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Quote1.png See, this is the only thing I know to be good advice-- if people don't get you-- or hate you because they don't understand you... whose problem is that? Yours or theirs? Quote2.png
Ultimate Marvel Team Up Vol 1 11
Quote1.png I could close your throat until you choke to death. Quote2.png
Ultimate X Vol 1 2
Quote1.png We are not the X-Men. The X-Men are dead. All of them. Quote2.png
Ultimate X Vol 1 4
Quote1.png You come at us again -- or anyone under my protection -- and I'll kill every last one of you. Quote2.png
Ultimate X Vol 1 5
Quote1.png Thank you, Farbird. Your service honor us. Keep me updated, no matter how mundane. I want to know exactly what Kitty Pryde is doing down there. Quote2.png
Ultimate Comics X-Men Vol 1 19
Quote1.png Start addressing me as Jean Grey! Quote2.png
Ultimate Comics X-Men Vol 1 24
Quote1.png I'm sorry, you...You have no idea what it's like to actually meet you! To meet the leader of the mutants! Quote2.png
Ultimate Comics X-Men Vol 1 25
Quote1.png This is why Tian exists! But you, and your arrogance, will pin all these people to this... ghetto in the desert, and let your enemies plot your extermination at their leisure! You are an embarrassment to all mutants! Quote2.png
Ultimate Comics X-Men Vol 1 28
Quote1.png Welcome to Tian, James Hudson! And your place at my side! Quote2.png
Ultimate Comics X-Men Vol 1 29
Quote1.png Start addressing me as Jean Grey Quote2.png
Jean Grey (Earth-1610)

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