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Seemingly a newly-erected category, its borders are not sharply defined. The only definitive statement that can be made is its between the Bronze-Age and the Modern age of comics. At least one site implicates Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen as being the beginning of the Copper-Age. The 1984 date can be justified due to Crisis on Infinite Earths. However, I have yet to see two dating schemes agree. The following estimates of its duration have been found:
  • 1982-199? Implication of Overstreet PG 2006's cover gallery. Note that a 1982 cover is associated with Copper, while a 1983 cover is associated with Bronze. OPG doesn't explicitly define the age.
  • 1984-1992[1]
  • 1986-? implication of Wikipedia from Modern Age description

What's not subject to dispute is that this era is distinct from the speculator's market of the early 90s. It is marked by a proliferation of Indie publishers, especially in black and white formats.

The formation of Image could be said to end the Copper Age.

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