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Quotes by Ebony Maw (Earth-616)

Quote1 Stop imagining poor endings for the world... a very real one is coming soon. Quote2
--Ebony Maw (Earth-616)
Quote1 All beings pray... but who listens... to the prayers of Gods? Behold your legacy. You saw it in their faces. They, the greatest heroes of Earth, who had dug infinite graves for fallen comrades strewn across a burning universe at war, all in futile effort to stop my lord Thanos. In the final moments they realized the great nihilism. The truth. The inherent black. They could not defeat him. Their actions were folly, sound and fury signifying nothing... everything they were and had always been. It meant nothing. And then you, with but a whim, acted... and that was when they were truly afraid. Afraid of you... Thane, son of Thanos. He who had the power to take Death itself in his hand... and imprison it. Quote2
--Ebony Maw (Earth-616)
Quote1 Sanity is entirely relative. What one individual sees as the norm is repugnant and alien to another. A xenomorphic dance of rationale's glimmering nuance. Quote2
--Ebony Maw (Earth-616)
Quote1 If you knew that the flailing, fresh-born offspring of this reality's greatest monster sat unsuspecting and vulnerable nearby... descendant of a family line built on genocide and abomination, torture and malevolence... would you not kill it...? For the good of all. Quote2
--Ebony Maw (Earth-616)

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