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Quote1.png Say yes and I'll give you what you've wanted all these years. [...] A war that lasts forever, a war that never ends, but you have to say the word, Frank-- Quote2.png
Born Vol 1 4
Quote1.png And now, every night, I go out and make the world sane. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 1
Quote1.png In his heart, he knew it was wrong. But it was what he wanted. So he went ahead and did it, and hoped everything would work out all right. That's why he deserved to be punished. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 4
Quote1.png Don't think you can change anything, redeem anything. Don't think the past means shit to me. Run. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 5
Quote1.png You have to be f_cking kidding me. His next step's a reflex action. So's the next one. Got to be. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 6
Quote1.png Trouble with a bomb is there's no one to get your hands on, no way to return fire. No one to kill. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 7
Quote1.png Anyone not wanting to die for Ireland...better clear on out the back. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 8
Quote1.png I've news for you: all I did was pull the bandages off. You screamed your head off and passed out straightaway. That was two hours ago. Tell us everything. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 9
Quote1.png Been a long, long time...Since I killed people from a Huey. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 10
Quote1.png Thought the cops'd show up sooner than this. Would've liked to get the others but three dozen Westies is a good night's work. One more mag, then quit. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 11
Quote1.png Still don't like this. Nesbitt buying these maggots off with his will. I hated someone like he hated them, I'd go ahead and waste them. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 12
Quote1.png You work for the devil, you better be ready to die for him. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 13
Quote1.png That's everything you need to know to break into a nuclear missile base. Except for the next part, where you kill every living thing you find. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 14
Quote1.png Twelve-point-seven millimeter Dushka's just like our fifty cal. really designed to be used on aircraft. You use it on people, you turn them into paint. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 15
Quote1.png I'm here, Galina. It's going to be all right. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 16
Quote1.png If you do not immediately and unconditionally agree to these terms...I will burn Russia and its people from off the face of the Earth. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 17
Quote1.png If the thought of it seems weren't crazy enough to begin with. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 18
Quote1.png Now and again some f*ck pops up and tries to fill the vacuum. And I remind them why it pays to be afraid. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 19
Quote1.png There's a dream I have from time to time. And in the dream I don't stop. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 21
Quote1.png Something in me's saying, "Stop. Back off. Run proper recon. Wait them out and let them sweat, then go in like the wrath of God!" But this cold, white fury that I feel says no. Suicide Run. If I die now, a world of f_cks will go unpunished. But I drive on. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 22
Quote1.png Sawn-off twelve-gauge. Both barrels, point-blank. Consider that my wake-up call. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 23
Quote1.png Low in the stomach. Your guts'll fill up with sh_t. You'll die of blood poisoning, maybe take a couple of nights to do it. No one'll hear you, way out here. You made it personal, Cavella. But all that buys you is a little more pain than most. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 24
Quote1.png Later on, she told me the whole story. About the day she left her village. About the old man, about Cristu and Vera. About the thing her father said. About her baby. When she was done, I knew a lot of men would have to die. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 25
Quote1.png F_cking a girl who doesn't want it. Whats that called? Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 26
Quote1.png The things I'd have to do to break those make them talk...would be extreme. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 27
Quote1.png Prison held no terror for a man like him. Neither did torture nor did death. How would you make him afraid? How would you even talk to him? You'd start by showing him you speak the language. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 28
Quote1.png All that counts is you can't stop me. I'm stronger than you, so I can do anything I want. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 29
Quote1.png Because by this time tomorrow, the wolves will all be dead. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 30
Quote1.png Someone that anxious to avoid the police, I usually let them have him. If I'm not killing him anyway. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 31
Quote1.png Later... beaten half to death, cut and bleeding, drowning in the Atlantic with a five-meter shark closing in for the kill... I remember thinking just how wrong you can be. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 32
Quote1.png I knew if I didn't move I was a dead man. Baracuda'd find me in the morning, kill me if I hadn't died already. That's all right, I remember thinking. I'd just have to kick the shit out of him in Hell. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 34
Quote1.png I helped myself to everything. Knew he wouldn't have any objection. By the time I was through with him, the fu@&er wouldn't have a head. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 35
Quote1.png What's the only thing more dangerous than a Barracuda? Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 36
Quote1.png I knew who was meant to be with who from watching them outside Tojo's. Figured it couldn't hurt to take some pictures...I accidentally got the money shot, I'm truly sorry to say. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 37
Quote1.png You go to war in Afghanistan...and everybody dies. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 38
Quote1.png Everything in moderation. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 40
Quote1.png Effective range of a claymore mine is something like a hundred yards. Which most people who use them know by heart. In fact, to be hit by shrapnel from one of your'd have to be a f*cking moron. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 41
Quote1.png She's dead, right when I was starting to like her. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 42
Quote1.png In the end I didn't gut him. Didn't hang his innards from a tree. Didn't pulp his face and break his limbs against plate glass, then send him screaming fifty floors to the street. Didn't douse him in gasoline and light a match. The things I did last year...I didn't do. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 43
Quote1.png There are times I'd like to get my hands on God. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 44
Quote1.png Calm down. Nobody dies that doesn't deserve to. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 45
Quote1.png All the same, I didn't like it. Made the decision to quit then and there. Then something happened I liked even less. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 46
Quote1.png Goodbye, I thought. You strange, sad creature. If I could, I'd kill every single one of them. I'd wipe them out. And you'd never have to exist at all. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 49
Quote1.png The war was where I lived. And we went to the park that day. And in the worst way possible...they were my way home after all. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 52
Quote1.png She was precious beyond gold, and I couldn't have her hurting for another second. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 53
Quote1.png The sun slipped away behind me, the last sliver seeming to pause on the horizon, then succumbing to the black. And I drove on through the shadows of America...through the long, cold, dark night that I've made of my life. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 54
Quote1.png They aren't soldiers. They're executives in a corporation. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 58
Quote1.png I don't do redemption. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 60
Quote1.png Alright, let's find out what the f*ck's going on around here. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 61
Quote1.png You've got to work them in rotation. Switch hands when the wrists get tired. Tape off so the knuckles don't bruise. They hold out. But not for long. They talk. And they do not lie. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 62
Quote1.png I clean my guns and she is dead. I jam my mags and she is dead. She is dead. She is dead. She is dead. And soon...soon, they will be, too. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 63
Quote1.png That's the thing with meth-heads...all that strength...all that confidence...but they never consider the angles. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 64
Quote1.png That's the good thing about meth labs. Highly flammable. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 7 65
Quote1.png I've always known that what I do will get me killed someday. I just never thought I'd have advance notice. Well, six hours left. Better make the most of them. Quote2.png
Punisher: Frank Castle Max Vol 1 66
Quote1.png Thought the last name rang a bell. Say hi to your brother for me. Quote2.png
Punisher: Frank Castle Max Vol 1 67
Quote1.png A death squad for hire. And there's only one thing death wants. More death. Any way it can get it. Quote2.png
Punisher: Frank Castle Max Vol 1 68
Quote1.png I'm still in hell and there are still people to punish. Quote2.png
Punisher: Frank Castle Max Vol 1 70
Quote1.png I have no weapons. No guns. No knives. No explosives. I have to be quick and quiet. I have to improvise. And I have to get it right the first time. Quote2.png
Punisher MAX: Naked Kill Vol 1 1
Quote1.png Oh, and one more minor detail: She's crazy as a shithouse rat. Quote2.png
Punisher: Frank Castle Max Vol 1 71
Quote1.png You can usual count on normal people to run from gunfire. These aren't normal people. Quote2.png
Punisher: Frank Castle Max Vol 1 72
Quote1.png I have this habit. Making things my business. Usually works out. This time it didn't. Quote2.png
Punisher: Frank Castle Max Vol 1 73
Quote1.png Like I said before. Running isn't my style. Killing these bastards is. Quote2.png
Punisher: Frank Castle Max Vol 1 74
Quote1.png Never look away, not even for a second. Quote2.png
Punisher: Frank Castle Max Vol 1 75
Quote1.png There is no God. There are no souls. All that we are is meat and bone. These are certainties I learned long ago. Quote2.png
Punishermax Vol 1 6
Quote1.png Beer and a fight. You're a generous man, Billy Finn. Quote2.png
Punisher Max: Hot Rods of Death Vol 1 1
Quote1.png The day finally has some meaning. Always more work. Always. Just get home. All broken inside. Home will heal me. Never stop. Heal, then back to work. Always more work. Just gotta get...home...just gotta...get... Quote2.png
Punishermax Vol 1 21
Quote1.png Open fire. Drop as many of them as you can. Quote2.png
Punisher MAX: The Platoon Vol 1 2
Quote1.png Mm. Let's you and me take a trip. Quote2.png
Punisher MAX: The Platoon Vol 1 3
Quote1.png To the N.V.A., a combat loss is a combat loss. Doesn't matter if it's a bullet or the syph. Quote2.png
Punisher MAX: The Platoon Vol 1 4
Quote1.png Only problem was it wasn't me. Quote2.png
Punisher: Soviet Vol 1 1
Quote1.png I guess I just knew how he felt. Quote2.png
Punisher: Soviet Vol 1 6
Quote1.png The world went crazy on a summer's day in Central Park. In the time before Uzis and berettas, before nine-millimeter popguns ruled the streets. It was a Thompson, like the ones our fathers carried, and I recognized its rattle even as its big, man-stopping forty-fives punched blood and breath from my lungs. I hit the ground besides my daughter. She's been gunshot, badly, and when she saw the things that boiled and wriggled from her belly the expression on her face was not a little girl's. My wife bled out later on the operating table, her heart a gaping hole her life drained through. Whenever I get careless, that yearning in her eyes creeps up and brings me to my knees. Right then the old man's soldiers started shooting back. My son dropped wordlessly, without a mark on him. I took a breath that cut like glass, spat blood, rose to my knees, picked up the boy and searched in vain for entry wounds. The bullet had entered through his open mouth. That was our picnic in the park. And now every night I go out and make the world sane. Quote2.png
Frank Castle (Earth-200111)

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