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Quote1.png I'm still Big M, Head of the Maggia... Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 7
Quote1.png I'm not one you'd care to know! Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 35
Quote1.png I find, now -- that it is Jasper who still holds my heart! Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 36
Quote1.png Are all SHIELD Agents so melodramatic, Mr. Sitwell? Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 99
Quote1.png Tony, is - is this real? Is the nightmare over? Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 108
Quote1.png We need Tony Stark's cooperation, not his corpse! Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 115
Quote1.png Nefaria was my father! And somehow that ... changes things. Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 116
Quote1.png I had a bigger stake in Tony's life than you'll ever have! Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 139
Quote1.png You claim to have beaten Stark. Have you beaten Iron Man? Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 198
Quote1.png I've got a surprise for you...... You won't like this one. Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 203
Quote1.png I must remain vigilant! Always vigilant! My enemies-- They're all around me, always plotting! I must show no weakness! Must never drop my guard! Quote2.png
Avengers Vol 3 32
Quote1.png I applaud your efforts Avengers-- Though, I am slightly disappointed by the fact you deem me unworthy of Thor's attention. Quote2.png
Thunderbolts Vol 1 44
Quote1.png Tony Stark is in a persistent vegetative state and completely helpless. If I can find him, I want you to kill him... Ghost. Quote2.png
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 20
Quote1.png You don't like the odds? You change them! You're right, the Avengers are coming for you. ... So when they come for make sure you're ready. You make sure you have something they would never see coming. Quote2.png
New Avengers Vol 1 64
Quote1.png Claws? Really? Quote2.png
Moon Knight Vol 6 11
Quote1.png Found you. Quote2.png
Hawkeye Vol 4 16
Quote1.png I hate these %$&* Hawkeyes. Quote2.png
Hawkeye Vol 5 16
Quote1.png We are here not to kill the West Coast Avengers -- that would only bring more heroes right to our doorstep. No, we're here to reclaim our city so that we can get back to business as usual. We're here to break them, to divide them, to crush their spirits. There's nothing sadder than a broken super hero. And by sadder I mean more delightful. Quote2.png
West Coast Avengers Vol 3 6
Quote1.png This was not as effective as we hoped because we underestimated them. That will not happen again. Quote2.png
West Coast Avengers Vol 3 7

Tony Stark
Maybe I'm just a pasteboard playboy... maybe I come on with a manufactured line... but I know a real woman when I hold one... and I know there's a kind of beauty that can't be destroyed... because it's on the inside!
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Madame Masque
I'm not certain that fits me, Tony Stark... but I'd like to think it did! But my thoughts are unimportant... if we can't escape this island!
Conversation Tail.png
Iron Man Vol 1 19

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