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Quotes by Degenerate (Earth-93060)

Quote1 Oh, hear the roar of the well-tuned engine! See the perfect bodies of the defenders of purity. Feel the ice of their indignant glares. Now how 'bout a little heat to melt us all back to our natural slime? Quote2
--Degenerate (Earth-93060)
Quote1 The Fire! Oh, melt me to my base components! Make me simple as my opponents! Slimy as a butter dish, melted in agony most de-lish! A rag! A bone! A hank o' hank o' hank o' burnin' hair! To Hell I go, taking all the kiddies with me there! Oh, what a finish! What an act! What a world! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Quote2
--Degenerate (Earth-93060)

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