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Quotes by Dino Manelli (Earth-616)

Quote1 Be right with you, Sarge! I wouldn't wanna meet any French gals with my hair mussed! Quote2
--Dino Manelli (Earth-616)
Quote1 I guess Axis Sally figures there are lots of joes like me in uniform! ... She doesn't realize that we can love our European heritage and still be ready to die fighting tyranny! Quote2
--Dino Manelli (Earth-616)
Quote1 She was sent to betray this land and its defenders... but, she remained to give her life for them! I'll never forget you, Nina! And I'll keep my promise... to rid the world of the plague called Nazism... if it takes... forever! Quote2
--Dino Manelli (Earth-616)
Quote1 H-holy cow! It... It's you! The blank-faced heinie! Quote2
--Dino Manelli (Earth-616)

Conversations with Dino Manelli (Earth-616)

Dino Manelli (Earth-616)
Dino Manelli
Wonder which of us will be next?
Conversation Tail
Isadore Cohen (Earth-616)
Izzy Cohen
What's the diff? We're all expendable!
Conversation Tail
Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos #4

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