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Quotes by Jean Grey (Earth-13729)

Quote1 I know who you are, Rachel... and the reason we are hiding our thoughts and memories from you is because we love you. We're here because we want the best for you. Now and forever. My name is Jean Grey, and I am an X-Man too. Hey, 'Ro. Now, you have to find my younger self and get her back to where she belongs. You made a promise to me, Kitty Pryde. It's time you kept it. Quote2
--Jean Grey (Earth-13729)
Quote1 I know you think you'll win, Jean. I know you think you're ready for what's coming, that you all are. I wish I could believe you. But I promise you, whatever power you think you've got on your side... it won't be enough. You'll figure it out for yourself someday. Goodbye, Jean Grey. And good luck. Quote2
--Jean Grey (Earth-13729)
Quote1 You want to know what the future is like? You want to know why we're here? Then look up. Look at what they think of us. Welcome to your future, X-Men. Hope you survive the experience. Quote2
--Jean Grey (Earth-13729)

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