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Quote1.png I've been bad again, haven't I? Quote2.png
New Mutants Vol 1 44
Quote1.png I don't want you here -- you need to be somewhere else! Quote2.png
X-Factor Vol 1 109
Quote1.png Don't try to stop me, Ororo. Applaud me. Quote2.png
Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 320
Quote1.png I have come far for you Erik Magnus Lehnsherr! In my tomorrow, you will become the greatest villain the world has ever known! And for that, you must die -- today! Quote2.png
Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 321
Quote1.png What -- father--? Daddy--?!! Are you--? This is impossible! You can't be dead! 'cause if you're dead, that means -- Quote2.png
X-Men Vol 2 41
Quote1.png Dani, Dani, you're going to die, Dani. Which way would you like us to kill you...for we have many. Quote2.png
New Mutants Vol 3 2
Quote1.png The demon girl wasn't lying... she told me you'd be back for the real me. Quote2.png
New Mutants Vol 3 20
Quote1.png David. I'm David Haller. My father's Charles Xavier--closest thing my species has to a bloody living saint[...] I grew up on a wee island in the arse-end of Scotland, have spent much of my life in an induced coma, and exhibit a suite of omega-level mutant skills almost without limit. My hair resist all attempt at restyling and I'm possibly one of the most powerful being in the world. I'm also-- to use the scientific term--#%#!%$ insane. But today...? Today I feel pretty good, all thing considered. Quote2.png
X-Men: Legacy Vol 2 1
Quote1.png Here's a thing: When your dad's the planet's foremost psychic mindbotherer, you get a wee bit bloody used to things being weird. For instance: there's a place my most secret thoughts're broadcast like a ballgame announcement. There a conceptual realm inside my broken brain, with every appearance of a crappy B-movie sci-fi prison. Weird, no? I warned you. See... my mind infested a couple hundred insane egos, each with it own killcrazy super-power. My father and I spent years trying to keep these wee bastards at bay. Years of too many accident. Too much tragedy. Years of which I thought finally paid off when this place was conceived. A jail as a good way as any to control the unruly. My name is David Haller. Out in the real world people call me Legion. I wish they bloody wouldn't. My father's dead. He's dead, and I'm not entirely ready to think about that, except that the shockwave of it appear to've bugged everything up. So... this whole "prison-for-a-brain" idea? --I'm a wee bit concerned it's not working out. Quote2.png
X-Men: Legacy Vol 2 2
Quote1.png I won't fight you. You ask me? You should never have to fight again. We're not dissimilar, you know. You two, me. Basking in a dead shadow. Screwed-up in all kinds exciting ways by love 'n' resentment. You know what I've learned? What... you two helped me see? You don't get to be perfect just because you're dead. And empty things ain't worth inhertin'. Listen, I don't mean to... to speechify. I just want to help my people. I want to help the entire #$%@&#* world-- and there is really no way sayin' that without soundin' stupid. Huh. I want to hep youse two. if you'll let me. Not because of dad. Not because of the bloody dream. But... because you had crappy deal outta life and it's about time someone fixed it. Look, I don't have all the answers. I'm a #$&@*# mess, truth be told. I don't know if I hate my dad or worship him--and I imagine you know how that feels--but...Sojobo....Karasu...I think...I think there is a sort of wisdom in admitting your ignorant, make thing you do know mean helluva lot more. What I know is this: children should have childhoods. people should have choices. Genes shouldn't matter a single figgy #$%&. And nobody should ever be forced to fight if they don't want to. Maybe we... we start our own school. Maybe we disappear--I don't know. But whatever it is, it'll be easier learnin' it together. Wh...what do you say? Quote2.png
X-Men: Legacy Vol 2 3
Quote1.png The bloody X-Men, there. Dad's technicolor mutant militia. What was it the eyeball called them, up in the mountains? Oh yeah: "Idealistic morons parttlin' 'bout equality an' tolerance while doing jack-#@%& to achieve it." "Crude. Inelegant. Stoopid." There is fire-scorched, bullet-riddled, heavily folded dimension somewhere to the left of Limbo to mark his word. That the second time he's been right, the bastard. I wonder who he was. I wonder what reason he's got to dislike the kiddie-thievin lycranauts-- as much I'm starting to. Quote2.png
X-Men: Legacy Vol 2 4
Quote1.png Luca. And oh, the penny drops like a bloody great bomb. The coincidental meetings. The lies in the mind of a monster, calculating to send me chasing off to the rescue... The hints. The nudges. The patterns within the chaos. All of it precise, deliberate, cunning... all of it calculated... calculated just right... to let a fiend get close to an angel. Quote2.png
X-Men: Legacy Vol 2 5
Quote1.png Shh. Listen. Learn. The event that Luca foresaw. The grand evil which will destroy all mutantkind? The genocide only the girl--only Blindfold--can stop? It's you, David. It's you. You wretched little disappointment. You're fated to wipe out your own kind, boy... and the girl you just saved? She's fated to try to kill you, just to stop it[...]Ha. Because I know everything... my son. Quote2.png
X-Men: Legacy Vol 2 6
Quote1.png There's a reason folks call me crazy. Quote2.png
X-Men: Legacy Vol 2 7
Quote1.png "I rule me." "I rule me." That gave me strength not so long ago. That little lie. Everyone should be able to say those words and mean them. Male. Female. Black. White. Mutant. Non-mutant...Leaders and losers alike. "I rule me." And nobody should have to fight. if they don't want to. Quote2.png
X-Men: Legacy Vol 2 8
Quote1.png "You got any more 'M's' in store David?"... M is for madness. M is for mutantkind. M is for monster. Quote2.png
X-Men: Legacy Vol 2 9
Quote1.png I want you to break my brain. I want your #@$%& cure. Quote2.png
X-Men: Legacy Vol 2 10
Quote1.png So you're the Red Skull? So you nicked my dad's brain? Well so bloody what? I want. The pill. Quote2.png
X-Men: Legacy Vol 2 11
Quote1.png Nothing brings people together like being told who to hate, aye. But nothing breaks 'em apart like havin' to think about it for themselves. Quote2.png
X-Men: Legacy Vol 2 12
Quote1.png You. Don't. Understand. Quote2.png
X-Men: Legacy Vol 2 13
Quote1.png No one else'll do it, Ruth. No more waiting. No more dead parents. No more ignoring the enemy. Quote2.png
X-Men: Legacy Vol 2 16
Quote1.png One of us will end up killing the other. It is a vicious world where love isn't enough. Quote2.png
X-Men: Legacy Vol 2 17
Quote1.png Grow up, Scott. It's not a #@£$%Ɛ# popularity contest. Quote2.png
X-Men: Legacy Vol 2 18
Quote1.png Because when you're staring down the barrel the first thing you'll see is that it doesn't matter a jot if you'll be remembered or not. All that bloody matters, in that moment, is this: How %$@Ɛ£#$ hard you fought when Death came to take you. Quote2.png
X-Men: Legacy Vol 2 20
Quote1.png Good luck, Hannah. I'm rooting for you. Quote2.png
Legion Vol 1 3
Quote1.png Y-your faith in me is touching, Hannah. B-but you're wrong. I can't beat him. In fact, I... I'm almost f-finished. Quote2.png
Legion Vol 1 4
Quote1.png I was right to turn to Professor Hannah Jones for help. Quote2.png
Legion Vol 1 5
Quote1.png I don't trust you either. Not yet. There are secrets here -- secrets and shadows. I can smell the first on the both of you. And the second? Seems to me Kurt's the only one even lookin'... Tell you this. I've been in his head. It's chock-bloody-full of questions, but he's not pretending he's got the answers. That I trust. Och -- go plan your fireworks and get drunk, eh? Have a giggle. If you need me to pick up the pieces -- 'cause ye didn't think it through properly -- that's no bother. Go build your empire, lads. I'll be helpin' Captain Earthworm here wi' the hearts and minds. Favor for a favor. Quote2.png
Way of X Vol 1 2
Quote1.png My name is Legion, for we are many! Quote2.png
David Haller (Earth-616)
Quote1.png It never occurred to me to try and merge with my own insanity. Quote2.png
Gestalt (Legion Personality) (Earth-616)
Quote1.png One Eight Six. Johnny Gomorrah. Quote2.png
Johnny Gomorrah (Legion Personality) (Earth-616)

Will they attack again? Will there be more fighting?
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'Fraid so.
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Good. I can't wait. This is fun.
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Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 254

"Hadn't you Heard? I'm %$#&@%# CRAZY ME!" X-Men: Legacy (Vol. 2) #6

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