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List of all notable quotes by or about Blanche Sitznski (Earth-616).
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Quote1.png You're all mine, brickman. When I'm finished, there won't be enough pieces to make a puzzle out of you. Quote2.png
Marvel Two-In-One Vol 1 65
Quote1.png Okay, Captain A, get ready for a beating you're not going to believe -- courtesy of Anaconda, the strongest snake on Earth! Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 310
Quote1.png Diamy better appreciate all the trouble we're going through ta make sure her date with tall, blond, an' mysterious pulls off without a hitch... Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 371
Quote1.png What's your big beef with men? Nobody invited you to the senior prom or somethin'? Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 391
Quote1.png Again with the fists? Come on, Winghead. Hit me some more. Give it all you got. Ha! You've got some case goin' one on one with me! Quote2.png
Blanche Sitznski (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Hey, Roland-- ya want another brew while I'm up? Hmm? Oops. Keep forgetting you can't talk. Quote2.png
Roland Burroughs (Earth-616)

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