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Quotes by Benjamin Parker (Earth-3145)

Quote1 I had great power... and with it came great responsibility. Quote2
--Benjamin Parker (Earth-3145)
Quote1 The man was arrogant, and worse--a fool. Quote2
--Benjamin Parker (Earth-3145)
Quote1 I was the Spider-Man of my own world for a time before I came here to stay with May. I may not be able to tango with you kids...but I'm guessing you could use some help. Quote2
--Benjamin Parker (Earth-3145)

Conversations with Benjamin Parker (Earth-3145)

May Parker (Earth-982) from Spider-Island Vol 1 5
My Dad's Uncle Ben taught him to stand tall. Does the phrase "With great power comes great responsibility" ring any bells?
Conversation Tail
Benjamin Parker (Earth-3145) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 13 0002
Uncle Ben
"Must also come." A subtle, but profound, difference. There's no guaranteed link between power and responsibility. Too many focus on the former without any regard for the latter.
Conversation Tail
Spider-Verse Team-Up #3

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