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Quotes by Fafnir (Nastrond) (Earth-616)

Quote1 My past has been stolen, little god -- stripped from me! I have lost my kingdom -- my power -- my glory! I have lost my authority to rule! And most of all, I have lost my form, my body, my face-- lost it to the hideous form of a dragon! All of this because of you, Thor-- Because of you and your accursed father Odin! But now, at last, here on the new kingdom Loki has granted me, I will take my revenge--by slaying hated Odin's first and favored son! Quote2
--Fafnir (Nastrond) (Earth-616)
Quote1 You needn't do that, Blondhair, for gladly will I show you why all who live fear the Dweller of the Hate-Cavern. Quote2
--Fafnir (Nastrond) (Earth-616)

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