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List of all notable quotes by or about Carol Danvers (Earth-616).
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Quote1 The Man who calls himself Captain Marvel saved my life earlier tonight -- and I take my heroes very seriously! Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 1 3
Quote1 Wait, Captain Marvel! I must speak to you! You don't just save a woman from a living nightmare... and walk away...! Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 1 9
Quote1 There's a small difference between a realist and a traitor – and you just stepped over that line! You are now an honorary member of the Judas Iscariot Marching Society! Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 1 10
Quote1 ... I won't rest until both Lawson and the great Captain Marvel are behind bars! Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 1 12
Quote1 Sorry, Mr. Robertson. I can't stay to explain. Something else is more important: a man's life! Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 1 1
Quote1 Hecate, you seem to know what's going on -- who am I? Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 1 13
Quote1 Easier said than done, buster, because even with my back against the wall -- I don't give up! Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 1 17
Quote1 I've been used! That isn't my baby! I don't even know who the father is! Quote2
Avengers Vol 1 200
Quote1 You screwed up, Avengers. That's human. What is also human is the ability to learn from those mistakes. To grow. To mature. If you do that -- even a little -- then perhaps what I went through will have a positive meaning. It's your choice. Quote2
Avengers Annual Vol 1 10
Quote1 Well, fine! If that's the way you're going to be, I'll save you the trouble of finishing your kangaroo court's vote. Effective immediately-- I quit! Quote2
Avengers Vol 3 7
Quote1 You don't know me very well, "rusty"... Nobody cages Warbird! Quote2
Avengers Vol 3 17
Quote1 I don't believe my secret identity takes precedence over this. I'm Warbird, and I'm... I'm an alcoholic. I was fighting drunk, enraged. I'd gone after Iron Man, for an imagined slight-- And I dropkicked him through the wing of the airplane. I didn't know the plane was there, we got it down safely, and nobody was injured, but that's not the point. The point is that I was drunk, and that I did it. I regret my lapse of judgement-- My destructive behavior-- More than you can know. With Iron Man's help and support, I've joined Alcoholics Anonymous-- And recently gotten my 30-day Sobriety Chip. I stand ready to take responsibility for my actions, in whatever manner this tribunal decides. Quote2
Avengers Vol 3 26
Quote1 See? I'm supposed to rise above it. Right? I'm supposed to pretend that you didn't treat me like crap at a time when you treating me like crap was the last thing I needed. Quote2
Alias Vol 1 3
Quote1 Guess what? You're one of my best friends on the planet. And the reason I can be friends with you is that I understand what is the matter with you. Okay? I see past all of this "thing" you do, this person you act like and I know who you really are. Quote2
Alias Vol 1 24
Quote1 ...You're not monsters. You're the best chance those kids have. Which is why you have to keep trying to make a difference. No matter how hard it gets. Quote2
Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 445
Quote1 There have to be at least fifty better ways to do this... I'm regretting this already... Quote2
New Thunderbolts Vol 1 13
Quote1 This isn't a question of what I'm not. This is a question of who I could be. Quote2
Giant-Size Ms. Marvel Vol 1 1
Quote1 And I sort of accidentally blasted him in the crotch. Seven times in the crotch. Poor guy turned blue. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 1
Quote1 And if we could, let's just skip the whole "Ambush me and make me fight for my life" thing, because I am so incredibly tired. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 2
Quote1 I swear to God, it was like fifty different super powers were fighting to get to me. Quote2
New Avengers Vol 1 18
Quote1 Yeah? So, when he shows up again, can I give you a call and we'll have another team-up? Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 5
Quote1 Dammit it! Do you know that I've been beating myself up lately? Totally riding myself about not doing all I could be doing. I've felt like I was a failure and as if I'd been wasting my talents, but you-- Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 9
Quote1 And I'm not going to run away from anything...ever again. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 10
Quote1 All you can do is try to kill! Well, I was trained to kill! Maybe I should show you how it's done! Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 12
Quote1 No, Tony. The Avengers are a sledgehammer. A darned effective one, but a sledgehammer all the same. What the world needs isn't always a sledgehammer--sometimes it needs a scalpel. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 13
Quote1 Yeah, laugh it up, Mr. Potato Head. Let's see, which tiny appendage should I rip off first? Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 17
Quote1 Because when you're can do anything you think of. After all...who's going to stop you? Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 20
Quote1 Binary?! What is this? What's happening? Why am I getting the old costume tour? Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 22
Quote1 Mar-Vell, to be honest, for a while none of us were real sure you weren't a Skrull. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 6 3
Quote1 Toss the dead alien in the back, and strap yourself in, Doc. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 25
Quote1 I'm sorry, did I kill your boyfriend? I can't imagine what that's like. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 26
Quote1 I'm usually not one to get nostalgic... but I have to say, Suzy, seeing you in my old costume makes me incredibly proud. Quote2
Avengers: The Initiative Vol 1 12
Quote1 Did you enjoy it when I tore you apart earlier this evening, Aaron? Because I can do it again. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 27
Quote1 If I die today, I'm taking as many of these damn aliens with me as I can. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 28
Quote1 All right, you gigantic Skrull &%$#. Time for die. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 29
Quote1 Dial-a-power, huh? So you're a bigger badder version of what's all over the city? Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 30
Quote1 I know you're down there, web-head! Believe say anything to Wolverine and I'm gonna shove that power and responsibility right up your big blue butt! Quote2
Ms. Marvel Annual Vol 1 1
Quote1 You're worse than a stooge. You're an insubordinate stooge. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 35
Quote1 I think the only thing I can do right now is get as far away from everyone as I can. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 37
Quote1 Your enemies are out there! Plotting against you! Preparing for their next attack! There is a war to be fought. Glorious battles to be won. You wish to discuss your feelings? You are no warrior! Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 43
Quote1 There is only one thing I want to do more than crush this Moonstone and snap your neck... I want to see you redeem yourself. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 46
Quote1 You don't leave your team in the middle of a battle and go off half-cocked. You'd know that if you knew anything. That's why you fail. And you're crazy. And I know I could have killed you and I didn't. I'm better than you. Just FYI. Quote2
New Avengers Vol 1 58
Quote1 Not this time. This is juse me and Mystique. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 48
Quote1 But being the best you can be... That's doable. That's possible for anybody if they put their mind to it. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 50
Quote1 We just got our asses handed to Superia. Superia. I'm going to repeat it so it sinks in. We, us. We got our butts handed to us by Superia. And I'm still not even sure who the hell that is. Quote2
New Avengers Vol 2 11
Quote1 We must ensure nothing stop the any means. Quote2
Secret Avengers Vol 1 26
Quote1 He was everything I remembered. More. Not a moment's hesitation. Once he knew what it would take to save his people--he gave it willingly. His unrivaled nobility and courage. How we need him. How we need that pure valor. How much different things would be if he were still with us. And how much I miss my dear friend. The image of a lone man willing to sacrifice his opportunity for life...for a world, and people, that forsook him. Inspired by the very notion such nobility is possible. Captain Marvel. The name will always define the best of us. Perhaps it should live on. Quote2
Secret Avengers Vol 1 28
Quote1 This... This is what "lucky" looks like. Decision made... I'm taking the damn name. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 1
Quote1 Protocols...I know we have Avengers time travel protocols. I just need to remember what they are... Don't step on butterflies...? Something about butterflies. Spider-Woman was right. There should be a handbook. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 2
Quote1 I was working with a man...a good man. A man who, it turned out, was not from our world. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 3
Quote1 Helen Cobb, what kind of Pandora's box did you leave me when you left me your plane? What's the secret hidden inside? What did you do to me... Helen, what did you do...? Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 4
Quote1 Helen, I'm from the future. I know that sounds ridiculous, but if you can believe that we just flew through a skylight-- Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 5
Quote1 Beat a knock-off version of myself to an airplane-shaped time machine? I'm Captain Marvel... I call that Wednesday. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 6
Quote1 You don't have to thank me. I absorbed you. We're practically related. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 8
Quote1 Why does everyone always resort to dares with me? Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 9
Quote1 You know what happens to p-people who b-bet against me, birdbrain? I'll give you a hint... They lose. Just how I like my turkey... fried. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 10
Quote1 I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it! Motor-cycles aren't supposed to fly! Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 11
Quote1 I know it's a mistake, before my feet leave the ground, I know. But the nature of my magical thinking is such that I believe, truly believe, that I'll get away with it. Because I'm special. Because I'm me. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 12
Quote1 Every move our guy makes is bigger, more dangerous. Somebody's going to die. I have to find him and I have to stop him... And I haven't got days. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 13
Quote1 Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, my god. ...he's in my head. Quote2
Avengers Assemble Vol 2 17
Quote1 I'm not giving up, Jess. I'm making a choice. I'm severing the connection to his power source and saving eight million lives. I can think of worse ways to-- Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 14
Quote1 I felt nothing... And then... I felt everything. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 15
Quote1 Listen to me. I've been trying to tell you something. I can't teach you to be Captain Marvel. Sweetheart, I can't teach you something that I'm still trying to figure out. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 17
Quote1 Have you ever seen a little girl run so fast she falls down? There's an instant, a fraction of a second before the world catches hold of her again... A moment when she's outrun every doubt and fear she's ever had about herself and she flies. In that one moment, every little girl flies. I need to find that again. Like taking a car out into the desert to see how fast it can go, I need to find the edge of me... And maybe, if I fly far enough, I'll be able to turn around and look at the world... And see where I belong. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 8 1
Quote1 General, huh? That's gotta hurt a little. Quote2
Avengers Vol 5 27
Quote1 No one steals my flerken cat! Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 8 2
Quote1 My name is Captain Marvel... I am an Earthling and an Avenger. But today I stand as one with the settlers of Torfa, who clam this planet and its resources as they were freely given in the aftermath of the Behemoth disaster... They are a peaceful people, but I am a woman of war. If you move against them, you move against me. I am willing to die here today, for this cause. I have made my choice... Now you make yours. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 8 5
Quote1 I'm here, Chewie. What did that horrible, ugly weasel do to my baby girl? Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 8 7
Quote1 I don't need a power-up to kick your ass, slimeball. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 8 14
Quote1 Oh, sweetheart. You know, I thought I came out here for me. So I could get a sense of closure -- meet this gutsy, upstart girl who's taken on my name. But over the past couple of hours, I've realized something -- I came here for me, but I stayed for you. A lot of people think you're something special, and now I see why. And -- and it makes me wish we had more time. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 3 18
Quote1 We're the Ultimates. The ultimate team, to solve the ultimate problems. Quote2
Ultimates Vol 3 1
Quote1 The ship tried to eat us. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 9 2
Quote1 I gotta hand it to you, kid. This is one of the more impressive messes I've ever seen. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 4 6
Quote1 All our satellites, our early-warning systems -- we're still in the dark, walking a tightrope. The Ultimates is about solving the world-threatening problems -- but we still don't know where the next threat's coming from. Not really. That's the real problem. The ultimate problem. So how do we solve it? Quote2
Ultimates Vol 3 7
Quote1 Satori vessel. This is... this is Mar-Vell of the Kree Imperial Militia. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 9 5
Quote1 He should have heard it from me, Maria. Quote2
Ultimates Vol 3 8
Quote1 When you're a soldier, when you go to war, you see people die. Your friends. People you're closer to in some ways than your own family. In training. In battle. Even suicide. And it's easy... it's easy to ask what it was for. If any good came of it. This is Eliot Burke. Army veteran and security guard at Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. His wife, Vivian, works there too. They met on the job. She's a geneticist working on a promising treatment for leukemia in the P.E.G.A.S.U.S. labs. They're alive today -- along with hundreds of others -- because of Rhodey. And because of you. What's keeping me from falling apart... is that I know Rhodey died doing something good. Something he'd consider worth dying for. I know what Tony said to you. And I am not for once second discounting his grief. But I want to give you another perspective. You can help us stop criminals and madmen before they hurt anyone. You can tell us when natural disasters are about to happen. We're going to go out there and put our lives in the line anyway. You can give us the gift of knowing it's for a reason. The best and bravest people I know are prepared to take that risk. Not just prepared - -we want to. But to do it right -- to do it the best way we possibly can -- we need you. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 9 7
Quote1 Tony, you %$#&! This is not happening! Quote2
Civil War II Vol 1 4
Quote1 If other old friends... Hate me, I can live with that. Because I know how many innocent people we've saved. But it only works if we hold ourselves to a strict standard. Show we're not just targeting people we don't like. That, I'll never sign off on. The second you ask me to do something I can't live with... I'm gone. And you can see how well all this works without me. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 9 9
Quote1 If you want to talk to Clint, fine. We can make that happen. But first, you have to talk to me. Quote2
Spider-Woman Vol 6 11
Quote1 Nnnh -- y-you -- you murdered someone I loved, Thanos. You put my friend in a coma. So if I have to kill you to stop you -- I'm fine with that. Quote2
Ultimates Vol 3 11
Quote1 No. What happened with Ulysses... I know I made mistakes. I know what my actions cost. I see it in the eyes of everyone I love. I know what you think. Quote2
Ultimates Vol 3 12
Quote1 You have no idea what a real leader is. A leader has to project confidence. Fight for what she believes in. But never stop questioning, wondering how to be better. You take in everything... and make your call. You thought isolating me would make me weaker? Buddy, you don't know me too well. All my life I've had to rely on myself, trust my instincts and convictions when others doubted me, and be prepared to back them up. You didn't hurt me with what you did. You gave me what I needed to win. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 9 10
Quote1 Told you. They needed to believe you'd really fallen. That you'd hit bottom. That an Avenger hit bottom. Quote2
Jessica Jones Vol 2 4
Quote1 I know I'm only part Kree. My Human family's from Boston not Hala -- that's the Milky Way, not the Greater Magellanic Cloud. I know I only inherited my Kree powers in a freak accident, when I stumbled across a Psyche-Magnitron, a piece of ancient alien tech... but try telling that to the Kree life forces rushing through me... propelling me higher and faster... because somewhere down there is a blue-skinned Kree kid who needs my help. Quote2
Mighty Captain Marvel Vol 1 1
Quote1 This is for the best. Go find Thanos. Stop him. Free yourself of this pain. And if we ever do see each other again, I do hope it's as friends. Quote2
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 4 17
Quote1 All right. I know you're in here somewhere, shape-shifter. Which one of you is it? Quote2
Mighty Captain Marvel Vol 1 2
Quote1 You think these HLA markers could have anything to do with why Hala children are being stolen from those camps? Quote2
Mighty Captain Marvel Vol 1 3
Quote1 I can't think of a thing that could breach it... except maybe Galactus. God, I never thought I'd say this, but... we need him now. We need the Lifebringer. Quote2
Ultimates 2 Vol 2 7
Quote1 No, Monica. You listen to me. We were charged with a mission. Protect the Earth from this Chitauri invasion. Defend our little piece of the stars. What happens if that shield comes down as a wave is approaching? Do we just trust Hydra to take care of it? I want to be ready and on guard. Like I swore an oath to be. So you make your decisions, but I will not leave my post -- I am Captain Marvel of the Alpha Flight Space Program -- and I will not abandon ship. Quote2
Mighty Captain Marvel Vol 1 8
Quote1 I couldn't tell them the truth... it wasn't that we couldn't go back... it was that I don't know if I wanted to. Quote2
Mighty Captain Marvel Vol 1 9
Quote1 I'm thinking it's time we brought our jellybean home. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 125
Quote1 Oh, man. I'm in a mirrored universe. Great... just great. Gotta get outta here. But how? Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 126
Quote1 I'm coming, Bean! Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 127
Quote1 Wait, Thanos is really the hero of this universe? I... wow. I just... yeah, no. I've got nothing. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 128
Quote1 Let me get this straight -- you think you're some sort of pink-skinned Kree messiah? So you've kidnapped Bean -- and now me -- to use us to jumpstart the Kree second coming? Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 129
Quote1 Oh honey -- I don't hate you. I could never hate you. It's just -- after we had that argument, I could see that you were... well... growing up. On your own path. And that maybe it wasn't a great idea for me to be around so much. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 4 28
Quote1 I made my choices! They define me! They made-- No. I make my decisions. I make my reality. And my reality is... I am... Captain Marvel! Quote2
Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel Vol 1 1
Quote1 This is a fight you can't win, Castle! Quote2
Punisher Vol 2 225
Quote1 So, yeah... they say you can never go home again, but it's not true. You can go all you want... you just can't expect it to be any different once you get there. Quote2
Life of Captain Marvel Vol 2 1
Quote1 Nobody knew the truth... my secret birthright. Not even me. Quote2
Life of Captain Marvel Vol 2 5
Quote1 Always get up. If you always get up, then it's never over. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 10 1
Quote1 I'd tell her that her wish comes true. She really does get to fly. And she'll fly higher and faster and further than she even dreamed. Quote2
Captain Marvel: Braver & Mightier Vol 1 1
Quote1 Looking at my own body through someone else's eyes will never stop being disturbing. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 10 4
Quote1 There's a lot of holding back in my life. Not using what I have, or at least not all of it. Keeping myself in check. Most days require a measured response. Restraint, not release. Not today. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 10 5
Quote1 A surgical strike. Cut off the head of the king and... Good God. Maybe we can end this. Quote2
War of the Realms Strikeforce: The War Avengers Vol 1 1
Quote1 We are capable of so much more than we think we are. All we have to do is reach for it. All we have to be is fearless. Quote2
Fearless Vol 1 4
Quote1 Make yourselves useful and try to think of a better plan than this one... I'm running out of time. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 10 14
Quote1 Avengers, this isn't just a battle for a space weapon! It's a cosmic medical emergency. Quote2
Avengers Vol 8 30
Quote1 Your mother... was Mari-Ell?! Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 10 18
Quote1 We have seen the truth, Wastrel. It's over. And just to make it extremely official... Walter S. Lawson, you are accused. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 10 20
Quote1 Y'know, I've met a lot of heroes. Few would describe themselves as such. It's a loaded word that doesn't leave room for human frailty... or any other kind. I don't need heroes. I just need people who can make a difference. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 10 23
Quote1 It has occurred to me that I'm basically the Terminator right now... If the Terminator were manipulating Sarah Connor into helping kill her own son... So I'm worse than the Terminator. But Ove kills everyone, destroys the world. Shouldn't I move Heaven and Earth to stop that? To save billions of lives? That makes it okay, right? Nobody likes to be on the side of "the ends justify the means"... And yet, how often are we there? Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 10 29
Quote1 Please be good, girls! Quote2
Marvel Meow Infinity Comic Vol 1 1
Quote1 Oh! A lost cat! We'll take care of you! Quote2
Marvel Meow Infinity Comic Vol 1 7
Quote1 Ugh, we're all filthy. We're going to have to wash the cats too. Quote2
Marvel Meow Infinity Comic Vol 1 11
Quote1 Looks like they're having fun! Quote2
Marvel Meow Infinity Comic Vol 1 12
Quote1 I'm sorry, Ravkä, I didn't know what this was about before, but now I do... and nobody's will is stronger than mine. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 10 40
Quote1 Listen... all of you. I need you to listen. I know this insane loyalty I feel toward that Sinnarian queen isn't real. I know these things. I know I'm not myself. I know the Dark Tide has warped me. But I'm going to kill every last one of you for what you've just done. Quote2
All-Out Avengers Vol 1 1
Quote1 Whatever it was, I saw a glimpse before it appeared. Give me a bit of time...I know I can find it again. Quote2
Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 28
Quote1 Nothing about this trip is going right so far. There was a time when I would have delighted in blowing apart my two greatest enemies--the Brood and Rogue. Alas, I have grown and changed. And now I no longer relish it. I don't even want it. Growth sucks. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 10 44
Quote1 We're out of time, T'Challa. Whatever the cost, I'm the best shot we've got! Quote2
Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 32
Quote1 Take good care of them until we get back. Quote2
Marvel Meow and Pizza Dog Infinity Comic Vol 1 1
Quote1 All points, this is Carol Danvers--The Prodigal is secure. Let me dispose of this with a photon blast, and we'll call it a day. Quote2
Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 43
Quote1 This is Captain Marvel to all points--We've got a situation outside! Quote2
Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 47
Quote1 The Avengers aren't cops. Or, at least, we shouldn't be. That doesn't work, that just gets us into Civil Wars. The Avengers are firefighters. We're the ones who fly into the blaze, whatever it is. Because we're the ones who can, so we're the ones who have to. We save lives. That's it. That's our whole mission statement. Quote2
Avengers Vol 9 1
Quote1 I do a lot of damage. I don't stick around to fix it as often as I should. And I'm going to try to work on that. Avenger. Boss of space. Higher, further, faster. All that stuff sounds cool, but it's all just window dressing on what I'm supposed to do... what I'm supposed to be. So let's get started. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 10 50
Quote1 I will not be beaten by a bunch of teens. I know a few things about anti-authoritarianism. I happen to be an echt rebel to the max. Quote2
Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest Vol 1 1
Quote1 Mind games, really? You do know I've had chats with Thanos. Quote2
Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest Vol 1 4
Quote1 I'm an old soldier. Like mom, I guess. Not sure I'm built for peace. Or... happiness. But I'd fight like Hell to keep it safe. Quote2
Captain Marvel: Assault on Eden Vol 1 1
Quote1 Thank you both. Now I just have to figure out how to take these things off. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 11 3
Quote1 I'll protect you--all of you. Because the Undone won't stop here. If she can't get to me, she'll come for anyone close to me. I won't let her. I won't let the Omen or the Undone touch you. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 11 5
Quote1 Crises have a tendency to bring families together--or break them apart. Even not-quite families like ours. This wasn't the reunion I was hoping to have, but it was what we got. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 11 6
Quote1 You never stop fighting. As long as you're alive, and maybe even afterward. You fight because every person is worth it. We've all faced impossible, universe-threatening situations. None of us gave up then. We're not starting now. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 11 7
Quote1 So glad to have you back, friend. Quote2
Infinity Paws Infinity Comic Vol 1 10
Quote1 I'm Captain Marvel--your new headmaster. Glad to meet you, Kid. Welcome to...Avengers Academy. All the gifts, resources, and faculty from the world's greatest heroic powers...assembled to foster the rising marvels of the next generation. Quote2
Avengers Academy: Marvel's Voices Infinity Comic Vol 1 1
Quote1 You sucker punched us before... but even at half strength... were still the Avengers. And that means that no matter how dark the night... we make sure that the sun will always rise again. Quote2
Blood Hunt Vol 1 2
Quote1 Well. I guess it's official...the Avengers Academy is open...and someone out there wants in. Quote2
Avengers Academy: Marvel's Voices Infinity Comic Vol 1 2
Quote1 Yuna once told me that being eaten alive is number two on her "Five Worst Ways to Die" list. "Eaten alive" in general. Apparently, "eaten alive by an interdimensional entity" was too specific to make her top five. I think she might have to re-examine those rankings. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 11 9
Quote1 When I fire, it's unconscious... instinctual... I don't think about it. So isolating that instinct -- honing it into something controlled -- is surprisingly complex. Shaping something to your will... something that you always just took for granted... and making it into something new. Quote2
Binary (Carol Danvers Duplicate) (Earth-616)
Quote1 Have you ever seen a little girl run so fast she falls down? There's an instant, a fraction of a second before the world catches hold of her again... a moment when she's outrun every doubt and fear she's ever had about herself and she flies. In that one moment, every little girl flies. I need to find that again. Like taking a car out into the desert to see how fast it can go, I need to find the edge of me... and maybe, if I fly far enough, I'll be able to turn around and look at the world... and see where I belong. Quote2
Carol Danvers (Earth-616)
Quote1 RIPPLES is the only word to describe what this thing does. It changes, everything about it changes. This isn’t just any old Super-Skrull...this one’s something special. Quote2
Hydra Prime 001 (Earth-616)
Quote1 Jess, this is Jayson Jay, our director. Be nice or he'll give you a cameo. Quote2
Jayson Jay (Earth-616)
Quote1 They're called Punishers, apparently. No relation to Frank Castle-- except they're about as violent-- and as hard to kill. Quote2
Punisher (Robot)
Quote1 Something this big shouldn't be intangible half the time. That's actively rude. Quote2
Thieaka (Earth-616)
Quote1 Yes! Compound Thirteen is the ultimate achievement of biological research--the final nerve gas--instant death! Quote2
Compound 13
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 2 138 001
Carol Danvers
Quote1 And I suppose that I'm imagining this fantastic wind, Dr. Lawson? Quote2
Dr. Walter LawsonQuote1 No! But you are forgetting Florida's three major industries... oranges, tourists and hurricanes! Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 1 6
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 269 001
Quote1 Oh, my-- Was that Wolverine? Quote2
Captain AmericaQuote1 It was. I used to hear screams like that all the time----during World War II. It's a death cry! Quote2
Wolverine/Captain America Vol 1 2
Janet Van Dyne (Earth-616) from Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda Vol 1 1
Quote1 I promised myself I wouldn't use the Avengers to hide from my life's problems anymore. Quote2
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 269 001
Ms. Marvel
Quote1 No one's asking you to do that. We're asking you to do that which you can do better than anyone in the world. Quote2
Janet Van Dyne (Earth-616) from Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda Vol 1 1
Quote1 Well, when you put it like that... Quote2
Mighty Avengers Vol 1 2
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 269 001
Ms. Marvel
Quote1 Simon, can you deal with these guys while I take this nastiness somewhere else? Quote2
Wonder ManQuote1 I don't know if I rock enough to handle it. Quote2
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 269 001
Ms. Marvel
Quote1 Ohhh, you have your moments. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 15
Eugene Patilio (Earth-616) from Spider-Island Avengers Vol 1 1 0001
Quote1 Scientist Supreme! Leader of A.I.M.! Prepare to be crushed under the might of the Avengers!!! Come on, partner...let's do this! Quote2
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 269 001
Ms. Marvel
Quote1 Stop calling me that! Quote2
Eugene Patilio (Earth-616) from Spider-Island Avengers Vol 1 1 0001
Quote1 It's the crazy mutant misadventures of Frog-Man and Ms. Marvel. Quote2
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 269 001
Ms. Marvel
Quote1 And it's Flag-Smasher, you idiot! I already told you, this is ULTIMATUM, not A.I.M.! Quote2
Spider-Island: Avengers Vol 1 1
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 269 001
Ms. Marvel
Quote1 She killed Bucky! Quote2
Luke CageQuote1 It ain't over. Quote2
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 269 001
Ms. Marvel
Quote1 Look at our tower! Look at the city! Quote2
Luke CageQuote1 It. Ain't. Over. We can use that thing. We can figure out how to go wherever she went and take the fight right into her face. We take the fight to her! We end this! Quote2
Avengers Vol 4 17
Captain Marvel Vol 10 1 Artgerm Collectibles Exclusive Variant Textless
Quote1 You have like fifteen alternate code names, anyway, Monica-Photon-Pulsar-Captain-Marvel-Rambeau! Quote2
Monica Rambeau (Earth-616) from Captain Marvel Vol 7 7 001
Quote1 I'm sorry, did I just hear that right? Am I being judged by, by Ms.-Captain-Warbird-Binary--Marvel...? Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 7
Spider-WomanQuote1 It's like someone's working their way through your greatest hits. Quote2
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 269 001
Captain Marvel
Quote1 Carol Danvers: The early years. Quote2
Avengers Assemble Vol 2 16
Spider-Woman Vol 7 5 Spider-Woman Timeless Variant
Quote1 Oh we really are starting from scratch, huh? Everything is about me. Now say you're sorry. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 8 1 Textless
Quote1 I'm sorry... sorry I'm a badass. Quote2
Spider-Woman Vol 7 5 Spider-Woman Timeless Variant
Quote1 ...good enough. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 7 16
Maria Hill (Earth-616) from Avengers World Vol 1 14 001
Maria Hill
Quote1 Exactly where were all of you three hours ago? Quote2
Black WidowQuote1 I was doing my nails, you? Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 8 1 Textless
Captain Marvel
Quote1 Working out. Quote2
Avengers World Vol 1 2 Textless
Quote1 Also working out. Quote2
Thor Odinson (Earth-616) from Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 1 Pichelli Variant cover
Quote1 Drinking. Quote2
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 5 16 001
Iron Man
Quote1 Having my nails done. Quote2
Avengers Vol 5 26
Tic (Earth-616) from Captain Marvel Vol 8 2 001
Quote1 Whatever they were after... Think we can find it first? Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 8 1 Textless
Captain Marvel
Quote1 You, me and those freaks back there...? I wouldn't bet against us, Tic. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 8 4
Captain Marvel Vol 8 1 Textless
Captain Marvel
Quote1 Oh, good. We're going to try and outrun these guys powered solely by attitude thrusters through a giant subspace pocket. Quote2
HarrisonQuote1 Sarcasm detected. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 8 1 Textless
Captain Marvel
Quote1 At least something's working. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 8 12
HarrisonQuote1 It has been interesting. I have had time to consider my nature. Quote2
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 269 001
Captain Marvel
Quote1 And what did you learn? Quote2
HarrisonQuote1 I have discovered my "updog" is irrevocably damaged and requires repair Quote2
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 269 001
Captain Marvel
Quote1 What's "updog"? Quote2
HarrisonQuote1 Not much. What's up with you? Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 8 13
Nico Minoru (Earth-616) from A-Force Vol 2 2 001
Quote1 So how come you don't want to be the boss? Quote2
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from A-Force Vol 2 4 001
Quote1 I'm the boss of space. That's plenty. Quote2
Nico Minoru (Earth-616) from A-Force Vol 2 2 001
Quote1 You're the boss of space? Quote2
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from A-Force Vol 2 4 001
Quote1 Pretty much. Quote2
A-Force Vol 2 4
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Civil War II Vol 1 4 002
Tony Stark
Quote1 You made this happen, Danvers. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 9 3 McKelvie Variant Textless
Captain Marvel
Quote1 That's not fair. Quote2
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Civil War II Vol 1 4 002
Tony Stark
Quote1 You chased this! You couldn't leave this @#$@#$ alone and now another one of us is gone. Who's next on your hit list, Danvers?! Quote2
Civil War II Vol 1 3
Uncanny Inhumans Vol 1 1 Cheung Connecting Variant B Textless
Quote1 All beasts, those in this world and the next, know that singeing my hair brings only certain death! Quote2
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from Civil War II Vol 1 2 001
Captain Marvel
Quote1 Catchy. Does that come embroidered on a pillow? Quote2
Uncanny Inhumans Vol 1 1 Cheung Connecting Variant B Textless
Quote1 It could be arranged! Quote2
A-Force Vol 2 7
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from Doctor Strange Damnation Vol 1 1 0001
Captain Marvel
Quote1 He still thinks his friends have come to save him. Quote2
Mephisto (Earth-616) from Deadpool vs. Thanos Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 Oh, but how can that be true? Don't you remember? Stephen Strange doesn't have any friends. Quote2
Doctor Strange Vol 1 387
Captain Marvel Vol 8 1 Textless
Captain Marvel
Quote1 Forgetting all else, Stephen, we were, not so long ago, literally inside each other's bodies. That doesn't qualify as close? Quote2
Marvel Tales Doctor Strange Vol 1 1 Virgin Variant
Doctor Strange
Quote1 No. That qualifies as... I don't know what that qualifies as. But I don't know your favorite color, so no, we're not close. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 8 1 Textless
Captain Marvel
Quote1 Is that the barometer? Very well then, I like blue. Which is perhaps boring, but also true. You? Quote2
Marvel Tales Doctor Strange Vol 1 1 Virgin Variant
Doctor Strange
Quote1 I've never thought about it. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 8 1 Textless
Captain Marvel
Quote1 You are infuriating. Quote2
Marvel Tales Doctor Strange Vol 1 1 Virgin Variant
Doctor Strange
Quote1 I know. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 10 27
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from Empyre Vol 1 2 001
Captain Marvel
Quote1 I need you to teach me magic Quote2
Marvel Tales Doctor Strange Vol 1 1 Virgin Variant
Doctor Strange
Quote1 HAHAHAHA! Oh, you're serious. Quote2
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from Empyre Vol 1 2 001
Captain Marvel
Quote1 Yeah. Quote2
Marvel Tales Doctor Strange Vol 1 1 Virgin Variant
Doctor Strange
Quote1 Then no. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 10 28
Captain Marvel Vol 8 1 Textless
Captain Marvel
Quote1 Chewie? Was this you, girl? Quote2
Chewbacca Sassy Danvers (Earth-58163) from Life of Captain Marvel Vol 2 1 001
Quote1 Murrrrow. Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 10 42
Captain Marvel Vol 10 22 Textless
Captain Marvel
Quote1 What is it, Patsy? Do you need help? Quote2
Patricia Walker (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 6 20 001
Quote1 Yeah, I need help not destroying my favorite bar! Use your fists! Quote2
Captain Marvel Vol 10 22 Textless
Captain Marvel
Quote1 I don't want to touch them. They smell like sulfur. Quote2
Sensational She-Hulk Vol 2 1 She-Hulk Virgin Variant
Quote1 If I could shoot energy beams, I'd never touch anything. Quote2
Sensational She-Hulk Vol 2 5

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