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Quotes by Calvin Rankin (Earth-12)

Quote1 Oh, y'know... not much. But you can stop wearing that fruit juice, T.J... Logan's not gonna be tracking anyone for a little while. God, I could use a beer. Quote2
--Calvin Rankin (Earth-12)
Quote1 I'm the immortal Vampire King! Do you think you can defeat me? What are you?! Stupid?! Quote2
--Calvin Rankin (Earth-12)
Quote1 Kill me... there's no time. I wasn't on the Brood Planet for six months, Heather... I was there for four years. Quote2
--Calvin Rankin (Earth-12)
Quote1 Pathetic. So this is your last stand, Gambit? With these weakling Exiles? I should have ripped your head off instead of your arm. Quote2
--Calvin Rankin (Earth-12)
Quote1 The world can fear "The Big M" all they want.. but he should be afraid of me. Quote2
--Calvin Rankin (Earth-12)
Quote1 If this is where the Timebroker lives, he gets an "F" for decor. 'Course, what do you expect from a guy who dresses like Mister Belvedere? Quote2
--Calvin Rankin (Earth-12)
Quote1 One more major loss and it's half rations for a week. . . Quote2
--Calvin Rankin (Earth-12)

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