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Quote1.png Hercules has always loved cities! It is there where the crowds are--where reveling and merry-making are to be found! And who can enjoy the good life as much as an Olympian god?!! Take me then to your city! Hercules commands! Quote2.png
Journey into Mystery Vol 1 125
Quote1.png Thy voice offends me! Be thou silent and bring me food! Quote2.png
Tales to Astonish Vol 1 79
Quote1.png Ho, what shimmering vision doth gleam before mine eyes? Quote2.png
Avengers Vol 1 38
Quote1.png The heart of Hercules cries out for vengeance... and vengeance shall it have!! Quote2.png
Avengers Vol 1 50
Quote1.png Ho Atlantean, --- This is truly great sport! Quote2.png
Sub-Mariner Vol 1 29
Quote1.png Ah, now this is a brew equal of the wine of Olympus! Bring me another slave ... and a larger goblet as well! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 224
Quote1.png Do mortals enjoy this life? Are they mad -- or are they accursed? Children cry for their mothers ... Men weep for dreams lost or abandoned... Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 229
Quote1.png Calm thyself mortal. Thy life has not ended yet. Quote2.png
Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 28
Quote1.png When food may be had -- Take it! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 232
Quote1.png Whatever Thor canst do -- Hercules canst accomplish more mightily! Quote2.png
Champions Vol 1 1
Quote1.png By the gods, the man is crazed! Quote2.png
Champions Vol 1 5
Quote1.png ... T'would be unseemly for the Son of Zeus to follow the commands of a callow youth. Quote2.png
Champions Vol 1 6
Quote1.png With Hercules at thy side the mortals will give not a thought to anything but the magnificence of our presence! Especially if there be ladies in the audience. Quote2.png
Champions Vol 1 8
Quote1.png "Tis of little import how long one lives -- how well is what really matters, especially with mortals with lives as fleeting as a wink in the eye of a god! Quote2.png
Avengers Vol 1 173
Quote1.png Physicans, Bah! I trust them not! Quote2.png
Daredevil Vol 1 156
Quote1.png Ne'er hath the Prince of Power bothered with coin of the realm! It seemed such a trifle! Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 229
Quote1.png You are under arrest, base villain! Quote2.png
New Mutants Vol 1 40
Quote1.png No more listening...time to kill! Quote2.png
Avengers Vol 1 285
Quote1.png Hast thou not a hammer?! Use it! Quote2.png
Mighty Thor Vol 1 407
Quote1.png Hercules was never one... to refuse a lady's invitation. Lead on my lovelies -- let the revels begin! Quote2.png
New Mutants Vol 1 81
Quote1.png (singing) She drives me CRAZE-EEE and I can't HELP MYSELF Quote2.png
Mighty Thor Vol 1 411
Quote1.png In truth, 'twas Hercules who defeated himself! No warrior can win every battle! But, he can try to succeed! He can have faith in himself! Hercules failed because he stopped believing! NEVER shall he do so again! Quote2.png
Mighty Thor Vol 1 418
Quote1.png Verily, it is time for some righteous smiting. Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 278
Quote1.png She is GONE, Pietro. And all is ASHES. All is DUST. Quote2.png
Avengers Vol 1 384
Quote1.png This is INSANITY! Gilgamesh is an ETERNAL -- They do not AGE. They do not DIE! Quote2.png
Avengers Vol 1 391
Quote1.png To carry such a grudge with thee is akin to donning the same raiment day 'pon day. E'en if at first it seems to suit tee...'tis not fore'er before it doth reek. Quote2.png
X-Men Vol 2 59
Quote1.png Should this webbing hold, that airborne sacrilege shall soon feel the sting of-- --thy friendly neighborhood Hercules! Quote2.png
Marvel Team-Up Vol 2 2
Quote1.png Olympus, land of beauty and hope unlimited -- of art, music and poetry unsurpassed - is in ruins! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 2 6
Quote1.png The end of the Avengers?! For Zeus' sake...why?! Disassembling is for lesser teams! Those unnecessary X-people, perhaps -- but not the Avengers! Quote2.png
Hercules Vol 3 1
Quote1.png Next time, less talking and more fighting. Quote2.png
Hercules Vol 3 3
Quote1.png Wolverine? Mayhap...the Avengers hath been reassembled? Then that would mean they let $%^&**' Wolverine on the team... and not Hercules? Mayhap I don't feel so bad about felling you now. Quote2.png
Hercules Vol 3 4
Quote1.png Thou shouldst learn the keystroke commands. Much more efficient than all that pointing and clicking. Quote2.png
Incredible Hulk Vol 2 107
Quote1.png If heroism is outlawed...I'd rather be a renegade. Quote2.png
Incredible Hercules Vol 1 114
Quote1.png Gotta go drain the Hydra. Quote2.png
Incredible Hercules Vol 1 116
Quote1.png Can't talk. Fighting. Quote2.png
Incredible Hercules Vol 1 118
Quote1.png What do you want from me? I punch stuff. It falls down! That's the only 'strategy' I've ever needed! Quote2.png
Incredible Hercules Vol 1 119
Quote1.png In all my centuries, I never...never dreamt I'd ever find a woman who fights as dirty as I! Quote2.png
Incredible Hercules Vol 1 124
Quote1.png I will be the hero you always wanted' me to be, father. Even if it takes my whole life...and the next...I will. Quote2.png
Incredible Hercules Vol 1 126
Quote1.png Von Meyer, my old foe. Ah, what a glorious lunatic. Quote2.png
Mighty Avengers Vol 1 24
Quote1.png And another thing! Why do you persist in talking in old-timey Shakespeare talk?! We're from Greece! From two thousand years before Shakespeare! It makes absolutely... NO! SENSE! Quote2.png
Incredible Hercules Vol 1 131
Quote1.png Of course. I am Thor. And I assure you, my...hammer works just fine. Quote2.png
Incredible Hercules Vol 1 134
Quote1.png Aye...I do. And before all those who have assembled here...who will sing the epic tale of this battle to the end of time...let it be proclaimed...that mighty Thor has finally, definitively, and completely been Hercules, the lion of Olympus! Quote2.png
Incredible Hercules Vol 1 136
Quote1.png I don't know why he's spurning us, but by Zeus, I like the cut of his wrath! Quote2.png
Realm of Kings: Inhumans Vol 1 2
Quote1.png You call yourselves heroes? Today you earn the name. Now listen that you may know your enemy... the Japanese named him 'Amatsu-Mikaboshi'... Lord of Darkness and Chaos... but he is far more than a mere god. Indeed, he was the whole universe before the beginning of everything... and he longs to return to that condition. He destroyed Mount Olympus, striking down father Zeus himself... Then he laid claim to the slave gods of the Skrulls... and marched across creation, slaying alien pantheon after alien pantheon, and adding to his armies. His aim is nothing less than the destruction of all reality. Piece by piece, until he is once again the only thing in existence. Now I've heard your laughter and your sneers. And I don't care. For I know far better than you ever will... what a fool I have always been. But hear me, friends, with thee eyes now so wide open... I have chosen you. Because as infinitely strong as I have become... I need you. I was sired by a god, but I have walked among mortals these thousands of years... and I know that you were born to foolishly reach beyond all reason... to stand together in the impossible fight -- and turn back apocalypse once and for all! ... Now, heroes -- I grant you each a fraction of my power -- so we may stare down oblivion ...and against its eternal no... shout 'yes!' Quote2.png
Chaos War Vol 1 1
Quote1.png You are summoned by the power of Hercules, my friends. And I am sorry. You've been through too much. Your bodies are broken...and your hearts are breaking...for the ties that bind you have shattered. How can you possible be ready for more? Quote2.png
Incredible Hulks Vol 1 620
Quote1.png You call me the God of Heroes? What heroes teach what the gods should be. So now, no matter what the cost...I undo all your cold wisdom has wrought, sister Athena! As my first -- and last act as All-Father -- I do what any true god should do -- what the heroes among us do every day. I give up restore...and then to walk away. Quote2.png
Chaos War Vol 1 5
Quote1.png Well, I'm immortal. The jury's out on what you are. Quote2.png
Wolverine/Hercules: Myths, Monsters & Mutants Vol 1 1
Quote1.png Okay, this may be too easy, but...who's thy daddy, now? Quote2.png
Herc Vol 1 2
Quote1.png Well, what do you know. Belt pouches are actually useful. Quote2.png
Herc Vol 1 4
Quote1.png I hate #$%^in' Clash of the Titans. Quote2.png
Wolverine/Hercules: Myths, Monsters & Mutants Vol 1 4
Quote1.png Gods? We don't need no stinking gods. Quote2.png
Herc Vol 1 5
Quote1.png Ah -- "healing factor?" Those words mean just one thing to someone in my line of work... No holding back! Quote2.png
Herc Vol 1 6.1
Quote1.png By my father's beard...the power, the strength I feel surging through me! Since the end of the Chaos War...I feared I might never feel so close to my former divinity again! More powerful than the strongest draught is the sensation...I'm capable of anything...everything! Quote2.png
Herc Vol 1 7
Quote1.png I'm a bit surprised, myself. But now that I think about it...what moron would try to tame the son of Zeus with fire from heaven? My father IS the lightning! Quote2.png
Herc Vol 1 8
Quote1.png Ninjas. I love ninjas. I mean, to punch. Quote2.png
Herc Vol 1 9
Quote1.png I bring you the gift-- of battle! Quote2.png
Superior Foes of Spider-Man Vol 1 10
Quote1.png You're the Storm, are you? You? You're what everyone's afraid of? Quote2.png
Hercules Vol 4 4
Quote1.png there some part of "immortal" you don't get? Quote2.png
Hercules Vol 4 5
Quote1.png Look, take what you need from this room. Arm yourselves, then we can eat and make plans. We won a battle against The Storm... not the whole war. Quote2.png
Hercules Vol 4 6
Quote1.png Welcome! Welcome, my friends... my Gods of War! Welcome to the greatest city on Earth! Quote2.png
Civil War II: Gods of War Vol 1 2
Quote1.png You already move through this world somewhat removed. It would devastate me to watch that intensify as you ruminate too heavily on how immortality will change you. Over the millennia to come, you will experience emotions you don't yet know are even possible. The only one that will keep you sane is joy. Do not waste time mourning for those whom you outlive. Instead, revel in their friendships. If you savor them to their fullest, forever remembering those you meet along the way, the loneliness is tempered... because they shall then be immortal, too. Quote2.png
Avengers Vol 7 11
Quote1.png Oizys. You -- you traffic in -- in despair -- do you -- ? Then you are a fool to face a man with nothing left to lose! Quote2.png
Avengers No Road Home Vol 1 5
Quote1.png More reminders of pain... old hurts and hates, so many... I want to collapse. I want to drink. But I can't. There's something I have to do. A labor to complete. Quote2.png
Avengers No Road Home Vol 1 8
Quote1.png Hurting your friends will not bring Peter Quill back to you. Quote2.png
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 6 4
Quote1.png Whatever Thor canst do -- Hercules can accomplish more mightily! Quote2.png
Hercules Panhellenios (Earth-616)

These are odds for a God! -- No paltry group of Trolls, but a full army! Ah, it makes the blood sing, Asgardian! It makes a man feel Alive!
Conversation Tail.png
Thor Odinson (Earth-616).jpg
It can also make a man dead, Olympian. Let these demons get close enough and they'll slit thy throat as soon as look at thee!
Conversation Tail.png

I'd like to see them try Blondhair -- Ah, I'd like to see them TRY!
Conversation Tail.png
Thor Vol 1 222

Jarvis according to Hercules
"'Oh, Master Thor, why must you always embarass yourself? Beat Master Hercules! Oh that is rich!
Conversation Tail.png

Sir, I don't remember any of this.
Conversation Tail.png

Oh, yes, I, uh, made an error. And so our titanic struggle did begin....
Conversation Tail.png
Thor Vol 1 356
Thor Odinson (Earth-616) from Avengers 21 Infinity.jpg
By Ymir's frost-covered beard, art thou mad? I create a new secret identity as Sigurd Jarlson-- I entrust one Avenger with my address-- Thou com'st hither to ask my aid-- and then thou wouldst consume fried fowl ere returning to our allies! By my troth, Olympian! Every time I consider thee a full-fledged god, thou remindest me of thy half-human heritage!
Conversation Tail.png
Incredible Hercules Vol 1 123 Textless.jpg
It has been a long night, Thor! I need strength to exact revenge!
Conversation Tail.png
Thor Odinson (Earth-616) from Avengers 21 Infinity.jpg
I need strength to deal with thee!
Conversation Tail.png
West Coast Avengers Annual Vol 1 1
Hercules Vol 4 2 Dauterman Variant Textless.jpg
Thou wouldst not strike the Lion of Olympus, wouldst thou?
Conversation Tail.png
Immortal She-Hulk Vol 1 1 She-Hulk Timeless Variant.jpg
Y'know, Herky-baby... I wouldst!
Conversation Tail.png
Sensational She-Hulk Vol 1 25
Thor Odinson (Earth-616).jpg
For honor, for glory -- FOR ASGAARRRD!
Conversation Tail.png

And the splendor of Olympus which thou didst seek to destroy!
Conversation Tail.png
Preston Case (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 2 14 0001.jpg
Destroyer (Preston Case)
Nuts to that. This -- is for life!
Conversation Tail.png
Thor Vol 2 12

You want some of this?
Conversation Tail.png

Amadeus Cho
I'm underage dude. Besides, I'd rather see you hitting those helicopters than the bottle.
Conversation Tail.png

It's a goblet Amadeus. And we're not just drinking. We're paying tribute.
Conversation Tail.png
Incredible Hulk Vol 2 112
Hercules Vol 4 2 Dauterman Variant Textless.jpg
Hercules're both knowledgeable. Tell me: do you think she'll call me?
Conversation Tail.png
Incredible Hulk Vol 1 106 page 02 Amadeus Cho (Earth-616).jpg
Conversation Tail.png
Athena Parthenos (Earth-616) from Chaos War Vol 1 5 0001.png
Conversation Tail.png
Hercules Vol 4 2 Dauterman Variant Textless.jpg
Conversation Tail.png
She-Hulk Vol 2 30

Just a moment, Namor...I know the Amazon queen, lovely Hippolyta, once upon a time we were...friendly.
Conversation Tail.png

Conversation Tail.png

A gentleman never kisses and tells.
Conversation Tail.png

Suddenly you're a gentleman?
Conversation Tail.png
Incredible Hercules Vol 1 122

I should have been grateful. Who wouldn't trade fiery agony for Hebe's dewy meadows? But we're talking about eternity here. And you know that the woman collects BEANIE BABIES?
Conversation Tail.png

Conversation Tail.png

Honestly, Hebe was fine... It's Zeus I still don't understand. For all that talk about me being his favorite son, I sure seem to get yelled at and banished a lot.
Conversation Tail.png
Incredible Hercules Vol 1 129
Hercules Vol 4 1 Textless.jpg
Zounds! What a glorious day! I am restored to my righteous form! With good comrades by my side! A monster torn asunder! And naked people as far as the eye can see! Reminds me of a time in Mycenae!
Conversation Tail.png
Gravity Vol 1 5 Textless.jpg
Pants over here! We need pants for Hercules!
Conversation Tail.png
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 673
Zeus Panhellenios (Earth-616) and Hera Argeia (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulks Vol 1 621 001.jpg
You still lack the proper respect...but after tasting the poisonous mortality you have borne...I begin to understand. So prepare yourself for your reward...from a father whose heart surges with gratitude...and pride.
Conversation Tail.png

Ah, father...thank you...but no.
Conversation Tail.png
Zeus Panhellenios (Earth-616) and Hera Argeia (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulks Vol 1 621 001.jpg
Still so suspicious? I'm giving you back your godhood, boy!
Conversation Tail.png

Boy, eh? I'd rather be a man.
Conversation Tail.png
Herc Vol 1 10
Gilgamesh (Earth-616) from Eternals Vol 4 5 0001.jpg
I don't feel part of this world anymore, Herak. I am forgotten. I don't know what use I am.
Conversation Tail.png
Hercules Vol 4 1 Textless.jpg
You're a hero, Gil. The world always needs those.
Conversation Tail.png
Gilgamesh (Earth-616) from Eternals Vol 4 5 0001.jpg
Not our kind, Herak. We don't have capes. Or rocket boots. Or... web-shooter things.
Conversation Tail.png
Hercules Vol 4 1 Textless.jpg
Maybe. But we've got experience, Gil. More than most. More than any. I'm going to get you back in the game, Gil. You can help me make some new myths.
Conversation Tail.png
Hercules Vol 4 1

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