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Quotes by James Howlett (Earth-7642)

Quote1 The X-Men have a school. Think we got a couple extra bedrooms. Assumin' it wouldn't be overly confusing having two guys with claws and two ladies with energy blades. Interested? Quote2
--James Howlett (Earth-7642)
Quote1 Good. Then ya understand that sometimes ya gotta help the li'l guy -- even when it seems like the rest of the world is afraid of ya... like they hate ya... just for being different. Quote2
--James Howlett (Earth-7642)
Quote1 A talkin' truck? Are you kiddin' me? Quote2
--James Howlett (Earth-7642)
Quote1 For Simyon, the slaughter was a turn-on. He worshipped the Witchblade because he loved killing. It never occured to him that he'd be among the victims. Quote2
--James Howlett (Earth-7642)
Quote1 It's an ancient myth about an old man in an library. He has all the knowledge of the world stored up -- but he's short of hired help, so anyone that goes in becomes a slave and has to maintain the library until they die. Quote2
--James Howlett (Earth-7642)
Quote1 Maybe, darlin'. But y'never know. Dreams are what make reality worth living. An' even for the likes of us, sometimes they come true. Quote2
--James Howlett (Earth-7642)
Quote1 Can you taste the salt yet? Soon you'll be gurgling as your lungs fill with blood. And there will be nothing more of you than worm's meat. Quote2
--James Howlett (Earth-7642)

Conversations with James Howlett (Earth-7642)

James Howlett (Earth-7642) from Darkness Wolverine Vol 1 1 0001
I don't know what you made up and what was real. Was any of it real?
Conversation Tail
Sung Li (Earth-7642) from Deathblow Wolverine Vol 1 1 001
Sung Li
It was all real...
Conversation Tail
Deathblow / Wolverine #2

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