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Quotes by Connie Ferrari (Earth-616)

Quote1 It's like your job as Captain what comes first. And there is no room for anyone else. Quote2
--Connie Ferrari (Earth-616)
Quote1 In exchange for your agreement to waive all rights and ownership of the Avengers™ name, I will see to it that effective immediately, from this day henceforth and in perpetuity... the Great Lakes Avengers are officially reinstated as a permanent addition to the Avengers. May God have mercy on our souls. Quote2
--Connie Ferrari (Earth-616)
Quote1 The Great Lakes Avengers. And unless somebody can explain to me, right now, why they threw my clients, the Avengers™, in jail for doing their ☠☠☠☠ job... I'm going to shove an Infinity Gauntlet so far up this station's collective ass that you'll all be erasing realities when you fart. Quote2
--Connie Ferrari (Earth-616)

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