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Quotes by Greg Willis (Earth-616)

Quote1.png I can't wait to see the look on my folk's faces when they see I'm still alive. Quote2.png
--Greg Willis (Earth-616)
Quote1.png So now we, what? Just wait? No. No, there's gotta be something we could be doing right now! Gotta be someone who knows something, or -- or -- I mean -- a bunch of people were murdered in cold blood yesterday! Just killed! For kicks! And no one's giving up the killers? What the hell's gone wrong with the world? Quote2.png
--Greg Willis (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Is that what you were hoping to hear from those girls, Mortar? You know, when you were going to torture and execute them in front of millions? Why should I abide by the rules you refuse to follow? Why should I show you any mercy? Quote2.png
--Greg Willis (Earth-616)
Quote1.png I've seen so many people die, and you -- to you it's, what, some kinda math problem? Some joke? What?! You're a disgrace. You dishonor every hero living or dead that came before you. Innocent people, good people, they die. And a cold-hearted monster like you, you just keep on living, don't you? Cap's dead. Nomad... You don't deserve to breathe the air they breathed. Quote2.png
--Greg Willis (Earth-616)

Conversations with Greg Willis (Earth-616)

Hercules Vol 4 1 Textless.jpg
Zounds! What a glorious day! I am restored to my righteous form! With good comrades by my side! A monster torn asunder! And naked people as far as the eye can see! Reminds me of a time in Mycenae!
Conversation Tail.png
Gravity Vol 1 5 Textless.jpg
Pants over here! We need pants for Hercules!
Conversation Tail.png
Amazing Spider-Man #673

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