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Quotes by David Haller (Earth-TRN620)

Quote1.png I was sick... but I'm not sick anymore! Quote2.png
--David Haller (Earth-TRN620)
Quote1.png Open your mind, your heart. This is good. You want to do this... You will. Quote2.png
--David Haller (Earth-TRN620)
Quote1.png I am Legion. Quote2.png
--David Haller (Earth-TRN620)
Quote1.png Lessons in Time Travel, Chapter Zero: Who we were does not dictate who we will be. But often, it's a pretty good indication. Time travel does not give one the opportunity to change oneself, but rather to eradicate oneself and allow something else to form in the wake of what once was. And in this is a sort of grace, or madness. Because if we don't believe in change, then we don't believe in time. Quote2.png
--David Haller (Earth-TRN620)

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