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Quotes by Charles Xavier (Earth-11052)

Quote1 The percentage of the population possessing the X-gene is increasing exponentially. It's becoming difficult to keep track of them, even with Cerebro's recent enhancements. Quote2
--Charles Xavier (Earth-11052)
Quote1 You have been chosen to take the first step into this new world. To lead the way, to be a beacon of hope for mutants yet to come. This is not only a big responsibility, it is an honor. I'm always astonished by the wondrous things that can be built on the ashes of tragedy. For even in the face of bigotry and discrimination, the X-Men will endure. Quote2
--Charles Xavier (Earth-11052)
Quote1 Thanks to you all, we have averted catastrophe. It was not without its price, however. But steel is forged through fire, and like it we have been made stronger. We are prepared for what the future brings. I know this, because I have glimpsed into the mind of Apocalypse. Many challenges still await us. But I have seen some who were our enemies become friends. And with a heavy heart, I saw the dearest of friends, become the most terrible of enemies. I saw my X-Men grow and change and and of course, I saw that some people never change. But one thing was clear that no matter what awaits us, terrible or wondrous... my X-Men will always be there, ready. And of that, I am proud. Quote2
--Charles Xavier (Earth-11052)

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