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This page contains a listing of all known appearances of Billy Russo (Earth-616).
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Chronological Appearances (by Publication)

Title Year, Month
Amazing Spider-Man #161
1976, 10

1976, October

Amazing Spider-Man #162
1976, 11

1976, November

Amazing Spider-Man #188
1979, 01

1979, January

Captain America Vol 9 #10
2019, 07

2019, July

Captain America Vol 9 #11
2019, 08

2019, August

Captain America Vol 9 #7
2019, 03

2019, March

Captain America Vol 9 #8
2019, 04

2019, April

Civil War II: Kingpin #1
2016, 09

2016, September

Civil War II: Kingpin #2
2016, 10

2016, October

Civil War II: Kingpin #4
2016, 12

2016, December

Daredevil Vol 2 #62
2004, 09

2004, September

Daredevil Vol 2 #63
2004, 10

2004, October

Daredevil Vol 2 #64
2004, 11

2004, November

Defenders Vol 5 #10
2018, 04

2018, April

Infamous Iron Man #7
2017, 06

2017, June

Invincible Iron Man #594
2018, 01

2018, January

Invincible Iron Man #600
2018, 07

2018, July

Kingpin Vol 2 #5
2017, 08

2017, August

Marvel Encyclopedia #Marvel Knights
2004, 00


Marvel Encyclopedia #Spider-Man
2003, 00


Marvel Knights 20th #4
2019, 02

2019, February

Marvel Knights 20th #5
2019, 03

2019, March

Marvel Knights 20th #6
2019, 03

2019, March

New Avengers Annual #2
2008, 02

2008, February

New Avengers Most Wanted Files #1
2005, 12

2005, December

New Avengers #1
2005, 01

2005, January

New Avengers #2
2005, 02

2005, February

New Avengers #3
2005, 03

2005, March

New Avengers #35
2007, 12

2007, December

New Avengers #4
2005, 04

2005, April

New Avengers #46
2008, 12

2008, December

New Avengers #50
2009, 04

2009, April

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #6
2009, 02

2009, February

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition #10
1991, 09

1991, September

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #6
1983, 06

1983, June

Punisher: In the Blood #1
2011, 01

2011, January

Punisher: In the Blood #2
2011, 02

2011, February

Punisher: In the Blood #3
2011, 03

2011, March

Punisher: In the Blood #4
2011, 04

2011, April

Punisher: In the Blood #5
2011, 05

2011, May

Punisher Back to School Special #1
1992, 11

1992, November

Punisher Vol 12 10
2019, 06

2019, June

Punisher Vol 12 11
2019, 07

2019, July

Punisher Vol 12 13
2019, 09

2019, September

Punisher Vol 12 3
2018, 12

2018, December

Punisher Vol 12 4
2019, 01

2019, January

Punisher Vol 12 6
2019, 03

2019, March

Punisher Vol 12 7
2019, 03

2019, March

Punisher Vol 12 8
2019, 04

2019, April

Punisher Vol 12 9
2019, 05

2019, May

Punisher #1
1986, 01

1986, January

Punisher #4
1986, 04

1986, April

Punisher #5
1986, 05

1986, May

Punisher Vol 2 #35
1990, 07

1990, July

Punisher Vol 2 #36
1990, 08

1990, August

Punisher Vol 2 #37
1990, 08

1990, August

Punisher Vol 2 #38
1990, 09

1990, September

Punisher Vol 2 #39
1990, 09

1990, September

Punisher Vol 2 #40
1990, 10

1990, October

Punisher Vol 2 #55
1991, 11

1991, November

Punisher Vol 2 #56
1991, 12

1991, December

Punisher Vol 2 #60
1992, 02

1992, February

Punisher Vol 3 #10
1996, 08

1996, August

Punisher Vol 3 #2
1995, 12

1995, December

Punisher Vol 3 #3
1996, 01

1996, January

Punisher Vol 3 #4
1996, 02

1996, February

Punisher Vol 3 #9
1996, 07

1996, July

Punisher Vol 8 #9
2009, 11

2009, November

Punisher War Journal #61
1993, 12

1993, December

Punisher War Journal Vol 2 #11
2007, 11

2007, November

Punisher War Journal Vol 2 #18
2008, 06

2008, June

Punisher War Journal Vol 2 #19
2008, 07

2008, July

Punisher War Journal Vol 2 #20
2008, 08

2008, August

Punisher War Journal Vol 2 #22
2008, 10

2008, October

Punisher War Journal Vol 2 #23
2008, 11

2008, November

Punisher Year One #3
1995, 02

1995, February

Punisher Year One #4
1995, 03

1995, March

Spider-Man: Breakout #1
2005, 06

2005, June

Star-Lord Vol 2 #2
2017, 03

2017, March

Star-Lord Vol 2 #3
2017, 04

2017, April

Star-Lord Vol 2 #5
2017, 05

2017, May

Web of Spider-Man Annual #3
1987, 10

1987, October

==Chronological Order:==

(Punisher: Year One#3) - In order to clean up the mess that had steamrolled since the execution of Forrest Hunt, Frank Costa sent in Billy the Beaut. Billy first killed Maurice Howles, who had failed in an attempt to kill Castle while in the hospital, drawing even more attention to the case. Billy then killed McTeer, a reporter who was working with Castle in an investigation of his family's deaths. Billy finished his job by planting a bomb in Castle's house, but in the process he trampled Castle's wife's flowerbed, which the former marine noticed, enabling him to get out of range before the explosion.

(Punisher: Year One#4) - Castle, first donning his Punisher costume, convinced Detective John Laviano to give him access to the files on his family's murders and related cases. Castle started off his mission by targeting Billy Russo, invading a mob party at Salvagno's. Following up a series of explosions, Castle killed several criminals before confronting Russo. Seeking to send a message to the Costas, Castle did not kill Russo, but instead kicked him face first through a plate glass window on the second floor.

BTS - Russo survived, but his face was horribly scarred, with the suture pattern giving him the appearance of a jigsaw puzzle, from which he took his name.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#161 - BTS, 162) - Jigsaw, having set himself as a leader of a gang, outfitted his men with masks and began committing a series of murders to lure the Punisher back to New York. Amongst those killed was Eric Hoffman, a friend of the mutant Nightcrawler, drawing both he and Spider-Man after him. The Punisher did join those two in searching for the killers, but Jigsaw's men captured Spider-Man and Jigsaw used him as a hostage to draw out the Punisher. However, Spidey broke free, and he, Nightcrawler, and the Punisher began to weed through his agents. Jigsaw panicked and fled in a purloined fire engine, but Spidey wrapped him up in the fire hose and knocked him out. Jigsaw and his men were left for the police.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#188) - Somehow again free, Jigsaw was goaded by his men--no longer costumed--into action, but he made every effort to perform crimes that would not attract any of those "super types." They hijacked a Checkerboard Line's midnight cruise on the East River, but Peter Parker happened to be present on that cruise. As Spider-Man, Parker took out several of Jigsaw's men, until Jigsaw took Liz Allan and Harry OSborn hostage to force him to back off, enabling the criminal and his men to escape. Jigsaw released his hostages after making it back to the city, but Spidey had tracked them with a Spider-Tracer he'd planted on Osborn and soon caught up with Jigsaw. Spidey cornered the criminal and managed to stare him down and force him to surrender without a single punch. Jigsaw was again taken away by the cops.

(Punisher I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Within Ryker's Island prison, Jigsaw quickly established himself as a leader amongst the criminals, as well as establishing a number of prison guards under his employment.

(Punisher I#1) - When the Punisher was sent to Ryker's Island (his third stay), Jigsaw had Castle led to him and then ordered his men to hold him while he tried to give Castle a face to match his own. Castle broke free and dropped Jigsaw, who then ordered his men to kill the Punisher. Don Cervello, another prisoner with pull, stopped this, to prevent a murder from drawing attention to their escape plans. Castle--despite the efforts of Cervello--later interfered with their escape plans, and Cervello and Jigsaw managed to take the warden hostage to try to force Castle to let them go. Castle surrendered his gun to them, but packed it full of oversized bullets, so that it blew up in Jigsaw's hand when he fired it at him. Jigsaw was reimprisoned after Cervello surrendered to Castle.

(Punisher I#4) - Jigsaw was brainwashed by the Trust into becoming one of their Punisher Squad, outfitted in a Punisher costume. However, when confronted by the real Punisher, his conditioning began to break down. He told the rest of the Punisher Squad to stay back and he attacked Castle, who managed to escape him.

(Punisher I#5) - While going after Alaric, the head of the Trust, the Punisher again ran into Jigsaw and fought him. Jigsaw got the jump on Castle and knocked him to the ground, but Castle stabbed him in the leg and then beat him senseless. Castle took Jigsaw's gun and prepared to kill him, but thought that he might consider a less lethal brand of punishment and left him for the authorities.

(Punisher II#35 (fb) - BTS) - Jigsaw was let out of prison by the Rev, who convinced him to join with him in exchange for a promise of healing his face. Jigsaw worked with him in their plot to amass a large amount of a sterilization drug from the Piña flower. Jigsaw assumed that this was for the purpose of extortion, whereas the Rev wanted to use it, literally, to sterilize a large portion of the population.

(Punisher II#35) - While transporting a large shipment of the processed sterilization drug, Jigsaw's path crossed with the Punisher, who thought he was tracking down a cocaine shipment. Not wanting the Punisher to die easily, Jigsaw stopped his allies from shooting at him, allowing him to escape and destroy the shipment in the process. The Rev punished Jigsaw for losing the shipment by slashing his face open, but then healed that fresh wound. Curious about the Rev's power, Jigsaw followed him to a suburb in West Chester and watched as he slaughtered an innocent family for his lord, "Lucifer" (actually Belasco). Jigsaw was discovered by the police, but shot his way through them and fled, but was seen on the road by the Punisher while escaping.

(Punisher II#36) - Jigsaw got into a shootout with the Punisher, but was knocked off the road when one of his bullets hit an oil truck. He then ended up in the Bronx, where he joined with a street gang called the Cubes against their rivals, the Pegs. Jigsaw supplied weapons and ordinance, and they helped him against the Punisher. However, Castle fought them off, and Jigsaw fled once again, linking back up with the Rev, who took him to Venezuela to harvest more Piña.

(Punisher II#37) - In the Rev's temple, Jigsaw exposed one of his workers who had been stealing and selling the Piña, and then killed the man at the Rev's command. The Punisher tracked them to Venezuela and linked up with a guide, Joy Adams, but Jigsaw learned of his arrival and confronted the pair out in the jungle.

(Punisher II#38) - Joy used her horse to distract Jigsaw and she and Castle escaped from him. Jigsaw linked up with Diego of the Medellin drug cartel, who also had a reason to hate the Punisher. Diego's men flushed out Castle, but then turned on Jigsaw, who slew them. Castle was wounded fighting Diego's men, and then knocked out by a bazooka blast from Jigsaw. After stabbing Castle a few times, Jigsaw took Joy and left him for dead.

(Punisher II#39) - Jigsaw brought Joy to the Rev, but after seeing the Rev regrow his own foot after cutting it off in a ritual for "Lucifer," he lost patience and held the Rev at gunpoint, forcing him to heal his face. He did, but the Punisher then arrived and shot Jigsaw dead.

(Punisher II#40) - Under the direction of Belasco, the Rev resurrected Jigsaw and sent him after Castle as a contest to see which of them would earn the right to serve the Rev (not that Castle was interested in doing that...). Jigsaw tried to take him out from a distance with his bazooka, but Castle had set up an ambush for him and he and Joy shot his weapons out of his hands. Castle then broke his arm, punched him out, and beat his face repeatedly against a yucca plant, lacerating it as badly as it had ever been. Castle then left Jigsaw, telling him that he'd killed him once and could do so again if he gave him reason.

(Punisher II#55,56) - The Punisher was again sent to Ryker's Island, where Jigsaw had once again set himself up as a leader, allied with Gregario and his Nubian Nation. Jigsaw arranged a confrontation with Castle and Gregario had his men hold him while he slashed at Castle's face with a knife. The attack was stopped by Hog, leader of the Aryan Brotherhood, who insisted that his group had first rights to Castle since he was white. Castle soon distanced himself from the Aryan Brotherhood, and Jigsaw had Castle led into another ambush. Jigsaw badly sliced up Castle's face again, but had to leave as the changing of the guard approached. He, Gregario, and the Nubian Nation attempted to kill Castle in the prison infirmary, but Castle escaped through a hole in the wall blown by a group trying to free another prisoner, Derek Pike.

(Punisher War Journal#61) - A large group of criminals met to arrange the death of the Punisher. Jigsaw was present, but told the others that Castle would turn the tables on them and have them at his mercy. Jigsaw then left, wanting no part of this.

(Punisher III#2) - Wearing a Punisher costume (decorated with sutures), Jigsaw began to target and kill all those who had killed the Punisher, which was supposed to have been his job. Castle had apparently been executed as his prison sentence, but it was faked and he was freed by and became allied with the Geraci crime family. Jigsaw killed Judge Robert Braithwaite.

(Punisher III#3) - Jigsaw shot and killed the man who pulled the switch during Castle's execution.

(Punisher III#4) - Jigsaw attacked Dr. Kemble, who had pronounced Castle dead. Kemble contacted Vinnie Barbarossa and had him send the Punisher to help him. Daredevil got to Jigsaw first, but Castle arrived soon after. Jigsaw was ecstatic that the Punisher was still alive, which meant he could kill him himself. The Punisher ran out of bullets first, but Daredevil knocked the guns from Jigsaw's hands and Castle took him out in a fist fight. Castle left Jigsaw alive for the authorities.

(Punisher III#9) - Joining forces with Firefox, Hachiman, Tombstone and an army of underlings, Jigsaw led an assault on the mansion of the Geracis. He blew several holes in the mansion with his rocket launcher, and eventually collapsed the building around Castle. They left Castle for dead.

(Punisher III#10) - Jigsaw began to feud with his allies and to taunt his captives, the remaining Geracis, while the Punisher began to take out the criminals. Hachiman turned against his allies and helped Castle defeat Firefox, leaving a former debt of theirs resolved. Jigsaw held Leslie Geraci hostage and then tossed her off the roof, forcing Castle to grab her to save her. However, Leslie knew what Jigsaw was trying to do and pulled herself free and fell to the ground. The Punisher shot a glancing blow to Jigsaw's head and he fell to the ground below.

(Alias#26 - BTS) - Jigsaw was reported by SHIELD agent Clay Quartermain to have been imprisoned in "the Raft," a new superhuman containment wing in Ryker's Island.

(Daredevil II#61 (fb) - BTS) - Jigsaw, having paid off certain police and government officials, ran a gunrunning operation on the North Shore pier. An unidentified policeman or government agent informed Ben Urich about this, knowing that Urich would inform Daredevil, which he did.

(Daredevil II#61 (fb) - BTS / 62(fb)) - Daredevil and the Black Widow took out Jigsaw and his operation.

(Daredevil II#62) - Jigsaw (out on bail) approached Murdock, acknowledging him as the new Kingpin of crime, and tried to make a deal with him. Murdock pretended to have no idea what he was talking about.

(Daredevil II#63) - Jigsaw and a group of his men broke into Murdock's home.

(Daredevil II#64) - Murdock escaped his home and called the police, who drove off Jigsaw's men, while the Black Widow dropped Jigsaw, all the while pretending to be a civilian. The police took Jigsaw to prison, promising (as a favor to Murdock) that he would never be released from Ryker's again.

(New Avengers#2 (fb)) - Jigsaw was sent to the Raft sub-section of Ryker's Island prison.

(New Avengers#1-3) - Jigsaw was freed from his cell and took part in a breakout attempt, battling the as yet unformed New Avengers when they arrived to quell the breakout. It is unknown whether Jigsaw escaped or was reimprisoned.

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