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Quote1.png Feel that little lord of heaven? That sense of helplessness as you fall? That is how you feel to be mortal. Next you will learn how it fell to be butchered. Quote2.png
Thor: God of Thunder Vol 1 2
Quote1.png Fight all you like. These bonds have held a thousand gods before you, some the size of mountains. They all start out so full of confidence and rage. So convinced of their own blessed immortality, until I show them what they really are. What their mothers are. Their lovers. Their infants. You're meat, just like the rest of us, little god. Meat and bone and blood and innards. I will show you your true face, Thor of Asgard, by peeling away this mask of flesh you wear. Quote2.png
Thor: God of Thunder Vol 1 4
Quote1.png My name is Gorr, son of a nameless father, outcast from a forgotten world. I have slain my way through multitudes to stand here at the genesis of all things. Blackened by vengeance, wet with holy blood. One simple dream still strong in my heart... The dream of a godless age. Quote2.png
Thor: God of Thunder Vol 1 5
Quote1.png Help... You? Help YOU!? Where were you!? Where were you when my children were starving!? When my wife was screaming for your help!? When my mother was being butchered like an animal! WHERE WERE YOU WHEN WE NEEDED OUR GODS!? Quote2.png
Thor: God of Thunder Vol 1 6
Quote1.png Two omnipotent brothers squabbling with each other while all of existence withers around them. This is exactly why I've always despised your kind. This... is why all Gods must die. Quote2.png
King Thor Vol 1 1
Quote1.png It fell from the sky many years ago, on a world without a name. I picked it up... and butchered my first gods. And then as I stood there, baptized in their blood. A question formed in my simple little brain... I wonder if there are more? Quote2.png
Gorr (Earth-616)

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