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Quotes by Frank Castle (Earth-1610)

Quote1 My name is Frank Castle and for the past two months I've been offing twice as much scum as usual. Quote2
--Frank Castle (Earth-1610)
Quote1 Go ahead. Do it! It's all I deserve! I shot a boy, didn't I? Hit me, you @#%S&! PUNISH ME! Quote2
--Frank Castle (Earth-1610)
Quote1 Some people wonder how I sleep at night. I tell them I just close my eyes. Quote2
--Frank Castle (Earth-1610)
Quote1 And I figured it out. I know why man sins. Do you know why man sins? Because he wants to. Quote2
--Frank Castle (Earth-1610)

Conversations with Frank Castle (Earth-1610)

Ultimate-Comics-Avengers-Vol-2-5-Page 14-Vengeance-(Earth-1610)-th
Robert Blackthorne
Do... Do you realize what you've done? I... I'm the Vice President of the United States, you imbecile.
Conversation Tail
Frank Castle (Earth-1610) as in Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 061
Yeah, well, I voted for that hot Alaskan lady.
Conversation Tail
Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #6

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