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Quotes by Gatecrasher (Earth-TRN295)

Quote1 Alright, my happy troupe. Hold on to him now. Perhaps we should label him -- just in case. Quote2
--Gatecrasher (Earth-TRN295)
Quote1 One feels that one should have something glib to say in times of horror... ... Come, Captain. There is nothing to be done here. The party's gone sour. We must be away. ... You have no choice, Captain. This is not your concern. You have your place. Quote2
--Gatecrasher (Earth-TRN295)
Quote1 Numbers checked our contract with SecuriMax. Thanks to some loose legalese -- it's in perpetuity. So if you escape... we get the same bounty for re-capturing you. Quote2
--Gatecrasher (Earth-TRN295)

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