't need S.H.I.E.L.D. permission to but the Avengers back together. And no offense to you, Agent Hill, but considering that S.H.I.E.L.D. has some 40-odd major powered threats... who were, just last night, under S.H.I.E.L.D. guard... now running loose in the city of New York and beyond... I would think that you would welcome our expertise. Quote2
New Avengers Vol 1 4
Quote1 All I have is making the future, and stopping the animals who want to take the future from people. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 4 4
Quote1 ...there's one last little thread to be taken care of, so I'll go and attend to it and leave you to... polish his silverware Quote2
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 524
Quote1 Whatever made these creatures attack seems to be contagious... I'd better go find my "bodyguard". Quote2
FF/IM: Big in Japan Vol 1 1
Quote1 I... I think he just made me a sandwich. Quote2
FF/IM: Big in Japan Vol 1 2
Quote1 A Wolverine appearance? How novel. Seriously, this is the third time I've run into you this week, Logan. Quote2
Runaways Vol 2 10
Quote1 I hope we're close, you should see the heating bill for my armor... Quote2
FF/IM: Big in Japan Vol 1 3
Quote1 Say hello to the Iron Man, you terrorist scum. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 4 5
Quote1 Once you've read it over, give me your thoughts. And pack your bags--because we're going to Washington. Quote2
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 529
Quote1 Mr. Mallen. Lay on the ground, hands behind your head, ankles crossed. Or I'm going to have to kill you. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 4 6
Quote1 Think about it, Nick. What if war was obsolete? What if terrorism and crime, famine and disease were obsolete? Where would we be? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 4 7
Quote1 What do I say? I say you take your best shot... then you watch me heal... then I take my best shot. Bub. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 4 8
Quote1 In everyone's life, Peter, there's an 'it'... your wife leaves you, or you get cancer. There's your life before 'it' and your life after 'it.' 9/11 was an 'it' of national magnitude. And Stamford... is going to be another one. Quote2
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 532
Quote1 Hello. My name is Tony Stark and I am an alcoholic. And now it's time to come clean. Quote2
Civil War: Front Line Vol 1 1
Quote1 My God, what have I done? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 4 9
Quote1 We're at war now. There's no place for you and your games anymore. I only put up with it because Captain America believed in you. But, clearly, things are different now, and I can't afford to have you out there as a wild card. You made you choices, Jessica. You made your bed. Quote2
New Avengers Vol 1 23
Quote1 Every super hero is a potential gun... and the last time I checked, guns required registration. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 4 12
Quote1 Think about it, Nick. What if war was obsolete? What if terrorism and crime, famine and disease were obsolete? Where would we be? Quote2
Iron Man: Execute Program TPB Vol 1 1
Quote1 And the world still needs the Avengers. Quote2
Civil War: The Initiative Vol 1 1
Quote1 The world needs the Avengers. The best of the best. The best and the brightest. Symbols. Icons. It's a time of healing. It's a time to tell people we're looking out for them. Quote2
Mighty Avengers Vol 1 1
Quote1 To do what I needed to do to win this quickly-- I knew that meant you and I would probably never speak again. Or be friends again. Or partners again. I told myself I was okay with it because I knew I was right and I--I knew it was saving lives. It was!! It was the right thing to do! And--and--and I was willing to get in bed with people we despise to get this done. And I knew the world favors the underdog and that I would be the bad guy. I knew this and I said it was okay with it. And--and even though I said... Even though I said I was willing to go all the way with it... I wasn't. And--and I know this because the worst has happened. The thing I can't live with has happened. And for all our back and forth--and all the things we've said and done to each other... For all the hard questions I've had to ask, and terrible lies I've had to tell... There's one thing that I'll never be able to tell anyone now. Not my friends or my co-workers or my President... The one thing!! The one thing I should have told you. But now I can't... It wasn't worth it. Quote2
Civil War: The Confession Vol 1 1
Quote1 Actually, Clay, if you don't mind... ...I'd rather debrief She-Hulk instead. Jennifer? Quote2
She-Hulk Vol 2 17
Quote1 I need a day when there aren't twenty crises to deal with, but I don't see that coming any time soon. Quote2
Captain America Vol 5 29
Quote1 The Mandarin, I presume? Your hospitality leaves a lot to be desired. Quote2
Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin Vol 1 1
Quote1 Any direct help I gave to you could be tracked back to me. I could be held liable for aiding and abetting a known criminal. It would undermine everything I've been trying to build since the war. The stakes are bigger than you, or me... or even May. Quote2
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 544
Quote1 Like I said, this doesn't make any kind of sense. Why is Logan, for all intents and purposes, brain-dead? Quote2
Wolverine Vol 3 57
Quote1 He's a witness. I need to know what happened that night. I've got a very thin window of opportunity before the C.S.A. forces us to release Graviton into federal custody. Then we have nothing. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 22
Quote1 Are you suggesting that I'm hallucinating? Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 23
Quote1 They buried Captain America today. That's what most of them think, at least. Quote2
What If? Civil War Vol 1 1
Quote1 Steve asked me to save him, and if THIS doesn't do it, I don't know WHAT will. And anyway...he's already got the shield. Quote2
Captain America Vol 5 33
Quote1 The Skrull is currently masquerading as Carol Danvers. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 24
Quote1 Declaring an end to all war? Enforcing peace on earth? That's not the Mar-Vell we knew. He's clearly hurting, but he's out of control. He's dangerous... And we can't have that. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 6 4
Quote1 Victor von're under arrest for crimes against humanity. ... You recognize my authority now? Quote2
Mighty Avengers Vol 1 11
Quote1 My biggest nightmare has come true: Iron Man 2.0 is here... and I'm not the one that made it. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 1
Quote1 I found what I almost always find: Genocidal goons with guns. Your tax dollars pay me to beat the hell out of people like this. (I decline the paycheck by the way.) The job is its own reward... Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 2
Quote1 I...HATE...Magic Quote2
Iron Man: Legacy of Doom Vol 1 3
Quote1 I don't have drinking buddies anymore, Dugan. Just old mistakes. Quote2
Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol 1 30
Quote1 Don't take this wrong, Dugan, but if this is the first trial of your new airborne unit -- I think you forgot some crucial equipment. Quote2
Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol 1 31
Quote1 Rahimov was right. But I was right, too. "How many have died?" he asked. "Too many", I said. But I didn't tell him the rest. What happens when you... make those decisions. All those people I've touched... I remember them. I remember them all. Quote2
Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol 1 32
Quote1 Fifty-eight people, Stane. Fifty-eight more people dead in my name because of you... because of me. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 5
Quote1 Tell you a secret about your dad, Ezekiel. He was crazy, too. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 6
Quote1 By the way, I'm dying to know, why do they call you Cheeseburger? It's not some horrible physical deformity hidden by the flight suit, is it? Because that would be really depressing. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 32
Quote1 These kinds of things just kill property values stone dead. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 7
Quote1 The Avengers were almost killed by a monster who could possibly destroy the entire planet. The one chance we have of defeating this new enemy -- and your bigotry gets him killed on a suicide mission. Quote2
Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel Vol 1 2
Quote1 My point is -- in Norman Osborn -- we don't have a bunch of dropouts and failures calling the shots. We've actually got a real, dyed-in-the-wool, mustache-twirling looney-toon running the show. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 8
Quote1 Well. No turning back now. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 10
Quote1 You know damn well nobody's too big to go away when the right people are angry at you. And these people are very, very angry at me. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 11
Quote1 Elektra was the first casualty of the Skrull invasion, gentlemen. I won't let you make her the last. Quote2
Dark Reign: Elektra Vol 1 1
Quote1 It's all happening now. Chunks of stuff just...go. I can't remember any of third grade. I can't remember the names of any particular cars. They're all just..."cars." I have thirty-three cars all over the world but I can't remember a single name of a single one. But I know I have thirty-three. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 15
Quote1 Her. It was always her. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 16
Quote1 I can't believe this thing ever moved an inch, let alone saved my life. But you, Mr. Bright-and-shiny-- You're the key. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 18
Quote1 Damn, Pepper, that's as preposterous as guys with spider powers or giants who eat planets. Quote2
Iron Man vs. Whiplash Vol 1 2
Quote1 Stark here. Please could you be both beautiful and vastly tolerant? You're who? NASA? The you fit the bill precisely. Quote2
Indomitable Iron Man (B&W) Vol 1 1
Quote1 I am Iron Man... What now? Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 23
Quote1 The weather's always killed people. I just figured out how to make it kill whomever I wanted. Quote2
Free Comic Book Day 2010 (Iron Man/Thor) Vol 1 1
Quote1 C'mon. Let's do something insane like save the world. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 25
Quote1 This isn't the first time in my life I've done things I clearly thought were amazing at the time only to come to and find I'd actually laid waste to my life. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 26
Quote1 My kingdom for a Radio Shack. ... 3.8 design. 3.8 design. Yeah, yeah, I remember now. Digital fingerprint lock sequence. Ah. There we go. The self repair kit. I do love me sometimes. ... Actually, my kingdom for a coffee. Quote2
Avengers Prime Vol 1 1
Quote1 Pepper, dammit-- Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 27
Quote1 That would be a certain Thunder God. better run. Quote2
Avengers Prime Vol 1 2
Quote1 I promise I will explain it all when we get back. I will draw you pictures, I will use puppets...but for right now, you have to just listen to me. Quote2
Avengers Vol 4 5
Quote1 This is where you say 'yes'. And I say 'welcome to the Avengers, Dennis!' Quote2
Heroic Age: One Month to Live Vol 1 5
Quote1 Yes. Yes, I did. And it was as mean and pretty and venal a thing as I've ever done. And only you and I knew about it. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 31
Quote1 People are as good as their opportunities. I've been given a new opportunity. And I'm going to share it with Imperio. And we're going to lift ourselves up out of the darkness together. Quote2
Iron Man: Legacy Vol 1 8
Quote1 You're in luck, Doctor Solvang. I happen to be a very good Nerd-To-Asgardian translator. I'm gonna go see a man about your horse. Quote2
Thor Vol 1 617
Quote1 Ms. Potts, I'm sure this thought has already occurred to you, But -- this is a terrible product launch. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 32
Quote1 In the beginning was the word, and the word was...stop. This insanity. Now. Quote2
Iron Man/Thor Vol 1 2
Quote1 All those things...All the things I said and did--I'm--I'm so, so sorry. I know that's not enough, but I hope you will allow me the chance to earn your friendship back. I don't deserve it...I just hope you let me. I'm not as good at--at anything as I am when I'm doing it next to you. And that's the truth. Quote2
Avengers Prime Vol 1 5
Quote1 Well. To answer your question Geoffrey: When you said the word "Gibborim" during our little meeting, that sounded rather mystic-y to me. So I thought I'd call a Master in the Art. And he felt we should call in the cavalry. Quote2
Iron Man: Legacy Vol 1 10
Quote1 Hi, my name's Tony and I'm an alcoholic. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 500.1
Quote1 You were hauled off to jail not fifteen minutes ago, Wilder. But I doubt you're staying there long. You let yourselves be defeated a tad too easily. I thought about what you said. And I decided you were right. So I'm going to give up all personal interest in Imperio Techworks. I'll leave the Los Angeles metropolitan area to join Iron Man and his friends outside the city limits. I will not tell my allies in the super hero community that I strongly suspect your Pride runs the law in southern California. And in exchange, you will leave the people of Imperio alone. Forever. If I learn you somuch as prevented a streetlight from going up there...I will call the Avengers. And the Fantastic Four. And the X-Men. And the Inhumans. And the Atlanteans. And anyone else I can think of. And I will not rest until I have annihilated you. Quote2
Iron Man: Legacy Vol 1 11
Quote1 You're going blind, Clint. Quote2
Hawkeye: Blind Spot Vol 1 1
Quote1 And, listen, you know, in fact more than much unbridled ego comes with this job. To be who we are, to represent what we want to have to be arrogant enough to believe you can do it. It's ego that got us here and it's ego that allows us to stay. Yes, we took the damn Infinity Gems, and we did so because we thought they were safe with us. It was arrogance and it was ego. And it was absolutely right. For all this time. So, though you may think it's your job to judge me and the others for what we did here...I think it's nothing. Nothing compared to the things we've had to do to keep the world safe. Nothing. Quote2
Avengers Vol 4 10
Quote1 If he was changed into a god, he can be changed back! Ngghh! A little science, a little magic... a match made in heaven. Quote2
Iron Man/Thor Vol 1 4
Quote1 When I was a kid, I didn't share the toys very well. Had a bad incident with some lincoln logs -- point is I've been holding back on you. You deserve better. Quote2
Iron Man 2.0 Vol 1 3
Quote1 I can create a world without war. I can make a world without alcohol or drugs. Without hate or jealousy. But then it wouldn't be the world we live in. Nothing would be learned, nothing would be gained. We wouldn't advance as species. Quote2
Avengers Vol 4 12
Quote1 They're not statues. I keep telling myself again and again. They're bodies. We're not blowing up rocks or bad public art. These are people. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 504
Quote1 This isn't a bad guy. This isn't a villain. This is something monstrous and magical. Beyond science; beyond reason. This is the face of a miracle. A real and true and tragic-beyond-imagination miracle. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 505
Quote1 I tell myself -- that I hate being drunk again. Well. It's just not true. Because I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 506
Quote1 If I ever get out of here, everything will be different. Everything. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 508
Quote1 Prayer? You're going to pray? Who would you be petitioning precisely? Me? God? And what did God say to the people of Paris as you turned them into stone? When they said help me lord as you destroyed one of the greatest cities on Earth. Did God answer them? You know they say in certain rooms that God answers every prayer. Just most days, he says 'no.' ... That's not today. Today, God said something else entirely. Lucky you. Lucky us. Quote2
Fear Itself Vol 1 7.3
Quote1 Sorry, Rhodes. Apparently you didn't hear the news. In the great war between Palmer Addley and everyone else... Tony Stark has switched sides. Quote2
Iron Man 2.0 Vol 1 11
Quote1 I'll have you know I was playing a very unimportant game of chess right now with a man that kept saying "king me." Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 514
Quote1 It is coming here. The Phoenix Force is headed towards Earth. Quote2
Avengers vs. X-Men Vol 1 1
Quote1 I know everything. I can't help it. Quote2
Avengers Assemble Vol 2 2
Quote1 There's a whole new master of magnetism in town. Quote2
AVX: Vs Vol 1 1
Quote1 I quit, General. I quit being Iron Man, effective immediately. You win. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 516
Quote1 We all make mistakes...'s what makes us human. Quote2
Hulk Smash Avengers Vol 1 4
Quote1 Your drug of choice, Doctor... rage. Over your rough childhood. Failed marriage. All the bad hands you've been dealt over the years, and you've suffered quite a string. Like most addictions, the Hulk is both cause and cure for your problems. Giving into him delivers release. At first. But then pain. Always pain. Quote2
Hulk Smash Avengers Vol 1 5
Quote1 We'll finish building the Titanomechs, of course. But, Ezekiel, I think in the downtime, I'd like to fix you. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 521
Quote1 Mandarin's Titanomech is almost done. In the morning, Ezekiel... You and I go to war. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 522
Quote1 Gentlemen. It's the five of us versus all of them for the entire world. Fight hard. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 524
Quote1 Who said anything about fun? Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 525
Quote1 Things are about to get bright. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 527
Quote1 Hi. I'm Iron Man. Want to cut to the surrender? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 5 1
Quote1 You're an idiot. Life is disappointing for idiots. Even if I'm playing your game, this isn't a game. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 5 2
Quote1 Please don't thank me. Thank the woman who managed to trick the military into funding a cure for pretty much everything thinking it was the ultimate killing machine. This is all she ever wanted. I'm the guy who spent his twenties making weapons. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 5 3
Quote1 Oh, I'm always thinking. Just not always about the right things. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 5 4
Quote1 I've seen so much. We all have. But really? Not nearly enough. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 5 5
Quote1 Well, let's say this... The purple space girl thing has its appeal too. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 5 6
Quote1 So, Tony. You killed their "God". Nice one. But don't worry. I'm sure the Voldi will just freeze you in carbonite and eventually your friends will turn up and pull you out of this mess. And then you'll get to make out with the princess. It's all going to be fine. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 5 7
Quote1 451, you don't know anything... Least of all about my family. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 5 15
Quote1 In my experience, "Stark boy saves the world" has a good ring to it. It could suit you too, Arno. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 5 17
Quote1 ... This is a heist movie. Quote2
Iron Man: Fatal Frontier Infinite Comic Vol 1 5
Quote1 Hmm. Stalking in the dark striking fear into your enemies seems to have a kind of primal appeal. 10/10. Highly recommended. Would do again. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 5 19
Quote1 I will come back. We'll all come back. We left too much of ourselves on the Moon. Too many dreams. Too many future. One day, we have to come back for it. For all of it. One day. One day... Quote2
Iron Man: Fatal Frontier Infinite Comic Vol 1 13
Quote1 I'm an Avenger, Rhodey. I'm kind of a big deal Avenger, even. You may have seen me in popular adventures like saving the Earth on a daily basis. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 5 20
Quote1 Now, my armor tells me that your blood alcohol is wayyyy high. Trust me. It's a bad idea to be using any powers in your state. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 5 20.INH
Quote1 Oh, little elves. Lost in the woods. Watch out... Or the Iron Man will find you. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 5 24
Quote1 These are a race of immortal sadists who've been stealing kids from time. They're incapable of understanding any of the pain they've caused. But I'm going to find a way to make them understand. I'm coming for you, elf. I'm coming for you all. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 5 25
Quote1 It worked...! I mean-- of course, it worked! Quote2
Hulk Vol 3 4
Quote1 It's C.S.I.-ron Man time. Quote2
Original Sin Vol 1 3.2
Quote1 You clearly know nothing about me, so here's a short bio for you. I used to make weapons for a living. I sold things that killed people. All I do is think about the lives I've destroyed. The only thing that used to give me a break from it was alcohol. But that only made things worse. You know what I learned, though, from all that drinking? That it's real easy to blame everyone else for what's gone wrong with your life. That's what I used to do, until the day I finally woke up and realized... Buddy, you brought this on yourself. Quote2
Iron Man Special Vol 1 1
Quote1 Oh, Bruce... Dear god, Bruce... I'm so sorry...! Quote2
Original Sin Vol 1 3.3
Quote1 It'd kill him to know that he could have stopped it if he'd just read an e-mail. It'd kill him to know that he could have stopped it if he was less like me. Pride. It's a top-seven original sin. Quote2
Original Sin Vol 1 3.4
Quote1 Wrong? Wrong? You people... Wrong? I haven't been wrong once! There's not a single decision I've made that I would change. Unleash me? Unleash me? You should thank whatever God you worship that I'm alive to save you. Great! Walk away! It doesn't matter. You'll be back. But make sure when you do come back--because you need me-- that it's on your knees. Both of you! Repentant! Because I can't save any of you, unless you realize that you need saving! And that I'm the only one in this entire planet who can do it! Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 26
Quote1 I'm the most intelligent, capable person on the planet. I'm not playing God. All this time... I've been playing human. I've been doing this for you. For all of you. I have wasted so much time. So much energy. To look like you--to sound like you--so that you specks feel comfortable around me. I've been holding back, but not any more. I've changed. It's like I was blind and now I can see. Only I'm not an ungrateful $#@% about it. Quote2
Superior Iron Man Vol 1 3
Quote1 The app is not prohibitively expensive. It is within your reach. But you need to take some personal responsibility. You need to try harder. You need to earn more. You need to be better. You need to be superior. It's time to wake up, San Francisco. Quote2
Superior Iron Man Vol 1 4
Quote1 I'm trying to work out, if I was you, would I see anything in me worth saving? Or would I be too concerned about my own existence to care? Quote2
Superior Iron Man Vol 1 7
Quote1 Until my backup battery charges, I've got nothing. I'm the Very Vincible -- Iron Man. Quote2
Contest of Champions Vol 1 1
Quote1 My new armor. I finally found a way to merge all my different armor modes into one. Armor that can change shape and color scheme based on mission stats. Armor not attached to my biology in that way that freaks just about everybody out but is completely attached to my brain synapses. I have to take this out. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 1
Quote1 Also, now I have a sword. That is the opposite of a good time to retreat. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 4
Quote1 Are you sure your name isn't supposed to be Doctor Cryptic? Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 5
Quote1 We have no funds, we have no equipment, and at any moment Ultron or Kang or somebody could come gunning for us. With that said -- who wants to join me as an Avenger? Quote2
All-New, All-Different Avengers Vol 1 3
Quote1 You could save the world from Galactus, Thanos, and A.T.M. charges and it still wouldn't make up for all the $%#$% you've done in your life, Doom. It wouldn't change one thing. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 6
Quote1 Well, if I run, that's not cool. And if I stay and get tasered... that's not cool either. I'm in a bit of a pickle. Quote2
International Iron Man Vol 1 1
Quote1 I bet you wouldn't last one day in my fantasy football league! Quote2
Rocket Raccoon and Groot Vol 1 4
Quote1 If I could arrest you for messing me up for all women, I'd do it... but I'll settle for illegal trade of illegal weapons to known international terrorists. Quote2
International Iron Man Vol 1 2
Quote1 Karnak, I thought about you. I did. I thought about you. This thing you do -- being able to detect structural weaknesses in things. In your opponents. As an engineer, I don't think I ever told you how much I admire that. Sorry I don't have any. Quote2
Civil War II Vol 1 2
Quote1 Did you find my real parents? Quote2
International Iron Man Vol 1 4
Quote1 Yeah, well, I'm saving the world from Carol. We're at war, Phil. And everyone's gonna have to choose a side. I want you and your team on mine. I want your help to stop Carol before any more blood gets on her hands. Think about it. Quote2
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol 1 7
Quote1 I'm not insane, Maria. I know where I am. I know who I am. I know who you are. I know what you're going to say. I know what this looks like. I know Carol Danvers is watching me from the 7K-3 Orbiting Reconnaissance Satellite wondering the same thing you are: What am I going to do next? And the Inhumans are bracing for war with me. Because pulling this building down was either an act of terror or an act of war. I'm going with war. Not to brag, but... when I quit manufacturing and inventing weapons for a living, I was the standard to which all others aspired. Okay, that was a big brag, but my point is... do you know how quickly I could remove the entirety of the Inhuman Royal Family and that eyesore of a city they run around in from the planet? But it won't bring my best friend back. It won't change the fact that half my friends have betrayed me. I know. I know what I can do next, but I don't, man, I don't know what I should do. Rhodey would know. There's a fifteen-year-old girl in Chicago that knows. But I-- I-- Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 12
Quote1 My point is, I respect you, truly, and it's so hard to fight you on this thing. Even after Rhodey, even after Banner... it's so hard to fight you because I respect you. Because I love you. But... you're so wrong on this. So wrong. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 14
Quote1 So, you've been reduced to fighting kids now, oh mighty Ultron? Quote2
Marvel Tsum Tsum Vol 1 4
Quote1 I didn't know who I was. You never told me. You watched me suffer. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 596
Quote1 Are you guys playing a trick on me because I went into hiding from you? Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 600
Quote1 Earth is out of juice for you? Well, Earth is a dust mote, Stephen. There's a whole cosmos out there full of other planets, other galaxies. Other talismans, other exotic relics. Wouldn't you imagine? There must be other Sorcerers Supreme out there, each guarding his/her/its own territories. Go knock on their doors. See what they have to volunteer. Quote2
Doctor Strange Vol 5 1
Quote1 I'm after the genetic code of Logan. The Wolverine. Quote2
Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda Vol 1 2
Quote1 This is Iron Man. It's not a suit. Iron Man's an idea. Ever changing. And limited only by our imagination. I say "our" because Iron Man is an idea we all share at Stark Unlimited. It's all of us and everything we do here. We are Team Stark and... We. Are. Iron Man. Quote2
Tony Stark: Iron Man Vol 1 1
Quote1 I'm suggesting... we suit up. Quote2
Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda Vol 1 3
Quote1 Rhodey's the only one I've told this to, but...I need to be honest about it. Especially with you. A while back, I erased my brain, and then digitally reinstalled it from a backup. And recently, I re-engineered my entire body, cell by cell. I think in doing that, something real in me might be gone. I don't know if...Do I still have a soul? Quote2
Tony Stark: Iron Man Vol 1 3
Quote1 Ladies and gentlemen, if you'll all take your seats... the funeral of Squirrel Girl is about to begin. Quote2
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol 2 37
Quote1 Are you guys playing a trick on me because I went into hiding from you? Quote2
Marvel Legends (UK) Vol 4 7
Quote1 Oh no. The Controller. Who could've seen that coming? Quote2
Tony Stark: Iron Man Vol 1 7
Quote1 I never played with toys. I made them. I made my ideas into reality, and then I re-created myself the exact same way! I'm an idea. My own idea. I'm the Invincible Iron Man and that's all I'll ever need to be! Quote2
Tony Stark: Iron Man Vol 1 10
Quote1 Someone start feeding me answers. Now. What is this building for? How was it hidden within Stark Industries? And what in the hell was a Skrull doing here? Quote2
Meet the Skrulls Vol 1 5
Quote1 Rhodey's right. I know he is. He has a habit of doing that. Telling me a truth I don't want to hear. Quote2
Tony Stark: Iron Man Vol 1 12
Quote1 The Mark I Armor isn't about pretty. It's about power. It's about iron and the man wielding it. Quote2
Tony Stark: Iron Man Vol 1 13
Quote1 If this is a practical joke I'm playing on myself, I'm kind of impressed, but-- Quote2
Tony Stark: Iron Man Vol 1 14
Quote1 Carol... it's enough. You gotta come to the lab with me. Now. We have to face this head-on... whatever it is. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 10 9
Quote1 You want to prove you're worthy to join the Avengers? Next time I see you, walk in carrying Thor's hammer. Quote2
Loki Vol 3 2
Quote1 Look, I understand being killed and resurrected is, well, a lot to deal with. I'm... kinda struggling on that front myself. But we aren't cars. We're people. There's so much more to us than component parts. Quote2
Web of Black Widow Vol 1 1
Quote1 Never! Gnnn! I won't give up my humanity. I swear to you, Hank-Ultron-whatever you are... I'll never be like you! I'm getting all this artificial junk out of my system! Because I know what really matters! I know what makes me... me. Quote2
Tony Stark: Iron Man Vol 1 18
Quote1 I'm an echo of Tony Stark. The idea of him. But I'm also his greatest idea, the one he came up with in a cave. I am Iron Man. Quote2
Iron Man 2020 Vol 2 1
Quote1 I know the Devil will be back. For one last temptation. And if you can't beat 'em, well, you know what they say...Luckily, I've never given a damn what people say. It's one of my only redeeming qualities. But right now, I don't need to be redeemed. I just need to survive. And here's the thing that defines who I am in the best and worst of ways. Tony Stark does his best work...when he's working to not die. Quote2
Avengers Vol 8 31
Quote1 I must be more wasted than I thought. That made sense to me. Quote2
Tarot Vol 1 4
Quote1 It's this simple. We're the Avengers -- and there has come a day. A day unlike any other -- an enemy no single hero can withstand. And we know how to deal with that. We can keep Alpha Flight in the loop -- but here and now, people need us to fight for them. And when that call goes forth, we don't stand back and debate it. We stand together and we stand up. Always. Quote2
Empyre: Avengers Vol 1 0
Quote1 I am...Tony Stark. I always have been. And it's time to get to work! Quote2
Iron Man 2020 Vol 2 4
Quote1 Pal, you just stuffed my friend in a trunk that's a portal to hell! You're even less qualified to have this kid than I am! Stand the hell down! Quote2
Avengers Vol 8 35
Quote1 Now? I'm done with 2020. I don't live in the now. I'm Tony Stark. And I'll always be... the Iron Man of the future. Quote2
Iron Man 2020 Vol 2 6
Quote1 Three things-- One: Where are we? Two: Who are you? And Three: Exactly who are all these people? Quote2
Fortnite X Marvel - Nexus War: Thor Vol 1 1
Quote1 It's easy at first. A man builds a suit. A man decides to help people. Then a man has a company. A mission. A vision. A brand. And soon a man has a reputation. Those things begin to crowd the picture and soon it's hard for the man to see the man. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 1
Quote1 Let me put it this way. I'd like to know that the world isn't just cold and gray. I don't want to believe it's just death and sadness and failure. Because if it isn't...then maybe there's a small chance of a way back from all this. Quote2
King in Black: Iron Man/Doom Vol 1 1
Quote1 I've been playing it as a given that I should stop him. No matter how convinced Korvac is that he should "perfect" the universe, he has to be out of his mind. He has to be wrong... doesn't he? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 5
Quote1 Of course Richards gets Doom and I get a murderous Funko Pop. Quote2
M.O.D.O.K.: Head Games Vol 1 2
Quote1 I am alive. I am angry. I am no longer apologizing for anything. Not my machines. Not my decisions. Not my deeds. I am going to win this fight. I am the one who wins. Korvac thinks he is God. But I am Iron Man. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 6
Quote1 This is Stark. Belay that order, Okoye. This whole situation just got a lot more personal. Quote2
Avengers Vol 8 43
Quote1 Big K, I don't mean to #$%& in your wizard hat, but the Aggregate, the glass creatures? This is all about you. It's obviously--cringingly--about you. It's a vanity project, and if you worked for me...I'd fire your ass. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 7
Quote1 Modesty has never been my strong suit. But then, my "strong suit" is literally a strong suit. A fast suit. Impenetrable. Unstoppable. Invincible. It's about time I reminded people of that. Quote2
Iron Man Annual Vol 3 1
Quote1 What kind of god kills for joy? Kills for sport?! A false one! A fraud! A fake, cheap idol! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 12
Quote1 You're wrong. We hate most that which we see in ourselves. With you, Michael Korvac, that means arrogance. Megalomania. Which is a mask covering up an abyss of fear. Fear so rich in's pure cowardice. We don't need any gods born from fear. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 13
Quote1 I have so many ideas. I could fix everything. Starting with myself. But that's just the beginning. I promise you, it would all be so beautiful. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 14
Quote1 It's very hard for me to make friends. And even when I do, sooner or later, I turn them into an enemy. I can't explain it...But honestly...It's easier for me to make an enemy than a friend. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 18
Quote1 How long have you been scared to lose? Since the beginning, I'm betting. Since when just being yourself...just...some guy...meant a painful and...ultimately ignominious death. Right? Look, I get it. Most of the time...I wear a bunch of metal...just to feel okay. Just to feel...real. And even then...the metal, the's not enough. You know, I thought you were full of #$%& with your whole crusade...but then I went and got some Cosmic Power for myself too. It didn't work. Didn't fix one damn thing. What I'm saying, stop hiding. Be a #$%& man. For once in your life. Try it. Or are you too scared? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 19
Quote1 I know. It's a lot. But, Patsy, I've got this real...clarity right now. And I had a lot of time to think while I was up there. You anchor me in ways no one ever has. Patsy...I really love you. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 20
Quote1 Hard to tear a man down when he's already hit rock bottom. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 21
Quote1 The Starks built an empire off the manufacture of weapons. Technology with no moral compass. This armor--the armor we wear, all three of us--works as a correction against that. Always has. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 22
Quote1 Constructing a grilled cheese isn't that different from putting together a suit of armor. It's all about good ingredients and lubrication. And by lubrication, I mean butter. You've always got to use butter on the bread. It's the secret ingredient. Quote2
Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 17
Quote1 My father made his name and fortune selling weapons. I inherited it all without a second thought...until I realized it was people like us...Those who create and facilitate technology and innovation without regard for the consequences...who might very well be the ones to destroy all life as we know it. I will dismantle everything I've purchased from Source Control. But not before I've personally reverse engineered each item in order to figure out how to nullify the threat they pose. I will undo death. For all the victims of Stark Industries. Of Source Control. Of every morally bankrupt person who ever tried to rise to power with a gun in their hand. For Vic. For Carl. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 23
Quote1 You know what, Madame Menace--No, this is ridiculous, I'm not going to call you that. You know what, Sunset? Of course I knew that. You and I, our brains work the same way. We're engineers. We build situations, plans, worlds for ourselves. And we're used to being right. So I pulled a zig when you were expecting a zag. I did the last thing you would expect. I used someone else's trick. And how did I know it was a good trick? Because she already fooled me once with it. Quote2
Iron Cat Vol 1 4
Quote1 It was testing me. And if it's still testing me, it's still testing us. And if it's still testing us? We're going to pass. And we're going to save everyone. Quote2
A.X.E.: Avengers Vol 1 1
Quote1 We survived because we used our brains and critical thinking. It's how good things are made or discovered. Whether it's grilled cheese or the next scientific breakthrough. Good scientists make good science. So blow my mind. I can't wait to see what you com up with! Quote2
Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 18
Quote1 And when I say "This is what we do," I don't mean fighting with fists and grit and blah, blah, blah...And I don't mean risking our lives, although you seem to have a hard time swallowing that one these days...Look at me when I'm talking to you. I mean we strain ourselves and our bonds in order to do the hard thing--Meaning, the right thing. The most right thing we can. We try no to break things. Some things still get broken. I've broken a lot. The only thing we can do then is try to repair, but that after we've done that most right thing. That's what we do. That's what I do. I'm not going to say I'm sorry for that anymore. And if you're not up for that kind of mission statement...Then welcome back to being a piece of #$%&, "Clayton." Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 24
Quote1 Over the years, I've discovered at least ten more efficient ways to power my suit. But I keep going back to different versions of the arc reactor because I can't stop picturing the smile on his face if he saw what I've done with his he was ...Like, "Look, dad. I got it to work." So I put a dangerous power source over my chest because it brings me more comfort than if it wasn't there. I don't know if you'll ever get Mjolnir back. But what makes Mjolnir special to you--that feeling you've had so much of when the hammer was with you--It's not gone. It's still there. It can't be taken away from us. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 25
Quote1 Sometimes it just feels good to get my hands dirty, even at 4 A.M. Oops! Scratch that. I meant 5:30. Quote2
Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 27
Quote1 We don't know enough about what's inside to risk it. Even if you could break the damn thing, it could set off a chain reaction and blow us up along with half the eastern seaboard. Quote2
Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 30
Quote1 Of course it worked! Why would you ever doubt me?! Quote2
Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 31
Quote1 It's humbling when you suit up, do your best, and it all goes wrong... and you end up flat on your ass, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. When you're a guy like me with a disease... you just gotta put one foot in front of the other and keep going. I'm not done fighting... Not by a long shot. I just... I... need help. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 5 1
Quote1 Let's not make the news. I think that'll be my new battle cry. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 5 2
Quote1 The technology we can cause real disasters-- for people. I need someone in my corner in this capitalist society who will choose the red ink instead of red blood. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 5 3
Quote1 God, I want a drink. That never stops. Doesn't matter how many days I can string together. When I can't get to a meeting after a tough day, I come up here. To the edge of space. When the thrusters are off, the only sound is my heartbeat. I listen to it for a while. It's proof--I AM ALIVE. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 5 4
Quote1 If my armor loses enough power, she stops my heart. She sent an asteroid that could wipe out humanity just for the fun of it. Mother Nature is the hottest woman I don't dream of going out with. If it's to protect the ones you love, it's okay to stand up to her. It's okay if you're a sardine that doesn't want to die as someone else's meal. It's okay if you want to protect your family from suffering the same fate. It's okay to defy her. Look at me, I defy her every day. Quote2
I Am Iron Man Vol 1 2
Quote1 Betsy Braddock--the best thing England's exported since divorce. How'd I get so lucky to fit into Captain Britain's busy schedule? Quote2
Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain Vol 1 3
Quote1 Close that lid before-- Quote2
Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 49
Quote1 All right, Mojo...would love to stay for the after-party, but we kind of prefer our parties without naked guys who are prone to kidnapping. Not as much fun as you would think. Quote2
I Am Iron Man Vol 1 3
Quote1 I tend to remember stories not by which year they happened in, but by which armor I was wearing at the time. And this chapter of my life took place when I was wearing an armor called "the Silver Centurion." Yes, the armor had shoulder pads, but there were tactical, aerodynamic reasons for them. Plus, they were a staple of the fashion of the day. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 5 6
Quote1 Did the great Captain America just pickpocket someone? I love it. Quote2
Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 53
Quote1 If you asked ten different people who Tony Stark is, you'd get a dozen answers. Inventor, Avenger, alcoholic, capitalist pig, hero, get the idea. The truth is, I've probably been all of those things. And through it all, Rhodey's remained my best and most loyal friend. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 5 7
Quote1 ⚞sigh⚟ If I'd known today was today, I'd have shaved. Cletus Kasady. Back to spooking the natives--and using my freakin' suit to do it. No, this time, he doesn't slide. This time, the sick %$#@ answers for his crimes. Quote2
Carnage Vol 3 14
Quote1 Intangibility, super-speed, teleportation. Those are just examples of abilities the killer may have, Hill. I'm not going to waste time with a lockdown. I know where the last immigrants are, and I can't afford to be "a few minutes" too late again. I've lost all interest in catching a murderer. I just want to save lives. Quote2
I Am Iron Man Vol 1 4
Quote1 You wanted me dead--So do it. Go ahead...Kill an Avenger in the street! You'd be dead by dawn. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 5 8
Quote1 It's always lurking. It's tireless and waiting for a moment of weakness. When the urge strikes, I stop and breathe. Do equations. Think about baseball. I will not give Feilong the honor of being my nemesis...that remains one of my most important jobs. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 5 9
Quote1 For a guy who was about to walk down the aisle for the first and only time in his life, I wasn't nervous--until I opened those doors and saw her standing there. She looked beautiful. She was courageous and witty, and I knew this was an arrangement--a means to an end--but I didn't need to be a futurist to take one good look at the woman and know...Emma Frost was going to break my heart. And, damn, was I looking forward to it. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 5 10
Quote1 Everyone will know my signal when they see it, and everyone harmed by Feilong and Orchis will be avenged. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 5 11
Quote1 Nothing's ending. We have too many people to avenge to die tonight. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 5 12
Quote1 I knew this was a one-way trip for this big boy--and maybe for me. That's pretty much the story every time I suit up...each adventure is another chance to die. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 5 16
Quote1 I've had my share of untold tales in this autobiography, but maybe none more suspenseful than my next story--"How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Master of Magnetism." Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 5 17
Quote1 Start confessing. You have a lot to write up...And nothing but time. There are no doors in the prison I've placed you in...And I'll be watching, Feilong. Perhaps with a heartfelt confession and offers of restitution, you might regain your humanity. Your future is unwritten and you are the author, Feilong. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 5 20
Quote1 There's only two things I ever managed to believe in. Firstly, myself. And even then only about 50% of the time. Secondly, the future. That there would be one and we'd make it. Quote2
Anthony Stark (Earth-616)
Quote1 Poor Vanko! He sacrificed his life to prove his loyalty to our nation! He shall never be forgotten! Quote2
Anton Vanko (Crimson Dynamo) (Earth-616)
Quote1 It seems our young friend is a true anomaly. A freak of nature. Perhaps the first Mutant the world ever knew. Simply put: his own lifecycle is somehow tied in with the lifecycle of the Earth itself! It's as if the man and the planet were one soul. As long as this planet exists, he will exist. Quote2
Forever Man (Mutant) (Earth-616)
Quote1 Professor Ho Yinsen was the hero here. He distracted the guards to save me. You get it? He died saving me! A--A better man than I ever thought of being! My whole life! Quote2
Ho Yinsen (Earth-616)
Quote1 You're a giant green ball of anger and puberty. Of course this is how you ask for help. Quote2
Jamie Carlson (Earth-616)
Quote1 I'd bet there's quite a woman behind that mask! Quote2
Whitney Frost (Earth-616)
Quote1 You get an Iron Man suit! And you get an Iron Man suit! And you get an Iron Man suit! Everyone gets an Iron Man suit! Quote2
Marvel TL;DR Season 3 6
Quote1 The world needs the Avengers. The best of the best. The best and the brightest. Symbols. Icons. It's a time of healing. It's a time to tell people we're looking out for them. Quote2
Mighty Avengers (Initiative) (Earth-616)
Quote1 The Avengers left a hole. The hole is filled. Quote2
New Avengers (Earth-616)
Quote1 Hate to say it, but [the Smiths] were a little grim coming out of R&D. We switched from gloom to glam as best we could. Quote2
Smiths (Earth-616)
Quote1 I mean...look--we're in space...And you're my friends. Quote2
Space Friends (Earth-616)
Quote1 You asked us to build a city fit for gods. This is better. Quote2
Asgardia (Location)
Quote1 The Mark I Armor isn't about pretty. It's about power. It's about iron and the man wielding it. Quote2
Iron Man Armor Model 1
Quote1 Let's just say the weaponry in this model was developed against my better judgment. Quote2
Iron Man Armor Model Unknown (Temporal Armor)
Quote1 Hmm. Stalking in the dark striking fear into your enemies seems to have a kind of primal appeal. 10/10. Highly recommended. Would do again. Quote2
Iron Man Armor Model 43
Quote1 I mean, it's not my Hulkbuster suit, but that's kind of specifically for busting Hulks. This stuff defies the laws of physics. I can't wait to take it back home. Quote2
Iron Man Armor Model Unknown (Omniverse Hulkbuster Armor)
Quote1 You steal the Extrembiote and turn it into this monstrosity?! Who better to slay the evil dragon than a knight in titanium armor? Quote2
Iron Man Armor Model Unknown (Dragon-Slayer Armor)
Quote1 These are a race of immortal sadists who've been stealing kids from time. They're incapable of understanding any of the pain they've caused. But I'm going to find a way to make them understand. I'm coming for you, elf. I'm coming for you all. Quote2
Dark Elves
Builders (Race) from Infinity Vol 1 4 001
Quote1 don't understand... This...this...means...everything dies. Quote2
Thor Vol 6 19 Asrar Variant Textless
Quote1 You first.[1] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Caretakers (Builders) from Avengers Vol 5 7 001
Quote1 Unforeseen complications, Builders...this world resists. Quote2
Builders from Infinity Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 They all resist.[2] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Captain America Vol 6 2 Textless
Captain America
Quote1 Understand, people, this is real, it's headed our way, and it's scary enough to make space empires scramble. Ex Nihilo. These people--your Builders--created you and your sister, Abyss. What chance would we have if they make it to Earth? Quote2
Ex Nihilo (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 5 1 001
Ex Nihilo
Quote1 Captain, the measuring of probabilities is-- Quote2
Abyss (Ex Nihilo) (Earth-616) from Avengers NOW! Vol 1 1 001
Quote1 The answer is none. If that fleet reaches this system, the next step in human evolution is extinction.[2] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Empyre Vol 1 3 Kree Skrull Variant Textless
Quote1 I have received grave news, fellow warlords...the invaders have claimed another world. Two hundred billion souls...gone. Quote2
My'rl (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 5 18 001
Quote1 And did you summon us here to prattle while Skrull warriors die...or are we going to meet them in battle? Quote2
Empyre Vol 1 3 Kree Skrull Variant Textless
Quote1 You think I run from glory, My'rl? If there was glory to be had, I would surely beat you there. No, you are here because...there is going to be a gathering. A war council on Nomad. Word has spread of this invading fleet. I wish for us to go in the hopes we can...prevent what looks inevitable.[3] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Realm of Kings Imperial Guard Vol 1 5 Textless
Quote1 NO!! Quote2
Supreme Intelligence (Earth-616) from FF Vol 1 11
Supreme Intelligence
Quote1 Probablility of survival approaching zero if we do not withdraw from this theater. We've lost a third of the fleet in under a minute. Quote2
Annihilation Ronan Vol 1 2 Textless
Quote1 We have to retreat. Now! Run! RUN! RUN![3] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Jerran Ko (Earth-616) from Infinity Vol 1 2 003
Jerran Ko
Quote1 Well, when I die, I will be gone forever. And it seems in death, our masters see fit to make a mockery of all that I have done and all I am. Quote2
Aleph (Garden) (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 5 3 001
Quote1 Declarative: Triumph before all, Jerran Ko. Declarative: Complete your maker's defeat, at the very least, we wound. Quote2
Jerran Ko (Earth-616) from Infinity Vol 1 2 003
Jerran Ko
Quote1 I remember a time when this symbol on my chest meant life. Record my words for the code, Aleph...tell everyone that Jerran Ko said those were better days...and that they are now long gone.[4] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Builders from Infinity Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 What we want is the preservation of our universe. What we to destroy a world. Earth. Quote2
J'son (Earth-616) from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 1 001
Quote1 What? I knew it! All of this...over a useless, backwater...I...I could give you Earth. I believe I could do that if it means you would leave my empire alone. I would do that if it would stop this war now. Quote2
Builders from Infinity Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 Oh, you insignificant creature...this is not a war, it is a cleansing...[5] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Ex Nihila (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 5 19 001
Ex Nihila
Quote1 You must leave as well, Creator...this ship will not last long against the great weapons. Quote2
Builders from Infinity Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 We have been stung here is an insult I will not forget. Scuttle the ship. Then join the third wing in the battle. Make your end mean something, Ex Nihila.[6] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Annihilation Ronan Vol 1 2 Textless
Quote1 There are hundreds of Council ships in orbit around Hala. Ships that defeated your fleet. Ships contained by great warriors who certainly see the military significance of this empire and are not afraid to act on it. Why do you stay? Quote2
Builders (Race) from Infinity Vol 1 4 001
Quote1 Because this is my world. Because you bent the knee. And you do not realize your position...Supremor. Tell your Accuser how beaten we Builders are. Tell him what happens next. Quote2
Supreme Intelligence (Earth-616) from FF Vol 1 11
Supreme Intelligence
Quote1 Based on observed behavior...99.7% chance that the scattered Builder fleet reassembles. Reassembly a certainty, there is a 72.5% chance that the Builder fleet continues on along their previously projected path. There is a 27% chance that the Builder fleet returns to deal with the remaining Council armada. Such a conflict would result in Council defeat in 83.2% of simulated battles. Quote2
Builders (Race) from Infinity Vol 1 4 001
Quote1 Yes. And under all of these scenarios, what is the projected percentage that you Kree remain under Builder control? Quote2
Supreme Intelligence (Earth-616) from FF Vol 1 11
Supreme Intelligence
Quote1 Assuming natural attrition of insignificant worlds and prioritizing the significant world groups...70.1%. Quote2
Builders (Race) from Infinity Vol 1 4 001
Quote1 I stay...because this world is mine.[7] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Annihilation - Scourge Alpha Vol 1 1 Lim Variant Textless
Quote1 Hssssssss! Quote2
Realm of Kings Imperial Guard Vol 1 5 Textless
Quote1 The drones are attacking one another. I can't believe...that was...that was it...our last gambit. Our final effort. All we had left. Mentor, summon my son. Rally all the Super- and Subguardians. Quote2
Mentor (Imperial Guard) (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 480 0001
Quote1 Majestor-- Quote2
Realm of Kings Imperial Guard Vol 1 5 Textless
Quote1 No. Not Majestor...I will die as I lived. As Gladiator, praetor of the Imperial Guard. This is the end, my friend...unless saved by some unforeseen miracle, we die...and I would face it head-on.[8] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Avengers Vol 5 6 Textless
Captain Universe
Quote1 Why? When did death become your way, my child...? Even when you stopped worshipping me, you revered life...why this? Quote2
Builders from Infinity Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 Because the universe is dying. Quote2
Avengers Vol 5 6 Textless
Captain Universe
Quote1 I know. Quote2
Builders from Infinity Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 All the universes are dying, and there's only one way to save this one. Destroy the axis point...and perhaps save them all.[8] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Builders from Infinity Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 You must know by now that the Earth is the axis point for the death of must know what conclusion must be drawn from this fact. Quote2
Reed Richards (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 4 1 cover
Reed Richards
Quote1 No, that's not true. The cascading effect of other dying universes is increasing. The rate of all things dying. Killing a single Earth is like comparing a pebble to a planet. You're thinking too small. Quote2
Builders from Infinity Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 Oh, I agree. Incrementalism is a waste a time, but ask yourself...what if we killed all the Earths? All of them. We believe that would save everything, and if not save it, then at least prolong it, perserving a more natural end to our existence.[9] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Sybil (Oracle) (Earth-616) from Mighty Thor Vol 3 17 001
Quote1 Take a look. Quote2
Captain America Vol 6 2 Textless
Captain America
Quote1 Whose idea was that? Why would-- Quote2
Sybil (Oracle) (Earth-616) from Mighty Thor Vol 3 17 001
Quote1 Why? This war was not won by an empire, ours or any other. It was not won by the Council, who broke. No, every time the battle turned, it was you Earthers, you...Avengers...that won the day. You held at the turned the World Killers on their masters over Hala...and then you broke the enemy with a single man and a hammer that was thrown around the sun...we rallied to you, good Captain. We rallied to your standard...Dockrum VII is free again...and it is an Avengers World.[10] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
New Avengers Vol 3 4 Roux Variant Textless
Black Swan
Quote1 And just how did you solve this incursion, Reed Richards? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 1 Brooks Variant Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 We didn't have to. Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 4 Roux Variant Textless
Black Swan
Quote1 You're making my point for me. Quote2
X-Force Vol 6 6 Textless
Quote1 Actually, it's interesting...they were a multi-universal, ancient civilization called Builders. Who it seemed-- Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 4 Roux Variant Textless
Black Swan
Quote1 HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! The Builders, you very ominous. That is indeed some threat. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 1 Brooks Variant Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 I don't think you understand what we're talking about. Perhaps you don't know what all we--and our friends--have just been through. Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 4 Roux Variant Textless
Black Swan
Quote1 System-creating, universal migrants. Creators and Engineers...more than capable of destroying worlds. Did you not find it strange that they were limited in how they moved throughout your universe? That a race so advanced was limited to traveling in what was essentially a straight line? It's because their vessels were not built for traveling great distances outside of their Superflow. See...they invested heavily in their conduit, and now without it, they are trapped and unable to elude Rabum Alal--just like you, just like me. Tell me, I sound like I know what I am talking about? [...] Are you aware that these Builders are confined to under five thousand realities? Who worries about a kalbi when facing an idimmu? [... "Who worries about a dog when facing a demon?" ...] Quote2
Reed Richards (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 4 1 cover
Reed Richards
Quote1 I understand. There are worse things out there. Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 4 Roux Variant Textless
Black Swan
Quote1 No, you haven't been listening at all...there are worse things coming. You fret Builders...but what if it had been the Mapmakers? Not just their Sidera Maris...but the masters themselves? What if it had been the Black Priests? And what if it had been the Sinnu Sarrum? The Ivory Kings? What would you have done? All of children...playing. What you just went only had the appearance of finality--it lacked the effect. That ends now.[11] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 33 001
Tony Stark
Quote1 Then I'll see you next Saturday night...that is, unless you stand me up! Quote2
MarionQuote1 Any girl who'd stand you up, darling, would have to be stark, raving ma-a-ad! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 40
No Image Female
Cocktail party guest
Quote1 Hmm...there's Tony Stark, New York's biggest wolf! At least his adventure under the Earth kept him away from the girls for a while! Quote2
Tony StarkQuote1 That's what you think, bub! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 43
Cleopatra (Earth-616) from Tales of Suspense Vol 1 44 001
Quote1 Oh, wondrous stranger, whoever you are, say you will remain and share my throne with me! For though I do not know your real identity...I, Cleopatra, have lost my heart to you! Quote2
Iron Man Armor Model 1 from All-New Iron Manual Vol 1 1 002
Iron Man
Quote1 I'll remember, my queen...for all time! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 44
Happy HoganQuote1 Now you're talkin'! A nice, quiet safe job... No broken noses... No knock-out punches!! What kind of car do you have... I don't like jalopies! Quote2
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 33 001
Tony Stark
Quote1 Well, I have, among others, a Rolls-Royce, a Caddy Eldorado and a two-seater Jaguar convertible! They manage to get me where I'm going! Quote2
Happy HoganQuote1 Mmm... I had a hunch you weren't exactly starvin'! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 45
Henry Pym (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 1 0001
Quote1 Wait! Before we separate, the Wasp and I have something to say! Each of us has a different power! If we combined forces, we could be almost unbeatable! Quote2
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 1 0001
Iron Man
Quote1 Work as a team? Why not? I'm for it! Quote2
Thor Odinson (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 1 0001
Quote1 There is much good we might do! Quote2
Bruce Banner (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 1 0001
Quote1 I'm sick of bein' hunted and hounded! I'd rather be with you than against you! So, whether you like it or not, I'm joining the... the... Hey! What are you callin' yourselves? Quote2
Janet Van Dyne (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 1 0001
Quote1 That's right! We need a name! It should be something colorful and dramatic, like... the Avengers, or... Quote2
Henry Pym (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 1 0001
Quote1 "Or" nothing! That's it! The Avengers!! Quote2
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 1 0001
Iron Man
Quote1 We'll fight together, or separately, if need be! Quote2
Bruce Banner (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 1 0001
Quote1 I pity the guy who tries to beat us! Quote2
Thor Odinson (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 1 0001
Quote1 We'll never be beaten! For we are... the Avengers! Quote2
Avengers Vol 1 1
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 3 0001
Iron Man
Quote1 I tell you we've got to find the Hulk! So long as he's running wild, there's no telling what he'll do! Quote2
Thor Odinson (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 3 0001
Quote1 Iron Man is right! So says Thor! Quote2
Janet Van Dyne (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 3 0001
Quote1 But how do we find him?? Quote2
Henry Pym (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 3 0001
Quote1 He's one joker you can't find in the classified ads! Quote2
Avengers Vol 1 3
Jasper SitwellQuote1 An agent of SHIELD never leaves the scene of battle! Surely you are familiar with our world-famous slogan... Quote2
Iron ManQuote1 Okay! Okay! Skip it! I've got things to do! Quote2
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 96
Tony StarkQuote1 Maybe I'm just a pasteboard playboy... maybe I come on with a manufactured line... but I know a real woman when I hold one... and I know there's a kind of beauty that can't be destroyed... because it's on the inside! Quote2
Madame MasqueQuote1 I'm not certain that fits me, Tony Stark... but I'd like to think it did! But my thoughts are unimportant... if we can't escape this island! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 19
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 1 55 002
Iron Man (Tony Stark)
Quote1 Vision-- Stop! Your android strength--! You'll kill him! You don't know what you're doing! Quote2
Avengers Vol 8 43 Vision Timeless Variant
Quote1 Another correction, Iron Man: My brain is a miniaturized, high-speed computer. I always know precisely what I am doing. I-- am-- killing-- him! Quote2
Avengers Vol 1 96
MoondragonQuote1 If our suspicions are correct, your friend has been trapped in time-- to lure the rest of us to our doom! Quote2
Iron ManQuote1 It doesn't take much of a genius to figure out who did it, either! We've been had by Kang the Conqueror! Quote2
Avengers Vol 1 141
Bethany Cabe (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 505 002
Bethany Cabe
Quote1 You monster! You killed him! Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 14 Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 I... killed him! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 124
Norrin Radd (Earth-616) 0023
Silver Surfer
Quote1 It is made of solidified air molecules... Hardened to an unbelievable degree! Quote2
Incredible Hercules Vol 1 132 70th Anniversary Variant Textless
Quote1 My uru hammer barely chips the surface! Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 20 70th Anniversary Variant Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 Magnetic repulsor rays have no effect! Quote2
Captain America Vol 9 8 Textless
Captain America
Quote1 The edge of my super-hard shield doesn't even dent it! Quote2
Moon Knight Vol 9 4 Ultimate Comics Exclusive Variant Textless
Quote1 If you guys think I'm going to break my pretty claws trying to scratch my way in... go fish! Quote2
Avengers Vol 1 215
Iron ManQuote1 Any particular reason I should fight you? Quote2
Fletcher Heggs (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 1 163 0001
Quote1 I'll skewer you where you stand if you don't -- and bring the house down around your ears to boot. Quote2
Iron ManQuote1 That's a reason all right. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 163
NamoritaQuote1 I may not be as strong as Namor, but I can still give you a workout, Shellhead! Quote2
Iron Man (Tony Stark)Quote1 Lower you battle flags, Namorita. Quote2
Namor, the Sub-Mariner Vol 1 5
Iron Man Armor Model 9 from All-New Iron Manual Vol 1 1 001
Iron Man
Quote1 Good luck, Squirrel Girl. Quote2
Doreen Green (Earth-616) from Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 2 8 001
Squirrel Girl
Quote1 I don't need luck. I eat nuts. Quote2
Iron Man Armor Model 9 from All-New Iron Manual Vol 1 1 001
Iron Man in thought
Quote1 "I don't need luck. I eat nuts." They're not going to believe this at the next Avengers meeting. Quote2
Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 2 8
Rumiko Fujikawa (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 3 62 001
Quote1 Welll, well, well... If it isn't my admirer from the beach. Quote2
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 33 001
Tony Stark
Quote1 I, ah, apologize if I was rude, Ms. Fujikawa. I was lost in thought. Quote2
Rumiko Fujikawa (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 3 62 001
Quote1 Well, gee, that spoils everything. It was much more fun when I thought you were struck dumb by my beauty. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 3 4
Aislinn (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 3 61 0001
Quote1 You're an odd fellow, Anthony of York. Quote2
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 33 001
Tony Stark
Quote1 Yeah, I've been told. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 3 59
Civil War Vol 1 1 page 19 - Scott Summers (Earth-616)
Quote1 So what's the general consensus? Quote2
Civil War Vol 1 1 page 19 - Anthony Stark (Earth-616)
Iron Man
Quote1 As far as I'm concerned, Stamford was our wake-up call. What alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity. Becoming public employees makes perfect sense if it helps people sleep a little easier. Quote2
Civil War Vol 1 1 page 19 - Samuel Wilson (Earth-616)
Falcon (Sam Wilson)
Quote1 I can't believe I'm hearing this. The masks are a tradition. We can't just let them turn us into super-cops. Quote2
Civil War Vol 1 1 page 19 - Henry Pym (Earth-616) 2
Quote1 Are you kidding? We're lucky people have tolerated this for as long as they have, Sam. Why should we be allowed to hide behind these things? Quote2
Civil War Vol 1 1 page 19 - James Howlett (Earth-616)
Quote1 Because the world ain't so nice outside your ivory tower, bub. Quote2
Civil War Vol 1 1
Timothy Dugan (Earth-616) from Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol 1 4 001
Dum-Dum Dugan
Quote1 Why aren't these men in uniform? Quote2
Iron Man Armor Model 29 from All-New Iron Manual Vol 1 1 001
Tony Stark
Quote1 It's Casual Friday. Uniforms are optional for support staff... didn't you get the memo? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 4 15
Leonard SamsonQuote1 My God...what kind of monster would test Extremis on a mentally disabled child? Quote2
Tony StarkQuote1 Only one. Quote2
Leonard SamsonQuote1 Who? Quote2
Tony StarkQuote1 C'mon, Leonard. You're a shrink. You don't really want me to answer that question, do you? If I did, you'd have to lock me up. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 24
Iron Man Vol 4 2 Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 Doom! As Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. I am placing you under arrest for crimes against mankind. Quote2
Victor von Doom (Earth-616) from Captain America Reborn Vol 1 4 001
Doctor Doom
Quote1 I do not recognize your authority. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 4 2 Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 You will when I'm done with you. Quote2
Mighty Avengers Vol 1 9
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 33 001
Tony Stark
Quote1 Actually, Cap... I have someone here you might want to talk to. Just stay there. Quote2
Captain AmericaQuote1 What did you...? Quote2
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 33 001
Tony Stark
Quote1 Welcome back to the Avengers...the Vision. Quote2
VisionQuote1 Captain. Quote2
Avengers Vol 4 19
Steven Rogers (Earth-616) from Siege Vol 1 1 001
Captain America
Quote1 It feels so real in the dreams... then I wake up and I'm fine. I just need to be sure. Quote2
Clinton Barton (Earth-616) from Secret Empire Vol 1 10 001
Quote1 Right. Then we will be... and when you turn out to be completely normal... Tony'll hook you up with a shrink. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 500 Quesada Variant Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 There is one I'd recommend, actually... although she's probably still angry I stopped calling. Quote2
Steven Rogers (Earth-616) from Siege Vol 1 1 001
Captain America
Quote1 Just worry about the scans... I'm not in the market for psychologists or women. Quote2
Captain America Vol 6 6
James Rhodes (Earth-616) from Iron Man 2020 Vol 2 1 001
War Machine
Quote1 When this is all over, Tony, we need to talk about some upgrades for my armor... Quote2
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 25 001
Iron Man
Quote1 Upgrades? Quote2
James Rhodes (Earth-616) from Iron Man 2020 Vol 2 1 001
War Machine
Quote1 Major upgrades. I'm starting to see a future in this saving-the-world business. Quote2
Iron Man 2.0 Vol 1 12
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 25 Foilogram Variant Solicit
Iron Man
Quote1 Okay, okay. Listen...this is delicate stuff...write this down. Make sure your biofeed readers are completely stabilized and double-check your power level on the RT-97. Quote2
Carolina Washington (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 4 18 001
Dr. Carolina Washington
Quote1 Okay, okay...we're looking good with both of those. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 25 Foilogram Variant Solicit
Iron Man
Quote1 Oh...and you're going to need a map. Quote2
Carolina Washington (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 4 18 001
Dr. Carolina Washington
Quote1 A map to where? Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 25 Foilogram Variant Solicit
Iron Man
Quote1 Hell. Because you need to go there... That's my fancy way of saying: Go to hell. Quote2
Monica Rappaccini (Earth-616) from M.O.D.O.K. Head Games Vol 1 1 001
Monica Rappaccini
Quote1 I can't believe you walked right into that. Quote2
Avengers Vol 4 22
James Rhodes (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 514 001
War Machine
Quote1 Stand down, men. He's cooperating! Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 25 Foilogram Variant Solicit
Iron Man
Quote1 Et tu, Rhodey? Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 513
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Civil War II Vol 1 1 006
Tony Stark
Quote1 Man... can you even remember when there used to be good news on once in awhile? Quote2
Captain America Vol 9 4 MK20 Virgin Variant
Steve Rogers
Quote1 Actually... no. I can't. And that's the thing... why haven't I noticed that before now? I'm just as bad as everyone else... I've been watching things get worse and worse... and just accepting it... like that's just the way it is... Quote2
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Civil War II Vol 1 1 006
Tony Stark
Quote1 No, you haven't. You've been fighting one battle after another. Look, I know you think that you somehow did this to yourself... but I know what it feel like to lose faith, Steve... and trust me, you haven't... or you wouldn't be so angry. Quote2
Captain America Vol 6 9
Captain AmericaQuote1 No matter what the Avengers do, half of America blames us and half the world hates us. No matter what we do, it feels like we're not doing enough. We make just as many messes as we clean up. And you know as well as I do, as mad as we were at Simon for blaming the Avengers for the world's problems... Part of us agrees with him. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 25 Foilogram Variant Solicit
Iron Man (Tony Stark)
Quote1 So the question is: what do we do now? Quote2
Captain AmericaQuote1 What do we do now? Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 25 Foilogram Variant Solicit
Iron Man (Tony Stark)
Quote1 I know exactly what we do now. Quote2
Captain AmericaQuote1 Yeah? Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 25 Foilogram Variant Solicit
Iron Man (Tony Stark)
Quote1 We go bigger. Quote2
Avengers Vol 4 34
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 5 7 001
Tony Stark
Quote1 What happened to "no enhanced combatants"? "As nature finds you," remember? Quote2
Death's Head (Styrakos) from Iron Man Vol 5 9 001
Death's Head
Quote1 Are you some kind of organic fascist? Do you see me firing rockets or using my flamethrower? I'm not using my upgrades. That would be cheating Quote2
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 5 7 001
Tony Stark
Quote1 You're a thirty-foot robot! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 5 8
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 33 001
Tony Stark
Quote1 She looks vaguely familiar. Quote2
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 3 Textless
Rocket Raccoon
Quote1 She looks vaguely dressed. Quote2
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 6
Pepper PottsQuote1 You're scaring me. Tony, what's going on? Quote2
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 5 16 001
Iron Man
Quote1 Family business. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 5 16
DoombotQuote1 You dare suggest we are not the one true Doom? Quote2
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 5 16 001
Iron Man
Quote1 Well... Yeah. For one thing, there are five of you. Quote2
Iron Man: Fatal Frontier Infinite Comic Vol 1 4
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Iron Man Fatal Frontier Infinite Comic Vol 1 6 001
Tony Stark
Quote1 Scary stuff. Lucky for me... I don't come alone. Quote2
Iron Man Armor Model 42 from Infinity Heist Vol 1 1 page 00
Quote1 I didn't come alone. Creeeepy Iron Man. Quote2
Iron Man: Fatal Frontier Infinite Comic Vol 1 6
Bruce Banner (Earth-616) from Infinity Vol 1 6 001
Bruce Banner
Quote1 You had to make me mad, completely get it. But. Do you have to be so good at it? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 5 16 page 20
Iron Man
Quote1 That particular talent rarely serves me well. Quote2
Indestructible Hulk Annual Vol 1 1
Iron Man Vol 5 16 page 20
Iron Man
Quote1 Nice try, Victor. But you're done. Quote2
Victor von Doom (Earth-TRN363) from Iron Man Fatal Frontier Infinite Comic Vol 1 9 001